Finally daytime service from Aeromexico

After basically disappearing for a while I leave back to school today so I’ll celebrate with a post.


Rotating triple

Posing with N69047 before my flight. Man these C152s are tiny. I’m not a little guy. Climbing in and out is challenging but weight and balance is where I really see it. Today the tanks were both full and in order to be within weight and balance limitations we had to drain 2 gallons of fuel from each side. Had a great flight today and practices power on and power off stalls for the first time. I also landed unassisted twice today. Lots of turbulence again today and it was hot. Looking forward to next week when I fly at 6am with cool, smooth air (hopefully). #billforceone #forcestoflyers #forcestoflyersprogram #forcestoflyersclass1 #aviationlovers #usaviation #studentpilot #fly #aviation #aviationphotos #cessna #cessna152 #pilot #pilotlife #aviator

Literally 9 Air Canada’s in the Int’l terminal at once. All different sizes

737 just about to rotate off 1L

What actually is the Cathay logo?

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