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I lost my phone 4 wheeling in the woods but it was worth it. #thanksgiving #littlecousin #lit #upstatehouse

#tbt this is just awesome classic memory SHOTGUN A BEER AT 9 am before we go to the mountain! #upstatehouse #windham #hunter @jonny_ls @davey_hopes @tnapz @miikepiro @brookee_dennis good video skills

Just a buncha kids watching the sun set. #upstateHouse #catskillCreek #thanksgiving #love

Less than a week of school left and can't wait to be home #bonfire #upstatehouse #letsshotgun

My goodness, I have fallen hard for #butternutfarm ! The view outside the sunroom windows. #countryhouse #upstatehouse #country #countryliving

Happy 2nd birthday my darling Teo! #threebecomesfour #mybabyforever #upstatehouse


Entry floor demo'd - this is the living room and kitchen. A lot of talk of putting in LVL beams and other fun structural work that needs to happen this month.

Loving this red front door - we think that's what we'll go for! (PS I'm sorry but I don't know who shot this house - apologies for no photo credit!)

Figuring out our lighting plan with @carpenterandmason

The aforementioned #molesbreath in action @farrowandball

Checking out paint colours and came across "mole& #39;s breath" from @farrowandball (it's a lightish grey). I could get behind their famous "elephant& #39;s breath" but there's something about moles that isn't working here. The colour's good news though :)

Install day feels great when all the pieces fit together. The client selects the door pull placement on site for custom oak bookshelf and cabinet. #oak #customfurniture #bookshelves #cabinet #morestorage #upstatehouse

The basement demo is done! Right now there's a guest room, bathroom, random room with a fireplace, and a garage. One of the cool things about the basement is that it isn't underground. There are sliding doors in some of the rooms and they lead out to the garden. We're reconfiguring it to have two guest rooms, bathroom, laundry...and best of all...OUR VERY OWN BAR!

And check out what the squirrels did in the soon-to-be screening-room ... they ate through the wooden framing of the walls, as well as chewing through most of the electrical work of the house. The contractors found a couple of dead squirrels in the walls.

This is going to be a screening room (aka TV room!) - with steps leading down from the living-room...

One of Will's restaurant clients has a bunch of these cement tiles left over from his restaurant renovation... We've actually been obsessing over the @cementtileshop...maybe these tiles could go in a guest bathroom?

We have to choose our exterior window finishes - so we have to choose the colour of the exterior wall of the house. We like "soot& #34; at Benjamin Moore and found this great pic of it on @lonnymag painted on the House of ceramist Michele Michael and woodworker Patrick Moore in Dresden, Maine (http://m.lonny.com/mag/-jplXnnDVzQ/May+2015/0dZQ-4R5iUP/A+Bolt+from+the+Blue)

And demo of the second floor- DONE!

Demo of our first floor - view of the "great room"

Trees and electricity lines down after a windy night. Guess we need to factor in a generator.

Here she is - our first visit to the house. Built in 1976, she sits on five acres of pine forest, and needs to be completely gut-renovated!

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