It’s preseason training 🏑time for my awesome daughter. She asked me to make some energy balls. These raw vegan 🌱 protein balls are great and easy to transport and keeps you going 🏃🏻‍♀️. All the ingredients were purchased at the local health store. bulk food section. Recipe below 😊 #homemade #unpackaged #veganfood #veganrecipes #veganfriendly #plantbased #wastefreeliving #minimalist #minimalism ##zerowaste #paleo
1 cup toasted oats
1/2 cup cashews
10 pitted dates
2tbs dark chocolate 🍫
Pinch of sea salt
1/2 cup of plant based protein powder
1tbs agave or maple syrup

Add cashews into a food processor and puls until crumbly and then add rest of the ingredients except the chocolate 🍫. Puls until all the ingredients come to a ball. Add the greated chocolate and puls few times. Using your hands or an ice cream scoop to make desired size balls and refrigerate in an airtight container.

I’m really enjoying taking time over my breakfasts, whether I’m prepping to take to work or having a leisurely one at home. I’ll be focussing on my finances for the next month so eating well for less is definitely a consideration.
I love walking down to the barrow boys (the fruit and veg market stalls on @northendrdmrkt) and getting fresh, unpackaged produce at great prices, plus having a bit of banter with the guys and getting some fresh air.
Happy Friday!!
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These 1.5L and 0.5L jars are available for sale at our pop ups. Oh wait. The zero waste starter kit is also packed in the big jar! Beautiful pantry of @mandimakes 😍 .
18 Aug Wheelock Place #02-18 10am-8pm. Come and talk 🐔 sing 🎶 play 🃏 with us. Remember, zero waste is a journey and the best way is the zero ways. Fuh 😌
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Instead of trying to eliminate all single use plastic in a day, start with one small step. Say “no” to single use plastic straws and go without or get a reusable one!
Visit EcoInspo.com to start your plastic free journey! #ecoinspo

Very pleased to announce our first group workshop, in London on 28th Sept - designed by Catherine to give you the overview you need to set up a full #ZeroWaste store, or a shop with a smaller zero waste, or bulk, section. Link in bio for more info and to book!

#unpackaged #bulk #zerowaste #workshop

#aNUversary | We are celebrating our first year of NU! And this month we are talking about what makes us #zerowaste!

We ✅ refuse
✅ reduce
✅ reuse
✅ recycle &
✅ compost

When was the last time you took out your trash? We take ours every other week! Being a store of this size, open 7 days a week, we produce as much waste as what an average household puts out on a curb every week.

At the end of each day we have compost from fruit & veggie peels and paper towels, and cardboard boxes from daily deliveries.
On the picture above 👆 is all our waste and recycling for the past 4 days! And we are not afraid to show it 😉
We strive to be #zerowaste not only on customers side, but also in our operations. Compared to industry standards we are virtually zero waste. 🙅 Producing absolutely no waste is our goal and next year we pledge to get even better!

my latest #zerowaste discovery - shampoo bar by @golconda.sustainable.products [no sponsoring] which is free of palmoil, plastic, animal ingredients and other stuff you don’t wanna have on your head. And such a cute packaging 🦁☘️

I’m clearly too impatient to ever become a food blogger. #unpackaged #getunpackaged #zerowaste #zerowastehome #vegan

Look what I found in bulk and #unpackaged twist of lids for my jars. Don't my mixed matched jars look pretty with their golden lids (and 🍅 filling)? Swipe.
Werbung, da Geschäftsnennung. Schaut mal was ich lose und unverpackt im Fachgeschäft gefunden habe. Twist Off Deckel für meine Gläser. Die sind hier nämlich oft Mangelware bzw. müssen manchmal auch wegen Rost etc. entsorgt werden. Auf dem nächsten Bild seht Ihr einen teil meiner gesammelten Gläser mit goldenen Hütchen und Tomatensoßenfüllung.

18 Aug Wheelock Place #02-18 @eclecticismsg
Here’s our full range of products for our pop up at Eclecticism! BYOB and get 50c off.^
If you come with our drawstring pouches or sack-sy bag, you get $1 off!^ .
🌱Aaaaaand we have nut butters in bulk from @fluffle.co! 😱 it’s like peanut butter but it’s cashew butter and almond cocoa butter. Bring your own jars and fill as much or as little as you want 🕺🏻 .
🌱PLUS we have a something special to fill up our little tummies who come for the storytelling session. Come early! .
^minimum purchase $5
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沒有多餘的包裝與化學添加、可在河川海水中自然分解💧,並採用天然花草精油及植物油🌿,完整保留了植物特性;對肌膚以及生態環境100%溫和、無負擔👌🏻 在U商店有8種天然手工肥皂,能讓您針對您的膚質狀況去選擇最適合自己的🛁
👉🏻艾草、茶樹、山苦瓜、洋甘菊、薰衣草、紫草、竹炭、玫瑰🌼 🛒Pchome賣場上線了~🎉

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🔎instagram:unpackaged.tw 🛒Pchome賣場上線了~🎉

🌿Denkst du auch, dass du nichts ändern kannst? Dass die eine Plastikflasche keinen Unterschied macht? Hast du dir mal überlegt wie viele Menschen es auf der Erde gibt? Wenn jeder so denkt, würde sich auch nichts ändern!
🌿 Doch du hast die Möglichkeit einen Schritt in die richtige Richtung zu gehen und noch heute deinen Konsum zu überdenken!

would you DIY your own zerowaste make up?
as i slowly use up what pre-zerowaste products i still have in my bathroom, i think a lot about what i’ll replace it with- or if it even needs replacing at all. a huge and yet unexpected part of my journey to reduce my waste has been becoming a much more conscious consumer. i’ve realized that almost all of my make up comes in plastic and most of it is difficult to recycle. i won’t be buying those brands again once they’re used up and i think i’ve got about 6 weeks worth of foundation left. my search for an alternative is currently underway.
my problems with make up are that i have a hard time finding a match to my skin color, i have naturally oily skin so make up tends to separate and slide off, and i hate spending money on expensive products only to take them home and realize they won’t work for me. then today i found out that the main ingredient in one of my finishing powders is.. cornstarch. CORNSTARCH. i’ve been paying $23 dollars for a plastic container of less than half an ounce of what is essentially cornstarch?!
after some research, i found a few zerowaste DIY recipes for make up online and i’m skeptical but pretty intrigued. the idea is to use arrowroot powder or cornstarch as your base and a combination of spices as your pigments. anyone out there in internetland have any success stories to share? i’d love to hear them! 📷 by: #dontwastethecrumbsblog

Bay leaves! 🌱 Not from the bulk store, definitely not from the supermarket, not from my garden either, but from my neighbour's garden 😊 Thing about trees (bay leaves grow on a small tree, or a large shrub🌳), is no-one got space for all dem trees in their backyard if they live in the city.🏢 Plus how many bay leaves could I actually use in a year, anyway? So I have some trees, and my neighbours have some trees, and we share resources.😌 My neighbour has bay leaves, a curry leaf tree, a kaffir lime leaf tree and lemon verbena. We also share herbs (I've not got not too many trees yet, I've only lived here two years, but a few in progress - and plenty of parsley🌱🌱🌱, oregano and lemongrass). A great place to find out if neighbours have spare produce they'd like to share (or would like your excess) is the Buy Nothing Groups 👈. We also have an awesome little Swap Share group in Lathlain that meets once a month. Excess produce gets shared, zero waste, super local and fresh, and getting to meet the neighbours. Perfect!🌏💚✅

Did you know you can lengthen the life of your cut vegetables and herbs using water? Most cut vegetables and herbs can have extended fridge life by storing it in water. All you have to do is change out the water every other day just as you would fresh cut flowers. Basically treat it like a beautiful bouquet of wild flowers and it will continue to stay fresh.

Also, this is the first broccoli I ever grew 💚

Lettuce, spinach, kale and other greens: herbs & lettuce heads can go right in a jar of water. I prefer to use beeswax paper for the others.
Asparagus: trim the ends and place im water.
Beets: remove the roots and leave about 2 inches of stem. Place beets a bowl lined with a wet rag. If you're keeping the green leaves you store them like lettuce.
Broccoli: trim the bottom and place in jar of water.
Carrots: palce roots side down in jar of water.
Cauliflower: store just as you would broccoli but use it up quick as it loses its flavour once picked and absorbs other flavours on the fridge.
Cucumbers: beeswax
Green beans: beeswax
Peppers: beeswax
Parsnips: just like carrots
Tomatoes: do not belong in the fridge - keep them out. It is also not a vegetable but worth mentioning here.
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Before starting a self imposed zero waste challenge I realised I used so many dairy free cartons. The tetra pack is recyclable but the lids are not. Why buy oat milk when you can make it yourself with unpackaged oats from your local shop? The left over ground oats will be put into bread.

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