“All I Need Is A Cool Buzz And Some Tasty Waves” -Queen Elizabeth ———-@wakesurfinglife #getontherigg #riggnation #causearuckus #manmadewaves

GUYS PLEASE READ THIS IM DEAD😂😂😂💀💀💀 #dolantwins #ethandolan #graysondolan #camrondolan #urbandictionary

Usually a girl's name. She's one of the strongest people you'll ever meet. She is the most patient and caring person you could ever meet. She deserves more than she has, so spoil her. She is the most beautiful person you'll ever meet. She'll change your life, making it the best you could want it to be. She can make you smile just by smiling herself. You'll disagree at times, but you'll both apologizes next day. Once you get to know her, you'll feel protective of her. She is not a snobby person, and never will be. She is nice to people who deserve it. She has random bi-polar moments that make her that much better. You could talk to her for hours about anything with her. One way or another, she finds a way to keep you out of trouble.💪🏼 Because I am. Alexandra. Thanks, #urbandictionary 😄😉 ❓какое ваше любимое имя? #jewelry #details #girls #alexandra #thanksmommy #love #name #нашаrabota

I’m an emotional soul... I love, love... I still cry during The Notebook, and certain Kleenex commercials. I can’t watch ASPCA commercials without looking at my dog wanting to adopt every animal... I’m such a sap #urbandictionary, but a strong one... so you can only imagine my emotional nature before co-leading my first retreat... Thank you to all the beautiful and strong yogis that came out this week before this long weekend! Xo boos! @exhalespa @yogaroomnyc @earthyoganyc Next stop IBIZA! 📸 @dtufino_photo #armbalance #perfectlyimperfect 💛🙏

Thank you #urbandictionary for providing the truth* for all these years. * 'He never looses [sic] interest in the prize he seeks and is full of commitment' may need further investigation.
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Female who usually appears average in her daily life then suddenly transforms (similar to popcorn popping). " ohh look at her, looking like a true popcorn hoe today! "

by Original Popcornhoe March 15, 2015 ; #urbandictionary

Weekday work - Sloth
Weekend #werk - #BeautyQueen

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The hairy beast surrounding the vaginal orifice.
Usually munched by a muncher of rugs.

I sucked on that rug so hard that when her pubes came out I used them as floss.
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#urbandictionary #flake #dontdoflakes #fakes #fakeisthenewreal #cuckoo #nofakes do you know "flake" and "fake" people who always promise never deliver and have advices and judgments on anything before even hearing anyone's side , usually promiscuously running from comfort to even more comfort and have memory span of a tiny butterfly 🦋 well , today they are everywhere and they have jobs and spreading fakeness is there job ...they are the new hippies but these ones have really not much to say generally that is not twisted with self interest and emotional tantrums they forget fast while people around them remember for years ? #justsaying #think #diversityinthought #streetwise #aspiegirl #londonmama #dontbefake #betransparent

WHO IS READY TO ADVENTURE??? Thanks Urban Dictionary for a truly amazing definition. HOW DO YOU DEFINE ADVENTURE??? #adventure #risk #reward #adrenaline ##outdoors #mission #urbandictionary

My first #WCW.
A person who manifests love in all that they do. She knows that her thoughts are her prayers and she strives to keep them pure. She thinks that the answer to every problem is more love. She enjoys the simple things in life and lives in the precious present moment.


How many other females (and males) can relate? I was first called #Pocha in the 11th grade and didn’t know what it meant. Since then I’ve been called Pocha playfully, but mostly to shame me of my accent and being Americanized. This took me on a long journey to over-compensate for my lack of exposure and knowledge of my Mexican heritage. Taking me up and down Mexico multiple times. Then, again, I was critiqued for my pride of being Mexican and speaking Spanish in the U.S. Where is this sweet spot of being Mexican and American enough? Who is to say you need to embrace one more than the other? And at the end of the day, who does it really affect besides you?! These questions have inspired me to create my designs and not only create a commentary of being a Mexican-American living in a border town, but to start a conversation between (_______)-Americans that are constantly playing the balancing act of two cultures. What’s your story?

Episode 35: Under His Thigh

This week we’re discussing Hi Mom! and Friend vs. Boyfriend. Did you know The Bitch Bash is on Spotify now? We bet you did. You so smart. (10:45)

Situational: Hi Mom!

You’ve been seeing Chad for a few weeks. One night in the middle of your sexcapades, you hear an automated voice coming from behind the pillows. You find your phone only to discover that your mom’s number somehow got dialed and you’ve been leaving a 28 minute voicemail. In a panic, you hang up, solidifying the voicemail. What do you do now? (16:34)

Non-Profit S/O:  SF LQBT Center

The mission of the SF LGBT Center is to connect our diverse community to opportunities, resources and each other to achieve our vision of a stronger, healthier, and more equitable world for LGBT people and our allies. When visitors arrive at the Center, they find free services like career counseling, job fairs, computer lab, social activities, mentorships, youth meals, daycare, various workshops and much more. Here they can connect with other LGBT people and organize to secure our equal rights. The Center is truly the heart, home and hands of the San Francisco LGBT community.

http://www.sfcenter.org/ (18:54)

Urban Dictionary: E-bailing (26:17)

Situational: Friend vs. Boyfriend

You’ve ben dating your partner, Emilio, for a year. After a few months, they tell you that at parties with friends, there’s one friend of yours in particular that has been making cunty comments and saying offensive things to your partner. How would you respond?

Hit us up on social media, email us at tbbpod@gmail.com, and YOU CAN NOW FIND US ON SPOTIFY! Praise be, kitty gurl.

Ummmm this happened. Do you have a thing about certain names? #popculture #webster #urbandictionary #sara #shesafuckingbitch #neverforget #characteristics of a #name #definition #punlished #goals

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