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An Old Camera! 📸
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Desert Botanical Garden needs your vote! The Garden is nominated in USA Today's Best Arizona Attractions contest and we are currently in 5th. We need you to vote daily through June 5 and help us get to #1! Share with your family, friends and colleagues. Link in bio! #desertbotanicalgarden #exploreaz #arizona #usatoday #votedaily #bestazattraction #arizonaattractions #sonorandesert

Thank you #usatoday for an insert on #bodyempowerment #selflovery. In this weekends issue check it out guys ! 😘💃🏾👯.

Flowers and sunset is all that is left on the roof garden, since everyone has left the city:). Happy Memorial Day Weekend! (Physocarpus opuliflius 'Diabolo') #physocarpusopulifolius #ninebark

Neverland isn't a place. It's 's a State of Mind.
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🎓🎓🎓🎓🎓🖤🖤🖤🖤Photographer Darryl Hammond of Illinois said LaWanda Flennoy's photo request started off simple, asking for a photo session for her two daughters graduating college. While preparing for the shoot in Chicago, Hammond learned Flennoy's daughter was also graduating high school, her granddaughter was graduating kindergarten, and Flennoy herself was graduating college.

All graduates in their own way, all five women came together for an epic photo holding 2017 caps. “I’ve never shot anything like that before,” Hammond said. “It was an inspiration.” Flennoy will graduate with her associate's degree from South Suburban College, daughter Paris graduated from Chicago State University with a degree in public relations and daughter Amari graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago, Inside Edition reports. Daughter Jade, who graduates high school this year, plans to attend Illinois State University. “The photo makes me feel proud, for a couple of reasons,” Flennoy told HuffPost. “First, that I have been a role model for these ladies and second, that they have set out and accomplished their goals. Graduating was not an easy task for any of us, as we’ve all had setbacks and feelings of uncertainty. But this year, we’ve conquered them all.” Via #usatoday


We are currently traveling through Nova Scotia, and this is one exceptional sunset picture we took today on Cabot Trail. How can you not love this? @visitnovascotia @explorecanada
Nova Scotia, Canada 🇨🇦
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Unbeknown to our great leader, Amazing Rocket Ship has created a fake White House in his absence overseas. Our Donald and closet advisors enter the fake and straight into the bowels of Amazing Rocket Ship thence to be blasted into a geostationary orbit where they can do no more harm to the people of planet Earth. #spaceart #satire #donaldtrump #usatoday #sculpture amazingrocketship.com

Recently 170 Turkish journalists have been prisoned by Dictator Erdogan's regime in Turkey.
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Whether it's winter or investment volatility, you don't want to be emotionally reacting to events when they happen. Even though we don't know when they'll arrive, you should make a plan now and then simply implement it when appropriate. My @usatoday article (link in bio) covers some methods I often use when volatility strikes. #gameofthrones #got

El diario USA Today tiene una forma particular de intervenir su "logo" (si es que se puede decir así). La noticia principal de cada sección del diario lo interviene transformando el logo en una imagen distinta cada día y para cada sección 🤓📰🤓
Hoy gracias @lucassnahuel lo veo en acción y agrando la colección 🤗

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Sunday puffs ☁️☁️☁️😍🤓🇺🇸🌆 #nofilter #memorialdayweekend

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