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My sis and I are loving these wellness shots by @vive_organic . They keep us healthy while on the go, especially during this tough winter cold season. #wellnessshots #healthonthego #unpaid #truesupporter #longevity

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Not always.
We've hammered how important nasal breathing is. To be clear your nose is part of your respiratory system. Hair, mucous, sinuses (1st line of defense for immune system w/ regards to air) all filter the shit that sucks into the reverse vacuum organ known as your lungs. Your mouth is for digestive system, communication, and emergency breathing situations, like this one, and it has no filter (immune system) in it. You think this plays a role in allergies? 😳. Breathing through the mouth vs nose is the equivalent of drinking pond water or filtered / cleaned water. Big inspiration from @iamleodaniel for pushing this crusade 🇮🇪 This is a @mobilitywod special. On an Assault Bike 10x:30/1:30... K was hitting and holding 90 rpm / 900W+, I was working to 90 rpm/900W+ for entire :30 effort. I was fully able to execute nasal only until the interval was over, at which point the work exceeded my ability to process air through my nasal passages. I needed 3-4 mouth breaths before returning to nasal only. I've busted my nose twice and have major deviated septum, so leave excuses somewhere else. This took time and was not easy, but the adaptation has been huge. This does NOT mean if this is new to you you should be able to adapt this quickly. Everyone's physiology and adaptations are different, and it is your responsibility to understand that. That all said, my immune system is easily the strongest it's ever been, I pick up on the slightest issues of stress by how my breathing is effected, and my sleep and recovery is way quicker than it's ever been. Not too mention RHR is lowest it's been in years, and I don't feel need for as much caffeine. I could possibly be just happier, but that would be dove tailing the Breath work, which is extensive.
How's the new #artofbreath shirt by @rvcasport // @rvca // @jonbrong? @powerspeedendurance @preparetoperform @thecellcoach @andrewhuberman #state

Bout to get in a car accident but I have Nutter Butters so it's all good #unpaid #ad


Bout to get in a car accident but I have Nutter Butters so it's all good #unpaid #ad

The most basic of needs.

#TeamBLur_ Professional_Positive_Protective_Passionate_Potential_Minded_Matured_Clinical_Hustlers.
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Come to realized #Hustle is 4 #Contenders.
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An Ohio State student's worst nightmare.

😂😂😂 I'm not a stalker I'm just an unpaid private investigator #stalk #missyou #unpaid #investing #investigator #lol #funnybuttrue

We interviewed an enthusiastic intern candidate early this morning who listed his grade point average simply as a "three." Here at EOTDI, we place a premium on balancing the highest levels of academic achievement with the ability to communicate creatively. As such, we'd like to welcome on board our newest "unpaid" intern! #intern #unpaid #gpa #grades #interview #hiring #interview

In the red?
#UnPaid #Bills can often lead to harassment by creditors. At #DebtInformationService we put a stop to those countless phone calls and final notice letters. #Debt #writeoffdebt

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