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Last night in Milan. See u tomorrow in mykonos. Good nite guys!


1 more sleep. 🙈

Caption this sweater 👇🏼

Always looking up when I see twinkle lights... ✨
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💬 Lately I've really felt peace and just happy you know. Ever since camp and just seeing what God puts in front of me each day, my spirit has just been lifted in a certain way where I'm not mad at life but grateful. Before I would get mad for the littlest things and it would lead me to do the dumbest of decisions and it was hard for me to forgive others and even more, it was hard to forgive myself. Like everybody else, I'm not perfect, I've done so much crap in my life that I'm not proud of, that I would go home and church and just feel ashamed, and I was ashamed because I would call myself a Christian and I wasn't even repping the name of Jesus the right way. I see how my past affects me, especially with the relationships that I have with people now, seeing that people just tend to not treat me with the same level of respect or enthusiasm that I try to give them. I'm not gonna name everything I did but I'm pretty sure those of you who know all my faults can call me out on it anyday, anywhere. Just know that I am trying to be better and just become a better person mentally, spiritually, and physically. I feel like the most important thing in life is to grow as a person for the better of this world. There's so much hate already, why add to it? I kinda just wanna say, don't be afraid to vulnerable and to accept your faults and fail. You just gotta look back on it and tell yourself that it's in the past and you gotta learn from it. So yeah my advice to you guys is to just grow as a person and just love everybody as if they're your momma, no matter if they did you wrong. A good friend of mine once told to not be bitter, be better @j.andersonjr . I'm really starting see his point now and I feel like if we all do this, the world can look a little bit more brighter than it does today ✞

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Good Morning, Everyone ❤

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