Light/laser, a little color and a #promag 32.
#glock #glock17 #9mm enjoy the little things.
#usa_guns_owners #gunsuniq

Lunch date with the side-chick 🤫#hkvp9

Grendel pistol. Probably my favorite build to date

Took ole faithful out today to shoot some groups. Consistently hitting 1-1.25” at 100yds with 55gr match ammo from @xcaliberammo. For a stock @smithwessoncorp MP15 Sport, I’d say that’s pretty good!

Sig Sauer MPX > AR9 😍🤙🏼

The newest addition. Sig MPX 😍

6.5 Creedmoor gets the job done.

Finally Friday! What are you guys doin this weekend?
@Ballisticadvantage 12.5” Hanson 6.5G
@Primaryweapons pistol lower
@Maximdefense pdw brace
@GSLTechnology GT-308 suppressor •@Sintercore Tripwire and scope lever
@Vortecoptics Viper PST 1-4x

Long-range shorty 6.5G. When you wanna poke a little further, but don’t build anything over 12.5” 😂

Bae for the day 😍

Any better hand warmer than a suppressor after a mag dump? 😂 @chiefarmamentgroup 300Blk subs are stuuupid quiet through @libertycans Cosmic...

Never thought it would happen, but Chris at @chiefarmamentgroup talked me into building a .300 blackout 😂 got some of his subs to try out, and see if this will take over for HD. @odin_works 10.5”

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