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Thank you The Urban Gentry Channel for creating this wonderful video review of our Official Cosmonauts Chronograph...and don`t worry...you`ll get used to the weight;-)
visit: www.youtube.com/user/theurbangentry
#fortisofficial #fortis_official_watches #urbangentry #urbangentrywatchclub #cosmonauts

New arrival to the collection. Orient Mako XL (fem75004b9). Swapping the bracelet for this black leather with orange stitching. Just one more to fill out the box... #orientwatch #wwc #urbangentrywatchclub #orientmako #wristwatchcheck

Snobbish but not a Kenneth Cole watch fan except for this one. My beautiful wife got this for me about 10 years ago. Have it on a #bartonnatostrap and it is looking good. It's not always the brand but the story behind the #watch #urbangentrywatchclub

BTW, nevermind mind the day, I can't seem to get that figured out 🤔

Got my new #timexweekender Chrono! Lovely little fella. Timex is really putting together some classy pieces again. #urbangentrywatchclub #wwc #wristwatchcheck


If I had to live with 1 watch for the rest of my life, this would be the one. The bronze bezel, deep blue dial and gilt hands as well as indices make this piece legendary. The fact that it is 42mm and not a monstrosity at 47mm makes this watch so much more bearable
Oris, REAL watches for REAL people
#Craftingculture by @oriswatch

The watch you get married with is the watch you tell your kids about
#CraftingCulture by @oriswatch

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