Momma’s adding more plants and the urchin is playing “Lightning McQueen at Thunder Hollow.” #thetidepool #urchinadventures #gardening

My “staycation” decision to spend a weekend where we planned our activities collaboratively just took an unexpected turn. It involves a tent in the back yard. I brought a mattress. #urchinadventures #thetidepool #backyardcamping

Many thumbs up for the Oregon Experience documentary “Fort Vancouver.” We attended an advance screening tonight at Kiggins and participated in a Q&A with the producer and park staff. The history of our hometown is fascinating. #urchinadventures #vancouverusa #kigginstheatre #fortvancouver

Urchin #1, “Momma, I weally like watching Hamilton.”
Me, “You’ve seen Hamilton?? I had to spend a lot of money to see that show.”
Urchin #1, “No, not in a THEATER. On the computer! Don’t we watch it in the computer?”
Urchin #2, “You mean Prairie Home COMPANION”
Urchin #1, “Oh, wight. I like watching Prairie Home Companion. When can we do that again?”
😂 Not only do they understand each other, they have a working knowledge of things I love. It’s an amazing thing to create a family culture and this moment tonight warmed my heart. It feels like everyone is always pushing in for a snuggle or a kiss or an encouragement right now, transition is still hard, but I’m grateful for these urchins. #urchinadventures #thetidepool #ridgebacksofinstagram #livefromhere #hamilton

Them, “What do you think this is???”
Me, “Ummmmm, a platter?”
Them, “OH MAN WE DID SUCH A BAD JOB WRAP...shhhhhh. we didn’t say anything.” #urchinadventures #mothersday

This urchin called me up, “You HAVE to look down the rings! It looks so cool!” How could I resist? #urchinadventures #getoutside

Saying yes to outdoor time #urchinadventures #daisies #getoutside #pnwspring

Geode smashing at a birthday party requires protective eyewear. #urchinadventures

The Purple Sea Urchin is a spiky, aquatic echinoderm (marine invertebrate) that resides in kelp forests off the California coast in the Pacific Ocean. Sea urchins use their spines for literally everything — protection, digging hideaway holes in rocks, catching algae and food, and moving around on the ocean floor. Learn more about local animal species at @smpieraquarium.
📷: @dandolinh.

Happy Star Wars Day! May the 4th be with you ✨#urchinadventures #maythe4thbewithyou

I think he’s almost asleep when he pulls back and whispers, “How do...how do clams move through the sand?” #urchinadventures #thetidepool #bedtime

My bedroom window looks straight out to the back patio. I walked in to get my slippers and stayed for the show. #thetidepool #urchinadventures #myview

Beautiful day for a fun run. Somebody needs to take this kid running more often 😜 #urchinadventures #earthday #montessorikids #funrun

Gorgeous day to do dishes with my mini-me #urchinadventures #thetidepool #dishesbuildcharacter #formom

Yesterday’s post about tea resulted in today’s tea party with school friends #thetidepool #urchinadventures #teaparty

She’s home for some afternoon tea ❤️ This morning, on the way to school, the small urchin said, “I don’t have anyone to argue with in the car!” 😂😭 Too true. #urchinadventures #thetidepool #tearunners

She’s off for her school overnight trip! She handled all of her own packing and I am fully confident that means she’ll have at least 95% of the things she really needs. Girlfriend is on top of it! #urchinadventures #montessorikids #overnightfieldtrip #cascademountainschool

He’s starting to get curious about words 😮 #urchinadventures #thetidepool #tillamookicecream

Continuing to do the birthday thing with a celebration in class. He carried the earth around the sun FIVE times, we shared pictures and told stories from all his years of life, and he got to choose who cleaned up the celebration. 😆 Good Shepherd is so good for him. ❤️ #urchinadventures #birthday #montessori #montessorikids

This five year old is ready to grow! He has a confidence that makes him equally at home snuggling with his momma and running with big kids at school. He figures out how everything works and dismisses the directions for LEGO sets. All he wanted for his birthday meal was “that chicken you make with the orange sauce that we eat on rice” and ice cream. I have a hundred silly pictures of him on my phone and I can’t believe I ever called him “my introvert baby.” 😂 Happy birthday dude 🎂#urchinadventures #thetidepool #fiveyearsold #happybirthday

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