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Pretty Lady Liberty. Repost of @mauriros86 || For the best NYC events, check out @upout_nyc #newyork #nyc #upout_nyc

of Dark.

Coffee with mukhi😉
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In my early twenties I lived in a tiny walk-up building over a deli on Second Avenue just off 34th Street. I had the tiniest room in the apartment, barely space for a bed and a dresser. My window opened out to an alley with a perfect view of the Empire State Building. When my daughter graduated from NYU many years later, it was awesome that the building was lit up in purple. To me, this building epitomizes NYC, so here is my #NikonLoveNY love letter to it, and to NYC: “Dear New York, I love you because every time I see the Empire State Building, it makes me happy I was born here." #nyc #Igersofny #icapture_nyc #empirestatebuilding #ilovenewyork #newyorkcity #newyork_ig #newyork_instagram #fallinginlovewithnyc #instagramnyc #instagoodmyphoto #what_i_saw_in_nyc #icapturenyc #made_in_ny #nikonnofilter #upout_nyc #serotoninteam Taken with a Nikon D5100 35mm f/1.8 lens #nyclives

Posted 3 years ago today. Worth another post.
Here's a little story bout this alarm box here on 62nd street in Glendale Queens 1980....When I was 5, this troublemaker kid from around the corner asked me if I wanna play with some fire trucks. I thought he was referring to some toy fire trucks cause he had mad toys at his crib. I said OK where are they. He told me to go lift the red latch and press the button and his mom would bring them round. So I pressed the button and wouldn't you know it, the fire trucks did in fact come. Not the toy trucks though, but the real deal ones with pissed off firemen. My older brother threw me a beaten and I was grounded for weeks. Lesson learned that day.


Good Morning, Queens

Moonlighting by day for tips

Time Square hopping no matter what the weather.

The lights are much brighter there. You can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares. So go downtown, things will be great when you're downtown, no finer place for sure. Downtown everything's waiting for you Downtown

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