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Adding #MexicoCity + London to list of cities I have biked/ bike shared in this year! New York, Washington DC, Chicago, London, SF. #bikeshare #latergram #urbanbiking

Early birthday present from @estranxeiro 💚💜 My gorgeous new baby #cannondale #loveheralready💕#urbanbiking

9.22.17 Being such a weak biker, I'm glad I survived not getting hit by a car, bus, scooter, pedestrian, or another biker. Lol! What a fun and scary experience... 😅 #urbanbiking #neveragain 📷: @jksun57 #liluuflies

OMG!! 🙈I rather not see or know what he does when he is not with me... a glass of wine anybody?🍷
#aspenboys #fearless #urbanbiking @aspendaytrippers thank you very much Alan😳

Morning ride with my Wolverine bike. #bicycleride #shadowandlight #urbanbiking

Carrying cyclamen plants on my new rack 🌺🌸🌼🚲 Thanks @matteo_castronuovo for your technical support 🔧🔨: artigiano della qualità ❤️ #bike #urbanbiking #flowers

Un feliz viernes es poder estrenar la nueva linea de ruta de @tottobrand con unos maletines hermosos para ciclistas.

Me voy feliz con estas bellezas. Mis rodadas en la ciudad tendrán mucho más estilo 💅

Gracias Totto!!! .

#Totto #TottoXElMundo #CyclingAppareal #CyclingBags #UrbanBiking

ripped across town with this dude tonight. we also ate enough 5 Points Pizza to feed a small army. side note: i legit want to start doing open group rides from time to time. nothing intense, just super casual cruising across town. would any of you Nashvillians be into that?


Sigh. Many drivers think bike lanes are for double parking. #urbanbiking #bikingwoes #carculture #commuting

Now that's the sort of traffic light I approve of... #urbanbiking #aucklandebikes #thinkelectricbikes

Is your broken-down bike keeping you from your next adventure? Spend your time planning your next great adventure, not dealing with the hassles that go into getting your bike to and from our shop! Hit the link in our bio to bring your bike back to life 🚴🏼💨

Three Rivers Heritage Trail #pittsburgh #urbanbiking #exploreyourcity

Love Dutch cycling culture. Always a good reminder that your bicycle commute to school/work is also a great time to catch up with family and friends. 📷: @amsterdamcyclechic

@elsbethcool was #carfree for years in Chicago before becoming a #cargobike enthusiast and now owner of @fourstarfamilycyclery. In this episode she shares how she switched from walking and using public transit to riding all-year round. We have a great conversation about the evolution of her biking set-up, her advice for biking through the winter, and how she handles the curiosity and judgment that comes with biking as a family.
Tune back in next time for part two where she shares more about why she started her business, what they do, and what it’s like being a female entrepreneur in a male-dominated industry.

Special thanks to @loveandlogan for the great guest recommendation!

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