Sometimes it's better not knowing where you were, where you are or where you're going.
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We spent the day in Yosemite. Such a special place. #usaroadtrip #escapeofthemonthclub #usaroadtrip2017

#tbt the five cars that took us through 42 states one year ago 🇺🇸 @vemundriseth racing tail of a dragon (Swipe➡️) Moments before doing stupid shit on the Salt Flats (Swipe➡️) The car with no rear tires (Swipe➡️) Look at the fender and you can see where the (probably drunk) guy spewed and hit his head (Swipe➡️) One piece of stuffed Mustang with 3 persons, 3 big bags, sleeping bags, tent, drone, cooler, electronic equipment and other misc #welivedoutofthese #v8 #mustanggt #challangerrt #camaross #chargerrt #usaroadtrip2017 In just 1 week V and Hawk will be back and we are roadtrippin' to Uluru 😄 #australiatrip2018

Not all who wander are lost. Especially roads!
Some roads enable you to explore the great outdoors while seemingly getting engulfed by the wilderness themselves!
When driving along the Fall River Road in Rocky Mountain National Park, I noticed a lot many cars parked along a lengthy shoulder and I immediately pulled over to join the b̶a̶n̶d̶w̶a̶g̶o̶n̶ herd (when in National Parks, there's no harm in going wild!).
Though the vast meadows reaching out to the colorful mountains on the right offered a stunning view, what enamored me more was this tiny stretch of the Fall River Road road in the distance, vanishing and reappearing from between the trees before snaking its way up the mountain side! All I had to do to immortalize my love for this view was whip out my beloved Canon 1100D attached with the Canon 55-250 mm telephoto zoom lens and click away!
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#throw🔙 když se nudíš, protože venku sněží (ano 20.5.), no Island prostě🇮🇸💙....každopádně jsem chtěla jen říct, když tak vzpomínám na #usaroadtrip2017 tak #dreamcometrue do prdele fakt..tak pojďme snít a ty sny si plnit 💪😎 je to 🔝 pocit #memoriesneverdie#exploreusa🇺🇸#backintime#usa#trip#happytimes😊

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