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Sweet variegated String of Hearts 😊💚

📷 @everydaybotany

📢Para admiradores del diseño/arquitectura y la jardinería por igual: ¡Los invernaderos más lindos del mundo!
Hoy: Invernadero "Casa de las Palmeras" de los Jardines del Palacio Schönbrunn, Viena.
El Palacio de Schönbrunn, también conocido como el Versalles vienés, es uno de los principales edificios históricos y culturales de Austria.
En sus jardines se encuentra La Casa de las Palmeras: el invernadero más grande de Europa. .
📐Una impresionante estructura de metal y vidrio: mide 111x28m y 25m de altura en la parte central, 2500m2 de superficie y 4500m2 de vidrio. .
🌦Está distribuido en tres pabellones: en el centro clima mediterráneo, al sur, clima tropical y, al norte, clima subtropical.
🌴El área central está dominada por las gigantes palmeras que dan nombre al edificio.

These brass hoops are popular with customers both in the store and online, they’re by the fabulous @wolfandmoonshop 📷 and how appropriate is this picture for a snowy white Edinburgh this morning!
I had the pleasure of meeting Hannah and the team over the last few days, just wait until you see their new Collection 8 just launched ✨ #lifestoryedin #seekthelight #brassjewelry #aquietstyle_spring #edinburghshops #theshopkeepers #sharingaworldofshops #storetraits #wearetrouva

Got myself a snake plant a couple of days ago! 🐍🌱 Seems to be doing quite well, not that it would ever show it 😅

Ugh I can’t wait for summer so my plants get enough sunlight again! So much rain and hail here in the Netherlands the last days 😐 ~ #cactus #cacti #succulent #succulents #cactuslove #succulove #succulentlover #succulentsofinstagram #succulentgarden #cactuslover #propagation #succulentinc

in ikea they sell this single hoya leaf stuck in pot so they looks like 💚 around Valentine's day they sell them everywhere :D I got mine about 5years ago, she didn't do much for about two years, still in her little plastic pot and suddenly she start forming new leaf from the soil, and since then don't stop growing, every new leaf is new 💚
#hoyakerrii #newleaf #hoya #newleafjanuary #heart

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The hip and hypnotic #hypoestesphyllostachya. Happy Hump Day! 💖

How perfectly does my @20leagues Fancy Plants Diorama coordinate with my real plants?! #plantgoals

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