Pier 39 / Fisherman‘s Wharf San Francisco

" - Une phrase philosophique sur les aléas de la vie "
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After biking across the Golden Gate Bridge 🚲 🌁
Had lunch in a little cafe with sea view, with some new friends #usahostelssanfrancisco
Such a wonderful sweet day
In love with California, San Francisco to be exact
#goldengatebridge #sanfrancisco

Meet Nicolas, he is visitng from Argentina. What he is most scared of is getting bored with life so that you loose touch with reality and stop creating magic in life. The magic he creates in his own life is to make the people around him happy which then makes him happy!

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Today we throwback to 2011 privacy pod magnet art... we are still waiting for someone to top this! Anyone got a good one out there?

Today’s #traveltuesday story: Remember when we posted a photo of the lounge being updated in SF? Well look what is officially complete! This past weekend the lounge made its debut — our guests and staff are loving it!

Meet Lisa she is from Amsterdam and is a photographer and she is eating a matcha green tea croissant from Mr. Holmes Bakery (which is right down the street from the hostel)! #selfiesunday

It’s been a minute since I last led a tour around downtown San Francisco. The wonders never cease when I get to meet incredibly diverse people from across the globe. #usahostelssanfrancisco #tourguide #inlovewiththiscity

Today’s #traveltuesday story: Every Valentine’s Day at Embarcadero there is a pillow fight. Yes, a pillow fight! Check out this awesome video by one of our volunteers @vijaylovesmovies!!

Today’s #traveltuesday story: did you know that our SF manager, Brendan, used to be an assistant manager and also took our guest on a walking tour of the city!? Now he’s running the hostel and helping guests on a whole new level!

We are back... a new night.. new songs.. same sultry Vampire grooves. For dreamers only.. this Thursday at Club Deluxe! 930pm. #clubdeluxesf #junkparlor #originalmusic #goorinhats #haightashburymusiccenter #sfhostel #greentortoisesf #usahostelssanfrancisco #sfnightlife #worldpunk

Today’s #traveltuesday story: it doesn’t look like much now, but just you wait. In one month we are opening our new lounge! New furniture was just delivered and tomorrow the floor will be laid. We can’t wait to show you all the final product!
Who’s excited to see it?

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Now that is one beautiful masterpiece! Gingerbread house building is in full swing #happyholidays #usahostels #usahostelssanfrancisco

Day one in SF with two new new friends 🌞🌁
#sanfrancisco #usahostelssanfrancisco #goldengatebridge

Now that is one beautiful masterpiece! Gingerbread house building is in full swing #happyholidays #usahostels #usahostelssanfrancisco

Today’s #traveltuesday story: Our San Francisco hostel got together the day after Thanksgiving and made over 130 burritos and walked around the city handing them out to our less fortunate neighbors. Giving back in the best way possible - way to go SF! #hostellife

Today’s #traveltuesday story: A laundry eating dragon! One of our favorite artist @sophieteaart came up from our Ocean Beach location to paint our laundry chute Chinese Dragon. Every day he eats the guests sheets and towels after a great visit in San Francisco!

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