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US Conference celebrating 1800+ door holders today. What a honor to serve the Lord at @passioncity #pccdoorholders #thatwemay #usconference #winsome

This is US. #usconference

// l e a d e r //
Thank you @craiggroeschel for pouring so much leadership gold into our @passioncity House at #USConference. Love + respect!

us. our team goes to HUGE lengths to celebrate the army of committed Jesus followers that serve this house every week. Incredible day getting to celebrate them and look towards the bright future that He is calling us to! #usconference

gettin' buckets πŸ€ #UsConference
πŸŽ₯ by @maggiemoz

Awesome day at #USconference at @passioncity. Excited about the unique ways God is going to continue to use this church. "For God. For people. For the city. For the world." #nofilter #justneon

I stole, I mean borrowed this picture from my friend @mary_olds. When I walked in, the cross was in the center, and our names were facing the cross. Everybody was looking for their name. I looked like crazy to find my name, and then gave a ratchet pose when I found it. #LittleHoodForJesus
Then it hit me. It took so long to find my name, because it's not about me. Duh! Our house believes that we>me. Collectively, it's about US. Jesus is, and will always be the center of it all. We just do the work and point people to Him. Over 1,800 doorholders are making a way for you to see Jesus. We just do "church" differently. I'm so glad I can call this place home. Gosh, I love PCC. #speakerofthehouse #pleasantwords #tylewis #USconference

Great day at the #USconference at @passioncity. More than 1800 doorholders were in attendance. Great leadership insights and words of encouragement from @craiggroeschel @louiegiglio @shelleygiglio and others.

Excited to be apart of the #UsConference today at @passioncity! It's going to be a great day!


Day. 2. So awesome seeing so many πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί Australian rocking on stage today. #usconference #whatsyourwhy

T H A N K Y O U J A N E L L E // πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
Janelle is a great leader who loves Jesus and an outstanding communicator of His love! Thank you for leaning in and encouraging our bloom Team this morning while I'm home recovering and missing my @passioncity family! Love you @jnobles! πŸ’œ {cool photo taken at #USConference} #pcc_bloom #servingpcctogethersincethebeginning

Scrolling thru US Conference pictures from last week made me so proud of who we are as a bloom Team! As bloom Door Holders, it is a joy for our Team to open a way for families to experience Jesus! πŸ’œ
#latergram #USConference #pcc_bloom #weloveourdoorholders #weloveourbloombabies

Jesus is our lead story. Period. #USConference #TBT

"Not everyone believes in her and not everyone supports her, but her God goes with her and that's what sustains her." -Morgan Harper-Nichols #latergram #heartbeat #Photography #neon #lights #Atlanta #georgia #PassionCityChurch #USConference

Grab your ticket before March 31st and save US$400 off the final price for our Global #PR Summit in #NewYork. Check www.thepworld.com now for more details.
#publicrelations #newyorkPR #Communications #prsa #IABC #pcny #HPRA #usconference #prevent #event #OneWorldTradeCenter

the continued thought is how, when, where, + what // hear-set: doubt + fear are what hold me back. they hold me back from my big break. someone told me life doesn't really change much after you just start working. so we have this trapped mentality of what we can't do isn't even possible. WHEN IT IS POSSIBLE. my big break is NOW. because God has empowered me to live. we aren't trapped anymore. confidence + discipline go hand in hand with vulnerability + faith. so let's do this. it might not make sense to an outside eyes perspective but it makes since to you so do it. + don't regret it just embrace it. #perspectiveshift #thecrossequalslove

Pre-lights // US Conference @passioncity

My β™₯️ is so full after this weekend! #usconference #latergram

Jesus you change everything.
πŸ“Έ: @amyboland37

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