When you feel like your world is crashing around you and you get constant reminders that you canโ€™t do anything right, your goals wonโ€™t be reached and your so lonely because your support system is next to nothing. Then you get a simple reminder that you at least did one thing right.... and that reminds you that no one is perfect. And you realize others expectations of perfection is unrealistic because they are not perfect either. And you start to come back to life again. Thank god I did this right! Hope is not lost!

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So it's a while since I've had a serious rant on social media but here goes๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Now before I start, this is an incredible transformation and I've so much respect to the person in the photos. It's not easy. Was it done in 7 days? Was it done solely by using some Juice Plus/Herbalife/Skinny Coffee style product? Absolutely fucking not.
I'm seeing shit like this every day in sale groups and people promoting this sort of unrealistic bullshit. Half the time the person who is in the pictures doesn't even know they're being used to promote detox teas/shakes/whatever the fuck. And you see so many women and men fall for it and place orders, only to realise that 2 days into it, they've lost no weight and it goes in the bin. What a waste of money. Especially when a gym membership costs a fraction of what these shitty companies charge for their 'exceptional' products.

This transformation was supposed to have happen over a week. This is, at least, a 1 and a half stone weight loss. If not more. That's approx 21lbs. Some absolute moron out there thinks you're more of a moron then they are and that you'll buy their shitty product expecting this result. In 7 fucking days, no less.

This is why people are discouraged when they try to lose weight. This is why people give up. It's also why they don't try again after taking a product such as this. These products cost a fortune yet there is nothing like this result on day 7.

I commented on this because I seen quite a few people interested in buying the product and I was quickly blocked. Why? Because I said this transformation probably didn't even happen within 7 months, let alone 7 days.
And that's what people need to hear. This takes time. It takes effort. You'll be absolutely wrecked for the first few weeks of your new diet/lifestyle, you'll be sore, you'll probably even gain a few pounds as your body adjusts, you'll break out in spots because your body's withdrawing from sugar/excess fatty products. That's my own experience anyway๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ˜‚ Lads/ladies... understand it will take time. It's that simple. Don't beat yourself up for not achieving the unachievable. Enjoy the processโ˜บ and don't be fooled by this shite. Rant over๐Ÿค™๐Ÿ˜‚

โ€œWhatcha gonna do when they come for youโ€

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Itโ€™s Friday night finally after the longest, craziest week and I am watching Hallmark Christmas movies and drinking wine and wondering why there is not an option on online dating sites for โ€˜Hallmark Christmas movie Husband typeโ€™ to select. They seem to have plenty of horror story options though! .
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Girls on instagram be like. Shame women aspire to be like this and men want this despite giving the lip service of wanting the 'natural look'. Well enjoy your stained orange pillows in the morning and remember you can't go to trading standards to complain. And women same goes for you, when you pick up your deemed society perfect man don't come running when he is a pile of shit either. Unrealistic ideals for people of all ages, sizes and social standings. No wonder humanity is doomed. Stick some more foundation on, it'll be okay. #fuckoff #unreal #fakers #fake #orange #plastic #society #unrealistic #makeupsucks #lies #tradingstandards

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