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Hai manusia-manusia kreatif 🤗
#diy #gardening #urbangarden

Jalapeño soldiers ready for the march to the kitchen! 🌶🙌👩‍🌾👨‍🌾 #kitchengarden #jalapenos
Repost/📷: @onebeangarden
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Saying ✌🏻 out to this week of long work days and one year well baby shots crankiness. But on the flip side it’s also been filled with good, hard workouts, lots of snuggles and kissies and sleeping 12 hours through the night! 🙌🏻 #TGIF || #rootedinmoss

Burdock is out here helping me with fall garden chores.
Fall Garden Chores:
✔️harvest the last of the peppers for hot sauce preparation ✔️replace warm season crops with cool season veggies ✔️plant cover crops
✔️remove mulch (slug and snail habitat) from vegetable garden ✔️fertilize between rain storms
✔️aerate and over-seed lawn
✔️prune to remove dead limbs and branches
🔜put up the hoop house
Photo: @dailyflourish

My Tromboncinos are taking their time this season and some of my trellises are looking very bare - last season they absolutely took off and were basically unstoppable. So while I dream of armfuls of Tromboncinos, here's a flashback to last Summer when I actually had armfuls of Tromboncinos lol I've started some new seeds so we will see if they do any better 🌿Come on Trombies, it's not Summer without you!!!


🌿The Courts Garden at Holt in Wiltshire. Classical lines and a small temple structure to sit in. Now closed for winter and to recuperate from the many visitors. These now-public gardens were never intended for thousands of visitors and a lot of damage can be done by mere footfall alone, I hope the NT continue this policy of allowing their gardens to rest and not be swayed by the lure of additional income. There is always a tension between conserving our heritage and encouraging more visitors and I fear it is our heritage that often loses out 🌿

A quick 1 minute garden tour which covers my whole setup. For those who don’t know me yet, I’m Chris, 31 from Newcastle NSW. Married to my high school sweet heart and have raised 2 beautiful kids together. I have always had a passion to grow food, I’m very conscious on waste and like to re use and recycle things. I like to build things, the 2 bench seats, outdoor table and cubbyhouse built by myself. As you can see we are on only a small 300 m2 block and haven’t wasted a square foot. #gardentour #mayfield2304 #recycled #newcastle #newcastlensw #instagarden #growwhatyoueat #organicgarden #organicgardening #instagardenlovers #permaculture #growsomethinggreen #growyourown #urbanorganicgardener #urbangardenersrepublic #garden #gardening #urbangarden #citygarden #smallspacegardening #urbanfarmer #seedsnow #gardenactivist #thehappygardeninglife #vegetablegarden #mygarden #homegrown #gardeningaustralia #gardenlife #growyourown #inmygarden

I just love these frosty mornings - suddenly I’m not missing summer anymore...
#WHPthankful #frostyday

Beautiful evening watering the new garden bed 👌🏼 #ecodust 🌱

As we move into winter, pour a cup of tea and start some armchair gardening and look forward to the coming of spring 🌱

The last three jalapeños until next season. I pulled the plants out. All my jalapeños were grown in containers. They produced really well! I'll dry and save the seeds from these fruits. ❤️🌱
#gratefulgardener #momlife #urbanorganicgardener #growyourown #healthy #garden #lovegrowshere #urbangarden #freshisbest #backyard #mylolabee #cropswapfeatured #amandasgarden #growfood #thehappygardeninglife #backyardtotable #organic #grateful #homegrown #gratitude #jalapenos #spicy #peppers #missingsummer #fall #november

Dear gardeners, ini bukan tips yaaa... Ini baru percobaan. Nanti kl beneran tumbuh, baru jadi tips ala mamak Boonlop 😎😋.
Geser-geser ya...
1. Siapkan pot yang ga melengkung bawahnya dan bersih.
2. Siapkan metan yang cenderung tdk terlalu lembab. Kalau mamak pake metan A.
3. Masukkan metan ke pot hingga 3/4 nya.
4. Selama menyiapkan metan, biarkan tulip tetap di kulkas, hingga metan siap untuk persemaian bonggol tulip.
5. Ini mamak pakai 4 tulip mix dan 2 tulip ungu. Kenapa cuma 2? Soalnya yang ungu lebih mahal. Biasa kan, mamak ga mau rugi. Kl gagal masih ada stoknya 😁. Tanam bagian yang rata menghadap ke pot, yg semok ke arah dalam.
6. Tutup dengan metan, bonggol pastikan tertutup semua ya.
7. Siram segera setelah tertutup. Letakkan di tempat teduh dulu beberapa hari. Siram sekali sehari.
PS. Bonggol sdh disimpan di kulkas 4-5 derajat celcius selama hampir 2 bulan.
8. Mari berdoa supaya tulipnya beneran tumbuh🌷😁😇. Happy gardening.
Colek mba @primrose.garden dan mba @mgb_gardenandshop .
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Over the years that @ediblebristol has been a thing I've met some incredible folk who have given us incredible gifts. In Sheffield in 2014 I met @gp_ecodesigns, who was half way through a masters degree with @nigel.dunnett at Sheffields rightly famed Landscape Dept. Fast forward to this year and a phone call asking if we could use some of the plants from the garden G was designing at #rhstatton? We jumped at it if course!! And here, in Bristol's iconic #bearpit, are a few of them. Planted in the summer by a group of incredible young folk!! This is turf, but not just any turf. It's @pictorialmeadows turf and it's still flowering in deepest November!!
#community #communitygarden #bristol247 #igersbristol #bristollife

We're the three best friends that anyone could have 🎼🎈🎉

Oh, the Always Available Beet Greens

As I mentioned a few times before, I love growing beets for their greens. It is one of the easiest vegetables to grow. Simply buy a few beet roots from your favorite farmers market and plant them on rich, well drained soil about 6 inchez apart. Wait a couple of weeks and they will start giving you leaves.

The best ones for this purpose are the ones with already a few budding leaves at the top. If the top is shaved clean, it will still produce leaves ultimately, but it will take longer. I even tried cutting the top inch of the beets and planting the tops only. What you see here is proof that it works 😄

They are very delicious and nutritious. When you buy baby greens, you will often find beetroot greens there as well. They do well in salads, especially when they are young and small. As they get larger, the stems become tougher and you will start noticing them in salads. They can be best served cooked at that point. We use beetroot leaves instead of spinach in most recipes. You can turn them into a stew, add to salads or cook them in dough in Turkish flatbread recipes.
They produce real well, too. With minimal maintenance, they will continue producing leaves year round. Just cover them in summer to protect them from bugs and keep harvesting even if you don't want to eat them. You can always feed them to your chicken to give them a nutrituous treat, too.

What happens to the stems? Stay tuned and expect a lot of pictures of beetroot leaves in the upcoming weeks.

#beetroot #easytogrow #leafygreens

there is a secret urban garden in my neighborhood and i have been waiting the whole week to visit it 🙈🌱.
what are your plans for the weekend?

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