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Stop wishing you were someone else and start loving who are you #loveyourself #urbeautiful

الثقه في النفس مفتاح لحاجات حلوه اوي كتير في حياتك ، احلاهم قوتك.
Love yourself, u are beautiful ❤️ #ayamostafa #urbeautiful

Silver gold plated smoky sun hoop earrings from the Gold Smoke Collection. #Tribe #UrBeautiful

I'm so humbled 😭🙏🏼😩 can't even write a meaningful caption 😭 thank you @clereradiance #meetyourbeautiful #clereradiance #urbeautiful #ambassadorduties what a beautiful and powerful day it was 🎀💞💕💖💗💓 Beautiful dress by "My" @scalodesigner
Pic cred @eddgodson
Makeup @finest_helen

Dale color a la tristeza y que se joda. //Give color to the sadness and fuck it. #voicesinsideofmyhead #selfesteem #URbeautiful

sometimes the hardest thing to wear is our own skin...it's hard to accept and more importantly love the body we have been given in a world where the unattainable is considered perfection but, we are imperfect. permanently and inevitably flawed. and we are all beautifully shaped and sculpted to fit our unique life! in all truth it's been a learning process for me to accept my flaws and to not allow them to define me. body shape does not define a person's worth...how we choose to LOVE ourselves does! there is one secret to being beautiful and that is simply to embrace our bodies day in and day out for they do so much for us!🦋 p.s. a big hug to the girlies that keep me lovin myself...there is no size scale in my mind just the astounding idea that to be yourself is beautiful! SPEAK ONLY WORDS OF KINDNESS TO ONE ANOTHER! #mothernaturedontjude #urbeautiful #saysomethingnice

Saturday, you are so f*~€ing beautiful! Also YOU are beautiful! Have an awesome day😆 #happytimes #urbeautiful #saturdayvibes

My best friend in the world. I love you beautiful. I'm really happy to call you mine. ❤️ #mywifey @brianatyndall #urbeautiful


I try to hang on to myself
I don't believe in no-one else
And I'm shaking like a leaf
As I fall into the street
But the girl with X-ray eyes
She's gonna see through my disguise

Going nowhere down a hill
Is hard to swallow like the pill
That was twisted on your tongue
By the sea that was standing still
There was no-one to be seen
No-one left to hear my scream

So she took me by the hand
We followed clues left in the sand
As she swallowed space and time
We gathered pearls and swine
She shot me to the sun
Like a bullet from a gun
And when the deed was done
In the morning she was gone.
._Noel gallagher _
P.s: it's a cruel world with so much things to prove(George Michael )right?;).
#jangkeunsuk #AsiaPrince #AsiaprinceJKS #oppa #handsome #Dakishimetai #URBeautiful #ImAlwaysByYourSide #hallyustar #Daebak #IWannaHoldYou #LoveRain #MarryMeMary

Stop wishing you were someone else and start loving who are you #loveyourself #urbeautiful

202/365 Comment if you agree 😬😎❤️. #urbeautiful #dailypic #project365 #bebeautiful #justdoit #followme #beinspired

"Sometimes it feels like the stars align perfectly and everything falls into place seamlessly. And it's in those moments when you know you are doing exactly what you should be doing and you can be at peace with your decisions." Have a great weekend everyone! 😘❤ #WLYG #scoutme #portraitmood #reflectiongram

"With one deep breath.. I release the resistance in me." ❤

#WLYG #scoutme #portraitmood #reflectiongram

better at 70

🗣 HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY TO MY lil BESTIE @goldenone_k !!! I LOVE YOU. 😘💕 Fuck It Up, If It's Your Birthday Bitchh!! 😂

#UrSmart #UrKind #UrBeautiful

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