hey everyone! I did not intend to go away for a month, I’ve been very busy because of school and school-related things (mostly homework). I’m working on a cool bracelet order right now and I’m really excited to share it with you all when I’m done! •

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“It was beautiful not despite but because of the friction it has had to endure. It had been thrashed around, but instead of being destroyed, it was improved with every scratch and scrape, sculpted. In fact, the scuffs themselves are what gave it its quiet splendor; they are responsible for turning a simple piece of glass (which could have just as easily been trash) into a gem. It wouldn't be the same without the wear and tear; it wouldn't be something pretty enough to be turned into jewelry if it hadn't been damn near broken. I closed my fist around this tear-shaped gem and thought about my own uneven edges, my own abrasions, and things I have endured that have, instead of breaking me, completed me, prepared me for the next tumble. Its odd beauty was hard-won. It came from reinventing itself. From having risen to the top of the discard pile. Like a phoenix, from victim to victor.”
~Wendy Blackburn, Beachglass 🌊 🌊 🌊🌀
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What shall I upcycle this reclaimed tongue and groove cedar plank in to?
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Hey everyone!! Sorry for the lack of content recently, life has been super busy and demanding. I’m looking forward to posting more throughout the fall & winter months! For now, enjoy this picture of an order completed a couple days ago. ~B

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Granny chains can be sexy!
Why not have a glasses chain that’s like jewellery and adds personal flair to your outfit. They don’t have to be boring. These two feature combos of hand rolled paper beads and vintage and reclaimed beads. No two are ever the same so you get a completely unique item.
These will be joining other designs at my stand at the @tastypearshop Bassendean Spring Mini Market this coming Saturday. ♻️