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Story time :
So when I was like 4 or 5 (maybe even younger) my dad use to chew red man (he still does) . He spat in bottles like a coke would be in (again he still does) and one day we went to the store, and my mom bought me a coke and him one too , well he done drunk all of the coke out of his , and I didn't know which one was mine so I took the bottle with his spit in it and drunk it (at the time I didn't know until I drunk it) and GOD was that nasty as hell , I swear my face turned green . so yeah that's a story from when I was younger , maybe this will give y'all a laugh , and this is not to offend anyone that chews this type of tobacco because obviously it taste good to the people that eat it ... #RHEC #upchurch #upchurchtheredneck #rednecknation #outlaw #YELLOW #keepitfreakinhilbilly #sickastits #redmanchewingtobacco

ITS HERE!!!!! Son of the south album now available for reorder on itunes!!!! Song: red carpet πŸ™πŸΌβ™₯️🀘🏼 #rhec #upchurch #upchurchtheredneck #sonofthesouth #redcarpet @upchurch_the_redneck

I'm pretty fucked up.. but here's to a hell of a night!😍🀘🍻 @upchurch_music #upchurchtheredneck #upchurchcrew #wapak #WTF #tugpull

Had to go get me a new Tat while I'm up here in Vicksburg! Raise Hell Eat Cornbread!πŸ’‰πŸ€˜πŸΌπŸ€™πŸΌ #upchurchtheredneck

Sometimes I get stoned in my backyard
Lay off in the tall grass, saw my views of stars
I think about nothing, get to clear my thoughts
From all the thunder and lightning so I feel a spark
Sometimes I get higher than the Colorado rockies
Hoping that the county sheriff dont stop me
Like Charlie Daniels said, you shouldn't smoke that dope
But damn it I can't help, I love rolling stoned

With the windows rolled down and the radio up
Sweet tea full in my solo cup
Listenin' to the hummin' of the 44's
Soundin' like a concert out my beat up door
Arm hanging out the window, smiling away
Smoking on some grown where the cattle graze
Charlie Daniels said you shouldn't go smoke that dope
But hell, I can't help, I love rolling stoned
Yeah, I love rolling stoned

Smoke rolling round the cab with the dome light on
Lookin' like a stage 4 Lynyrd Skynyrd song
Hangin' out with Mary Jane but she's makin' the time go slow
Makin' memories with my buddies through the thick green smoke, puff passing out the windows of my old Tahoe
Lifted so damn high I can't come down
Drivin' under the speed limit in my town
#rednecknation #doitforstate #statesnaps

Great night at his concert. Best man alive. He's straight up honest. πŸ€™πŸ» #redneck #upchurchtheredneck

My friend #upchurchtheredneck posted this earlier today. I did some airbrush work for him as a gift. He is a hell of a guy.


Outlaw by upchurch ft luke combs #upchurchtheredneck

Chilling in my van on lunch listening to #upchurchtheredneck

going thru old pictures and I find this. one of the best nights ever! got turnt af and had a blast. can't wait for the show in lawrence.
#RHEC #upchurchtheredneck #Upchurch #DesperadosInEmporia

My Dream 😍No barbie cars aloud πŸš«πŸ˜‚
2016 GMC Sierra All Terrain X
#gmc #tred #sierra #terrain #outback #rednecknation #upchurchtheredneck #dream #truck #pickup #4x4 #dreamcar #love #beast #black #nation #desert #insta #truck #like

Number 2 comin along well #upchurchtheredneck

I felt like i did really good on this, but i look at others and think 'wow mine is absolute trash compared to theirs i wish i was that good' the pic next to it was the pic i used for the drawing✌ #upchurchtheredneck

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