Finding support in nature. I took this photo a few weeks ago but it ties in perfectly to Day 7 of @epicself #selflovechallenge 🥰🌱 I work on a vineyard that I rarely see because I’m stuck in my office behind computer screens. Yesterday I strolled the vineyard without and electronic leashes and felt more #connected than ever. 🚶🏻‍♀️ And then I got to teach yoga with my renewed sense of connection. A beautiful day of nature play. 🧘‍♀️

กิจกรรมซ้อมร้องเพลง ให้โรงเรียน คนหูหนวกฟัง Veesion 2 ทนฟัง ทนกด like กันหน่อยนะครับ😅 #สัญชาติญาณบอก #นูโว #nuvo #นั่งเล่น #อันปลั๊ก #unplug

Anyone else need reminding of this - especially this week? 🙋🏽‍♀️ It’s so much easier to just hit that home button, and get lost in your device. It takes INTENTION to #unplug, breathe and be mindful. 🧘🏻‍♀️ How do you do it?

Check out our Luxe Villa in Riviera Maya!!! #unplug #luxurytravel #villas #realestate #unplugtravel

Mountain air, perfect weather (in the 50s!) and time with my boys. Could it get any better?! Asheville is one of the reasons we chose to move to NC and I can’t believe it took us over a year to visit here. Yesterday was perfect and we still have all day today to explore! 🏔🏔

The feeling you get when you can get all your shopping done before Thanksgiving. Use the code NOBLACKFRIDAY30 at checkout for 30% off all clothing! Ends Wednesday! #WaheWay
Every sale donates $1 to families of a child with a congenital heart defect! Link in bio!
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They’re up and shinning ✨their beautiful light on all who pass through!
These pendant lights were fun to create from woven baskets and light bulb strands .
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Don't forget to unplug from time to time.

Confession: Kimberly and I have this problem of getting distracted by living. So we keep forgetting to take pictures of NakedPoppy milestones!

When we sent out our first customer package we didn’t think to photograph it. 🙀 There are so many other examples it's embarrassing.

Yet, for those of you who are interested, we really, truly want to invite you to join our journey. Our early customers already feel like girlfriends.

So we've introduced the camera into our lives. We're getting better at it but can't say we were born this way. 😂

Today on the blog I’m sharing now we’ve changed our mindset. Link in bio. I'm dying to hear if you too love connecting but aren’t naturally a put-everything-on-social-media person. Does any of this resonate? 💗 –Jaleh, NakedPoppy co-founder

🔥F I R E & I C E ❄️ Who says campfires are only for summertime? There's nothing better than the crackle of pine to take the edge off a crisp November day!
#getoutsidemore #getcozy #cracklecrackle #findyourpeace #qualitytime

That #awkward moment when your #awakening #unplug yourself from #matrix and friends and family are still sleeping! #BeYourself #liveAsExample so they can #catchUp #thirdeye #vibes #enlightenment

@Regran_ed from @sabbath_is_not_sat_or_sun - Your Pastors and churches brain washed you to believe that you don’t need to keep the Torah and the commandments. Your teachers brainwashed you to believe false history, a globe Earth and how to live the “American Dream” which was really a set up to put you in the rat race, get you in debt and keep you enslaved. Your parents brainwashed you because they were brainwashed too. The TV is owned by the brainwashers and they use EVERYTHING on it as a brain wash tool. News, music, movies, TV shows, sports, and everything in between is solely created to brainwash and control the Status Quo. brainwashed people are like helpless sheep and it’s easy to heard them in one direction. You cannot fully #exitthematrix unless you #unplug from all of their brainwashing devices, then think for yourself, teach yourself and realize that everything you were taught was a lie. Your Creator holds the answers you seek, He gave us His Word as a manual to make it through this life so that we can live in eternity with Him and His Son. Real wisdom comes from scripture and the Ruach Hakodesh, study the Word and obey it and you will live. Disobey it and you will die the second death in Hell. - #regrann

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