Can’t wait to wine and unwind in a nice hot bath with some magical bath sea salts tonight!!
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Relax & recharge.
Take time for you.

We spend a lot of time on social media, sometimes we just need to log out and rest. Sit down & close our eyes or just be in the present moment.
Mindfulness can help with focusing and being in the present.
We will be putting some mindfulness tips up soon on the blog!
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Rest is very important.
Follow this tips on how to achieve a better rest:

1. You don't work in your bed
Thanks to portable tablets and phones, our beds have become de facto couches. But Netflix binges and texting your best friend don't count as restorative rest for your body. The NSF recommends that at least 85 percent of the total time you spend in your bed is actually spent snoozing. If you absolutely must use your phone in bed, try these 3 tricks to use tech in bed an still sleep soundly.

2. You fall asleep in 30 minutes or less
Nearly one-third of people take longer than half an hour to fall asleep each night, according to the NSF's annual Sleep in America poll. Taking this long to conk out is one of the hallmarks of insomnia and other sleep disorders, they explain. Lots of things can affect your ability to fall asleep—anxiety, depression, exercising too close to bedtime, not getting enough daytime exercise, sunlight, and eating junk food in the evening, just to name a few. So it's important to figure out what's keeping you up and fix it. (Check out these six sneaky things that might be keeping you awake.) 3. You wake up no more than once per night
Nothing is more frustrating than going to bed on time and blissfully drifting off to dreamland... only to be awakened in the middle of the night. Some disturbances you have no control over, such as a baby crying or your cat sitting on your pillow. But if you're waking up for no apparent reason or are easily awakened by normal noises more than once per night, it's a sign your sleep life is hurting.

4. You don't wake up for more than 20 minutes during the night
When you do wake up in the middle of the night, how long do you stay awake? Some people can slip right back into sleep after making sure that startling noise wasn't a burglar, but others are tossing and turning for the rest of the night. If it takes you more than 20 minutes to go back to sleep, whatever the reason you woke up, your quality of sleep is bound to suffer. .
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Giving the roadster some much needed love. Replaced the front and rear sway bar mounts and end links, replaced the steering rack bushings and replaced some leaky power steering lines and next I plan to detail the suspension components and ceramic coat everything. One of these days I’ll need to recruit some help to install the Seibon hood that I’ve had for many months. #dodge #viper #srt10 #silvermamba #silverbullet #jtsvp #imscrd #americanmuscle #roadster #gerocerygetter #moparornocar #mopar #maintenance #unwindtime #IPSCO

I’m a workaholic who loves an overflowing social calendar ... but after the craziness of the last 6 months, damn is it nice to be chilling in the sun with my man 🍹☀️😎 #honeymooners #unwindtime #srilanka

Sometimes we need all time away to clear our head space; trip down to beach 👌 #beachchills #unwindtime #morningbeachtime #fordfocus

Tropical blood ⚡
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I sat down with Make Buildings today to unwind and it lead me down the rabbit hole that is my art supplies. I am working to find a balance where I feel less guilty and enjoy more. This is a step in the right direction. How do you unwind? #nancyknowsbooks #art #drawing #selfcare #unwindtime #momtime

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