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Unfortunately it wasn't my year to be a DMD, but I'm so honored and blessed to have been chosen to go to training camp for the Dallas Mavericks Dancers! I'm so excited for all of the beautiful ladies that did make it💙 #untilnextyear

These last two weeks have been the most amazing two weeks of my life. From laughing until we couldn't breathe to crying and praying for each other when things didn't seem to be going the way we wanted. City Challenge and Choral Camp were such a good combination. City Challenge changed me forever and Choral Camp gave me the opportunity to show the love of Jesus to children. Thank you to all of you that made these last two weeks so incredibly memorable. You all are the real MVPs. #choralcamp2017 #citychallenge2017 #untilnextyear @b_troy31 @cpm0045 @m_dawn2541 @kiersty.arlene16 @jaminbenh @matt_2.0 @mcg.29 @rinabeana19 @simeon_moore5 @sarafaith98 @lylanicole__ @trevormiller2000 @emoore_11 @annastasia.y

🗣AWESOME WORK👏🏼‼️Here are the 👫Top Male/Female for every challenge this week❕You guys are AMAZING💫‼️ We are so proud of all the hard work you put in❕Until next year Peak Performance Week⚠️🔥👊🏼😜🍊🏆💯💦 #otfoxford #otfnation #keepburning #peakperformanceweek #untilnextyear

Last day in North Carolina😭 #untilnextyear

Smell ya later Pede 😎💕 #superpassexhausted #goodnights #untilnextyear

Why I decided to compete... Ok so this is pretty extra because I've only done ONE prep and two shows (and I didn't even win😂) but I DID make zero excuses for months on end so I'm proud. I prepped while traveling to Coachella, taking finals at the end of my hardest semester, and working 40 hour weeks over summer. I did it all with a smile on my face and a ziplock full of chicken. I think you have to put yourself through some really hard shit in order to grow as a person so that's exactly what I did. If you think I only did this prep for abs or a trophy, you're so wrong it hurts. I did it to set a long term goal, achieve the hell out of it, and meet some pretty great, likeminded people... which I have😊 Thanks for letting me share the last 17 weeks with you guys. #untilnextyear

Also THANK YOU to my friend @lyvisuals for making my vision for this video a reality you are so talented!!!!!

We weren't there to take part.. We were there to win... In the end we just took part. #QueenOfTheSea #untilnextyear #notahope


World Challenge, India, 2017 🇮🇳
Like the Taj Mahal, while it is in its cleaning phase, it was amazing but not perfect.
Next challenge is to get all the kids to the airport in one piece 🚌🤞🏼🛫
#untilnextyear #Nepal2018

My last Concert in the Park of the season! #ivyandtheresa #itwasablueskindanight #justalittlebraid #untilnextyear

Good night #Kampout. So thrilled to spend time with you this week. Thank you for using your time and energy this summer to serve our neighborhoods. Ya'll are awesome. #kanakuk #Kampout #untilnextyear

Saying goodbye to the ocean with my amazing family. #untilnextyear

It's always such a bitter sweet day when CEEP (Children's Equine Educational Program) ends. 😞 Here's to another great summer week at the farm! #equine #lessonhorses #summerfun #untilnextyear

Can't leave Florida without someone leaving graffiti on it #saltlife #kingmackerel #destin2017 #maliaann #fishingcharters #trophyfish #untilnextyear #backtotexaswego

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