By Hilary Owowo "There is a destiny that makes us brothers, None goes by his way alone. All that we send into comes back our own"--Markham.

The generation of inadequate capacity in leadership hath long gone in our dear state and the country at large, considering the gradual upsurge of emerging interest of sound mind and high intellects into the system.

Some of these features about the upsurge of the aforementioned interest is that; it is not without divergence of political activities and manifestoes nor objectives.

Emmanuel Nicholas Okokon AKA Whyte Bom Bom being a known activist and participant vested with high level of knowledge has found space in the political settings of Uruan and as one duely qualifies to contest elections into the seat of member representing Uruan State constituency come 2019 has presented himself for service.
In the making of Uruan Nation as a noble constituency, let it known that the fight civil rights is never ending and will keep on demanding from key players, the courage and the steadfastness in achieving a society with Equitable spread of amenities, Equal opportunities for the citizenry, Job opportunities for the unemployed,
Provision of security for life and property will continue to dominate the demand. 'WITH EMMANUEL NICHOLAS, URUAN STATE CONSTITUENCY WILL DEVELOPED AGAIN AGAIN AND AGAIN'

#EnoAbasi is truly a God gift to Uruan
#Zoning is Central Uruan
#Uruan ebre Udom Emmanuel
#God bless us all

Udom Emmanuel second term is unshakable
#Team EnoAbasi for Udom Emmanuel is unshakable
#Whyte bom bom for Udom Emmanuel is unshakable
#Uruan for Udom Emmanuel is unshakable

Uruan State Constituency 2019:

Faith Udofia writes

First of all i should say this, am not from Central Uruan but am from Northern Uruan ward 1, when the issue of Zoning come up. I support it with fact, in most of our Nigerian Institutions they adopt what we called Zoning system, when i was Electoral Board Chairman in my faculty. The student play politic with Zoning system. The would be out going President by then told some students to purchase form and contest even from the same department he was. But his ideal didn't work for him. In fact Dean, PCI and my humble self Solve the issue to the final conclusion that the Zoning System should be adopt and the power must be rotational. Okay check uniuyo politic of today. It was a zoning system in which faculty of education could not win the election again. Also in Akwa Ibom State and Nigeria at large today adopt zoning. The same in uruan nation we must accept Zoning System. Emmanuel Nicholas Okokon AKA Whyte Bom Bom, the Zoning system favours him. And he his the right man for Uruan State House of Assembly 2019. We have hope on him that he will represent the good people of Uruan effectively. I wish you to join hand and support him. Thanks

ME: More truth will unveil itself, I keep saying that Uruan Nation loves Emmanuel Nicholas and they are ready to entrust him with the mandate
#Glory to God for victory come September
#Power comes from God
#Uruan is for Udom Emmanuel
#EnoAbasi shall be done in Uruan Nation come2019 in Jesus name... Amen!


Ibibio for “First daughter” in my case only daughter 😄🌸

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Uruan State Constituency 2019...
... Emmanuel Nicholas Okokon is our choice:

Emmanuel Nicholas,fondly called Whyte Bom Bom is on a mission to exercise effective representation to the people of Uruan State Constituency in the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly 2019.

He is a very humble gentleman, God-fearing, tested and trusted with leadership potentials. He has proven beyond every reasonable doubt that he shall be a good representative and he shall not disappoint his people. He has delivered in different leadership capacity.
He is top notch in Human capital development/empowerment, give it to him on that.
He is trust worthy, exposed and determined to make a difference in the State House of Assembly, Count on him on Oversight. Whyte Bom Bom shall take Uruan Nation to the echelon of legislative industrialization.

#ENOABASI2019 is unshakable
#Uruan eyom Emmanuel Nicholas
#Uruan ebre Udom Emmanuel
#Support equity, justice, fairness & credibility
#Zoning is sacrosanct and its Central Uruan turn

Uruan State Constituency2019 in Focus:

Lest you forget... *Uruan State House of Assembly seat is zoned to Central Uruan*

Nda Nsad ye prince Emmanuel Nicholas aka Whyte bom bom come2019.
#Uruan Nation,Say no to injustice
#Uruan edaa ye Udom Emmanuel2019
#Zoning is sacrosanct
#Power comes from God
#Lord,let EnoAbasi be done in Uruan come2019 in Jesus name...Amen!

ENOABASI2019: "Don't become involved in any office political battle without first asking yourself, what's in it for me? and then what's in it for them"-- Machiavelli, The Mafia Manager. "I'm not going to the House of Assembly for self-centred service but rather for the services of my people, as i can only see further for the people of Uruan, if am allowed to stand on the shoulders of giants (the Uruan kingdom)".---Prince Emmanuel Nicholas Okokon AKA Whyte Bom Bom to constituents.

#Uruan Nation please support equity, Justice, fairness & credibility
#Zoning is sacrosanct, its Central turn and Whyte Bom Bom is the man on Point.


EnoAbasi is unstoppable... He is a leader par excellence;
He is a seasoned academic;
He is a gentleman like no other;
He is a politician of the finest breed;
He is Prince Emmanuel Nicholas Okokon aka Whyte Bom Bom

Uruan Nation,Emmanuel Nicholas is offering to us his loud voice. A voice that will echo the mind and desire of an average Uruan son.
The time is right and it's truly God's sent

#Say no to injustice,support credibility, capacity & equity
#Uruan State House is zoned to Central
#Zoning is sacrosanct
#Uruan is for Udom Emmanuel
#No man is greater than God

Uruan State House of Assembly 2019:

Surely as I have thought, so shall it come to pass and as I have purposed, so shall it stand-- Isaiah 14:24

Truth is sacrosanct...
Zoning is sacrosanct...
It's Central turn,we all know... #Say the truth & ye shall send thee free

#Uruan State House of Assembly seat is zoned to Central Uruan
#Uruan Nation support the gift of God Prince Emmanuel Nicholas Okokon aka Whyte Bom Bom come2019
#Support equity, justice & fairness
#EnoAbasi shall be done in Uruan State Constituency in Jesus name...Amen!
#Power comes from God

Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly...
...Uruan State Constituency Without Emmanuel Nicholas (Whyte Bom Bom) Is Nothing But Hollywood Fantasy:

Emmanuel Nicholas Okokon aka Whyte Bom Bom is a great leader who has a potent combination of good character, kindhearted, thoughtful, humility and subtle mindedness, who practices not so much in words but in attitude and actions.

Enormously endowed with potentials in every sense of his word, a problem solver, thinker and doer.
A courageous individual who is always ready to soar higher and change Uruan Nation for the better in so many ways.

#Effective Representation
#Indispensable leadership to All
#Uruan ebre Udom Emmanuel
#Zoning is sacrosanct
#Support equity, justice & fairness
#Power comes from God ©David Daniel

Uruan State Constituency2019:

Brown Bright clears the air:

Tell Hon. Aniekan Bassey to stop pretending because he need second term.
Why was he not doing any empowerment until he opted interest to run again?

Hon. Aniekan before assuming the office agreed to go for just one term to complete southern clan tenure.

Hon. Aniekan during his campaign said, he will respect Zoning.
Hon. Aniekan agreed not to contest again. Then why is he parading himself as a sole candidate when he knows that the Uruan State constituency belongs to the people of Central come2019?

Gov. Udom said, Aspirant who is not favourable by zoning should not spend money for campaign.

PDP state chairman, Mr Paul Ekpo said, zoning is sacrosanct.

Etim Atakpo the political leader in Central said, Central turn come2019 isn't for sell.
#Uruan Nation please say no to injustice- Support equity, Justice & fairness
#God bless our dear State.

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