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I'm pretty fucked up.. but here's to a hell of a night!😍🀘🍻 @upchurch_music #upchurchtheredneck #upchurchcrew #wapak #WTF #tugpull

Great night at his concert. Best man alive. He's straight up honest. πŸ€™πŸ» #redneck #upchurchtheredneck

Of all the things to happen, and of all the people for it to happen to....a Starbucks Coffee exploded in his hand and all over the floor....no injuries, just a mess to clean up.
#upchurchtheredneck #sandmansinkshop #coffeeoops #wtfmoment

Sometimes I get stoned in my backyard
Lay off in the tall grass, saw my views of stars
I think about nothing, get to clear my thoughts
From all the thunder and lightning so I feel a spark
Sometimes I get higher than the Colorado rockies
Hoping that the county sheriff dont stop me
Like Charlie Daniels said, you shouldn't smoke that dope
But damn it I can't help, I love rolling stoned

With the windows rolled down and the radio up
Sweet tea full in my solo cup
Listenin' to the hummin' of the 44's
Soundin' like a concert out my beat up door
Arm hanging out the window, smiling away
Smoking on some grown where the cattle graze
Charlie Daniels said you shouldn't go smoke that dope
But hell, I can't help, I love rolling stoned
Yeah, I love rolling stoned

Smoke rolling round the cab with the dome light on
Lookin' like a stage 4 Lynyrd Skynyrd song
Hangin' out with Mary Jane but she's makin' the time go slow
Makin' memories with my buddies through the thick green smoke, puff passing out the windows of my old Tahoe
Lifted so damn high I can't come down
Drivin' under the speed limit in my town
#rednecknation #doitforstate #statesnaps

I literally love upchurch😍😍😍 by far the best country singer. Idgaf who disagrees. #upchurchtheredneck I really want to meet him like oml

CheathamπŸ“"This ol town don't have much to give but it's where I'm from and I'll always live" #RHEC #RTDT #lyrics #Upchurchtheredneck


Spent my weekend with no cell phone service in the sticks of South Tennessee drinking beer, smoking blunts knee deep in the river, and capturing art. Here's @upchurch_the_redneck ripping the stage 🀘🏼#photographer #photography #snappygilmore #sony #americanoffroad #offroad #festival #tennessee #redneck #upchurchtheredneck

So glad we got to go see this amazing man tonight I loved getting to spend time with you all doing something we could all enjoy #upchurchtheredneck #ryanupchurch #bestdayever #iloveupchurch #hesthebest #biggestfans @charlizeee.___ @caylalovesyuh

WhooHoo! Smo & Upchurch showing up in my mailbox.. Yeah I like that! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜πŸ˜„πŸ€žπŸ€žπŸ€ž Thanks so much!


I literally love upchurch😍😍😍 by far the best country singer. Idgaf who disagrees. #upchurchtheredneck I really want to meet him like oml

"Some people go for gold and lose sight of their shine and the sparkle that once was gets tarnished of mine. They forget what they was after they fall of the track and their vision that was vivid, gets lost in pitch black ." "Age starts to take place.
Like a bomb that keeps ticking! And they regret not chasing after it after they had the ambition and the ambition fades away like the red on a rose. And the regret sucks the life from everybody I suppose. My rose ain't red It won't die, but it ain't fake . But ,when I die ill drown myself In these lyrics I speak ." White lightning
#upchurchtheredneck #whitelightning

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