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Did you know we have a Facebook group exclusive for woodworkers? Join it so you can meet other woodworkers in your area, ask questions, and post your coolest creations! Please search for: INSTA WOODWORKERS // KNOT & GRAIN on Facebook!
PC: @thewoodturningstudio

What are your thoughts on this table? (@phenomcreative)

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone that showed up at our Miami @fash_rev event last night! We had over 100 people taking the vibe and this conscious movement to another level!! I can't even begin to describe the amount of love I received from you guys! From a beautiful person that flew from Puerto Rico for this event, to amazing souls that had been following my journey and wanted super strong hugs. My heart is full! Beyond words! I'll be talking more about this event and the "fashion revolution" movement on my blog next week. My India posts are also coming up on the blog next week so stay tuned! You'll be receiving an exciting overdose of consciousness! 💋🌏💕 Wearing a fairtrade dress by @mettalovingkindness, recycled bubble wrap clutch by @shopbubblebags, and recycled plastic sandals by @melissashoesusa. 🎥 @theonikas @thefulledit #liveconsciously #whomademyclothes #fashionrevolution #sustainable #fairtrade #veganfashion #consciouslifestyle #waterthruskin

This nightstand is one of two that we bought at an estate sale in east texas 15 years ago. Someone had started stripping them and then they became one of those forgotten projects in the garage. So we bought em and took em home. One was chippy, peely mint green & white, but this one had virtually no paint left, so we painted it gypsy red and it was in mom's house for over a decade .. today it's moving on down its junk karma path to a new home! Godspeed little red nightstand! ❤️🎨🎪🏹🌈🚌💨💨#junkkarma #junkgypsy #jgworldhq #texas

Ótima ideia para colocar as bebidas, livros ou adornos. 💡💛👏🏽✅♻️ #referencia #upcycle #ideiasdiferentes
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{10K} So today I ran my first - and probably last - 10K race. I don't remember crossing the line, I just remember running a bit like that guy who struggled to cross the marathon line last week, except he'd ran over 4 times the distance. I got wheeled to the medical tent and I was so embarrassed that I'd have to tell everyone I didn't actually finish. Walking home pretty deflated, I checked my messages to find out I had actually finished in 1:01:30 🙌🏻 Moral of the story, I'm a bloody idiot.


39.00 and it's yours!

Throw us a like on our FB @ perfect blend 2 inc. thanks

Real furniture doesn't come in a box that requires you to put together at home after you purchase it!
Come on Tampa Bay you know better than that!
#sofa #dresser #fauxbamboo #furniture #animals #picoftheday #dressers #dresser #vintage #shabbychic #antiques #antique #bedrooms #Livingston set #america #american #repurposed #upcycle #coastal #lfl #l4l

Latest project from my favorite store @scrap_bmore ! I love this store, everything is donated rather than tossed in a landfill and they have everything you need to craft, even pipettes and per-made table center pieces! .
#diy #thrift #upcycle #hgtv #baltimore

Get your France on at Scrappy Armadillo. Bldg. 2 Booth 849 at #tradermaes #shabbychic #cottagestyle #furniture #decor #upcycle #repurpose #cottageindustry #vintage #shoplocal

@hansenart salvaged sheet metal from old cars, paint vats and school lockers to create this colorful tapestry. #upcycle #art @smithsoniancraftshowsswc

Approximately 54", can be worn two or three tiers. Hand rolled by me from magazine ads and acid free craft paper. Glued and varnished with non-toxic materials. Statement piece for sustainable fashion! Water resistant, not 100% water proof. I suggest not to wear it in pool or shower.#paperbeadnecklace #recycle #upcycle #ecofashion #sustainablefashion

My mum's been rummaging through her mother's trinkets, so I've been one busy girl!!! 👩🏼‍🎨♻️ See the full upcycled collection today at @eastland 💋💋💋xXx

A little upcycle & recycle work today refinishing a vintage table top, recycling left over wood from the cabin loft floors for a desk and saving some downed birch trees for projects TBD. #workweekend #penofinstain #upcycle #recycle #transformation #woodworks #cabinlife #northwoods #lutsen #sawtoothmountainhideaway @chad516c

Loving all these different shades of pink 📷: @amandarydell

Jardin wicker Restoration/ new caning & Leather Upholstery

V E N I C E B E A C H 📷: @saffroncollective

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