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Can't believe tomorrow is our last day (D10) of working our #Flexyhipflexor, guys 🙁 it's been short and sweet! And I love how you guys share your poses and graced our gallery with your faces!! Tomorrow is any strengthening or stretching hip flexor poses you are working on. My #yogischoice is #Anjaneyasana #lowlunge with back foot grab over head. Was so thrilled trying this variation for the first time!! 😍😍 can't quite get 2 hand grab but excited for that one day! 😀
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Planks and more planks ✌🏼 ... .
My motto: Push down to plank tall .
#plankingforeveryone .
@pilateswithashlee @momentum_pilates

She has the power
to change the world
because she has
the power to love.
- Mark Anthony
#yogaeverydamnday #practiceandalliscoming

#sakurapup photobombed my Day 27 of #UntangleMe with @cyogalab which then turned into a 4 minute snuggle sesh. 🤓🤗🐶💋💋

May your Monday ever be in your favor. 💘 Handstand practice! Working toward longer holds. 🙌 #motivationmonday

Locust meets Crow... 👽
Got to have a brogi meet up and finally met @dclavijo It was so much fun! Hope to see you again soon! 🤓🤗
📷 by @a_simple_jogi
#ViparitaShalabhasana #Bakasana

One more month, I'd like to acknowledge the amazing list of translators that, daily and methodically, transcribe all my challenges' posts. I get frequently asked if it's me the one doing all of them, in all those languages... I SERIOUSLY wish, but no, it's those generous people that, this month and for many months now, continue to work with such dedication and commitment. Occasionally, some of them take a break one month, then come back the next so, check out the list each month to see who's 'on duty' and feel free to leave a comment on their accounts (or here and tagging them) showing them some #yogalove....much gratitude and love to these peeps:

Korean: @cyogalab.korean
Italian: @cyl_challenge_ita
German: @cyogalab_de
Brazilian Portuguese: @cyogalab_portuguese
Turkish: @cyogalab_tr

Hello !! My Celine​ come back ! Just sharing how she having so sweet or maybe she thought my head , my feet same as ice cream !! 🙈🙈😂😂😋😋 Yummy or not ??I want to know. 😅😅😝😝 Why I couldn't long practiced of these pose!! Because she loves to tease me as always. 🙈🙈 #chinstand #viparitasalabhasana #yogabykwang
Legging @liquidoactive #liquidoactive #iwearliquido
Yoga mat : @liforme #liforme


Sometimes we can get so totally wrapped up in wanting things to happen, the way we want, in our own time, and in the exact way we'd expect. Even though we may think that just because we can imagine what the outcome could be like, because we try our best to tick all the boxes and because we are trying to create that sense of urgency to manifest what we want, we believe that this "control" we have will necessarily keep us sane and our goals in check.
But in reality, that wanting, that need for control is exactly what creates all the fear and anxiety we have. Lots of it.

When we control, we act from a place of fear. Afraid that things won't turn out the way they should based on our expectations and assumption that we always know what's best for us. When we do so, we are actually limiting ourselves to the sea of possibilities that's in store for us. And because of it, we're inevitably caught in this headlock, only seeing this very obscure vision of what we think is the best for us.
Ultimately that is the ego's desire to control and make us think that there is only one "right" path and we will only be complete when we've achieved that particular outcome. When we give into ego's desire, when we let it overwhelm us, most often it leaves us helpless, defenceless and so so alone.
Here's where surrender comes in, learning to let go of control of a person, circumstance, and outcome. That's believing and practicing non-attachment. Learning from Gabrielle Bernstein, when we fully surrender to the universe is when we fully say "thy will be done" and let the universe do its thing. It is only then that we fully open ourselves to all the opportunities and gifts from the universe that awaits us. Even if it's hard, remember that the universe is conspiring on our behalf. It has our back, always.
- (Part 1 of 3)

"You have to go whole heartedly into anything in order to achieve anything worth having." - Frank Lloyd Wright

Day 2️⃣7️⃣ of #UntangleMe with @cyogalab 🔀 leg behind head/#EkaPadaSirsasana #titthibasana because #omkarasana is...not happening right now 🙂

That quote is MY response to the next person that tells me or anyone else that a "true sign of strength is in holding back and admitting you are tired." Nay, holding back, holds you back. #progressnotperfection

#Happy #MemorialDay #Monday
#give100procentorgohome #mytruth #yoga #yogagirl #yogini #yogagram #yogalove #yogaeverydamnday #yogachallenge #yogaeverywhere #practice #fitspo #fitness #fitgirl #motivation #strongisthenewskinny #strongnotskinny #femalecalisthenics #namaste

Día 27 🌀 #UntangleMe con @cyogalab no quiso despegar ese cuervo el día de hoy 🙊 #Yoga #yogahappy #ArmBalance #Yogalove #YogaPoses #yogapractice #yogapracticedaily #YogaGirls #namaste 🙏

Día 26 🌀 #UntangleMe con @cyogalab #sidelotus #armbalance o #ParsvaKukkutasana que complicado mantener el balance en tripoide y hacer torsión con el cuerpo... 😓 #Yoga #yogainversions #yogaeveryday #yogaeverydamnday #YogaLove #YogaGirls #yogachallenge #yogahappy #Asana #namaste 🙏

Day 27 for the #yogachallenge #untangleme ohhh God... I've tried this 20 times, Saturday and today, so I'm not sure which one can be the best or worst variation 😂 you are amazing @cyogalab @livesankalpa
#myyogamypractice #myyogilife #instayoga #igyogarocks #igyogacommunity #yogagram #instayoga #yogalover #yogaaddict #yogaeveryday

This way ↔️ That way ↕️ Every which way 🔄 Come one, Come all for a little Compass Pose Play 🙌🏻 •
Excited to Announce #CompassWerkshop Coming June 11-20 where we will be practicing any and all variations of Compass Pose!! Join us as we find our way into these fun, different and sometimes challenging variations!! Modifications will be provided so all are welcome!! Tag your friends, re-post this flyer and let's all go our own way but go together through #CompassWerkshop To be eligible for prizes please Tag all Hosts and Sponsors using the #CompassWerkshop each day! •
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No better way to wind down after a #hiking / #bbq / Korean-food-feasting day than with a glass of red 🍷 and a good #stretch. Here's #yoganidrasana to belatedly close out #UntangleMe with @cyogalab & @livesankalpa. Deepest low-back release with the bind, though despite the translation of the Sanskrit name, I don't think I'll ever actually #sleep in this pose... #legbehindhead #homepractice #bedtime

🌀🐍🌼 Day 28 of #UntangleMe with @cyogalab 🔀 #Yoganidrasana 🌼🐍🔀 @livesankalpa
Last day!! This is the closest I've ever been to getting my foot behind my head or anywhere near my head. It's happening slowly. My journey is where it is supposed to be right now. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽💜💜💜💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 Thanks pushing me Carmen!!!
#practice #igyogacommunity #yogaapparel #yogachallenge #yogaeverydamnday #Namaste #iloveyoga #yogagirl #yoga #yogapractice #yogaforacause #om #instayoga #yogisofinstagram #yogi #igyogi #igyoga #instayogafam #igyogachallenge #instayogi #yearofyoga #strongandfit #yogapose #yogalove #practiceandalliscoming #practiceyogachangeyourworld #practicepracticepractic

Thank you to all the service men, woman and animals who gave their lives in service to our Country ❤️🇺🇸💙 #memorialday #remember #honor *

Give t h a n k s. To the mother, the father, & planet. I bow to the earth & all beings 🙏🏻🐸

#untangleme day 28: last day! I am not putting my feet behind my head, so just did some lovely stretching at the deepest safe point. Thank you, Carmen and crew!!! 😘😘😘😘😘 @cyogalab @livesankalpa

#untangleme day 27. This is why I love Carmen. This pose almost got the better of me, but I couldn't give up until I got her "easier" modification. Always challenging me!! @cyogalab @livesankalpa

#untangleme day 26 was supposed to be a twisted lotus headstand, but that's the actual asana that convinced me to stop doing headstands after I felt an odd little tweak last year. I attempted it in pincha, but clearly, it's not the same 😆 @cyogalab @livesankalpa

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