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"Probably a Banksy" this piece has so much great feedback - available 48" x 48" one off canvas. Stencilled acrylic spray paint. Email for full details and price. Info@plasticjesus.net #banksy #notbanksy #streetart #art #canvas #gallery #urbanart #artcollective #artcollection

👉🏻Llevarán tilde las palabras AGUDAS terminadas en vocal (a,e,i,o,u) y en las consonantes -n y -s:
anís, papá, cajón, sartén, maniquí, venís.
👉🏻Llevarán tilde las palabras LLANAS que terminen en consonante, que no sea ni -n, ni -s:
útil, lápiz, álbum, alcázar.
👉🏻Llevarán tilde TODAS las palabras ESDRÚJULAS y sobreesdrújulas: 
cándido, esdrújula, cuéntaselo, dímelo.
✨DescansaD con D, (COMA) amigos. #escribirbienessexi #chimenea #cock
📸: @cinemarcfabregas

New mural: California Poppies!
This is my first with flowers and first in Potrero.
This location is awesome because it abuts the Starr King Open Space Preserve, which gives is nice visibility.

An oldie but a goodie by @viveros_brand, "Fight Klub II"

House of Malakai
Huge love for HOM & their cutting edge designs... Porcupine Quill Ear Cuff

Photo @viktorherak
Model & Muse @adja_kaba
is a self taught, multi-disciplinary artist based in Bali, Indonesia. He has been creating bespoke fashion, jewelry and decor since 1999. Rooted in the San Francisco underground , he began his career as a performance artist, crafting elaborate, avant guard costumes. This expanded into artistic direction, styling ,modelling and DJing.
House Of Malakai , the label, was born in 2013 as a vehicle to share his diverse vision. HOM is produced out of his atelier in Bali. House Of Malakai began as an accessory brand focusing on bespoke head wear. His fantastical creations have become a favorite of many celebrities including Beyonce and Rihanna. The label has become a source for celebrity stylists, music videos and campaigns.

House Of Malakai has been established as a couture label and a street brand alike. His Ready To Wear collections have hit cult status among fashion forward youth, particularly in London, Tokyo, New York, Paris and Seoul. His creations have a particular attention to detail and hand craft, in combination with modern digital techniques. As a label, House Of Malakai is very focused on quality , craftsmanship, and innovative handwork.

Malakai’s influences are culled from high fashion, science, revolutionaries, archaeological digs ,and underground movements. Ancient tribal culture weaves seamlessly with cutting edge technology in the hands of this multi media artist. His work transcends our time – a familiar memory of something we’ve never seen before.


#crown #jewelry #headdress #couture #hautecouture #bespoke #piercings #streetstylephotography #jewellery #streetart #streetwear #streetstyle #streetartist #streetfashion #ktz #blvck #blvckfashion #avantgarde #gothic #urbanart #urbanmusic #urbanstyle #urbanapparel #urbanartist #urbanfashion #tattooart #earcuff #cuff #inkedgirls #blackwork

"o meu amor sou eu mesma
esperando por mim
esperando pelo perdão
esperando pela aceitação
esperando que eu acorde e me enxergue
me apaixone por quem sou
me adore e seja totalmente suficiente
a salvação sempre foi e sempre vai ser a minha própria alma
paz nunca teve nada a ver com ter ou ser alguém importante
paz é respirar fundo e saber que eu sou alguém completo
que precisa transbordar
e não completar ninguém"
-helena ferreira

The man himself @1010zzz
@visual.fodder 💎


Xiangke Luo and colleague watching Phil Stoiber give a demonstration while at BallardWorks Seattle for a reception to show his stellar prints courtesy of artist Dionne Haroutunian. #urbanart #seattle #ballardworks #artists #printmaking #demonstration #exhibition #reception #blackandwhitephoto #seattlephotographer

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