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#Unolali πŸ‘‘ ❀ nomntu wakhe #izolo #Khazimla "Get ready! Because everything you desire might become your reality & sooner than you think"- Vovee Bhatala
#RaisingKhazimla #RaisingAboyChild

#Unolali πŸ‘‘ ❀ #NtingaNtakaNdini #tbt "There are prayers from other people that are protecting you!!!Be obsessively grateful.

#Unolali πŸ‘‘ ❀ When @smashboxsa toys with your face 😍😍😍😍 #mama
If God blocked it....stop trying to find a way to give it access!!!!! #Wednesday #shootday

#Unolali πŸ‘‘ ❀ If God blocked it....stop trying to find a way to give it access!!! 😍😍😍😍😍#wednesday #shootday
New hair alert πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜› #mama

#Unolali wam ❀my lil King #Khazimla #chapter7

Dear Society
When we have time, we need to talk about how in passing comments to our kids you ALWAYS phrase them in your life's nasty;ungodly & hurtful experiences!!! There's absolutely nothing funny about teasing & shaming beautiful boys using the opposite sex (women)- What are you teaching our son's about women?In that very moment we will dwell on your healing from fuckboy heart - breaks.
There's nothing funny about calling dark lil girls who look like their dad "ngo- nongayndoda"- what kind of self-care, definition of beauty & perception of men are you installing in them?We will also touch on how growing up as "unongayindoda" affected your self-esteem.

The intended outcome:- For y'all to unlearn gendering beauty!!! For y'all to let kids be kids & as pure as possible (😏 we already know that growing up is a trap moss)

Qulani - I'm coming.

For now, let's agree on 1 thing:- my ovaries are bosso- I bake mean boys 😊. Regards

#Unolali πŸ‘‘ ❀ nabantu bakhe
Dear "Not all men" Brigade
Please make time & learn the meaning behind the #MenAreTrash hash tag. Until you start moving from singing "I've never raped or hit a woman" to actually getting up and be counted through your actions you are trash. Until you stop protecting the rapist apologists in your life(friends & family), until you act against injustices to women: you are trash. Until you understand that every woman who suffers at the hands of a men even if they're born of a different clan/tribe from yours didn't she didn't "ask for it"; until you teach one another to unlearn the societal standards that diminish women, turn them into objects that you have power over,you're trash.
Go argue with your vaslap.
Ndilapa endlini if kuko umntu ofuna ulwa.


#Unolali no mamakhe
Dear God

Mantsundu ❀❀❀❀ Ndiyabulela ngomama!!!!!

#Unolali πŸ‘‘ ❀ #lastnight

#Unolali πŸ‘‘ ❀ nabantu bakhe #aboutlastnight 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 An entire movement!!!!! #ShevolutionGala #shevolutionafrica #shevolution

#Unolali πŸ‘‘ ❀ nabantu bakhe 😍😍😍😍 An entire movement!!!!! #aboutlastnight #shevolutionafrica #ShevolutionGala

#Unolali πŸ‘‘ ❀ A Black woman # Tonight #ShevolutionGala
"I met God or the
Reckoning of such
Power in the love
Of a Black Woman". β€” h.a-l

πŸ‘‘ #Unolali πŸ‘‘ ❀
Love is many things but it is never deceitful. Nothing toxic will ever be generated from pure love. #NeverForgetThis #IamWoman

#Unolali πŸ‘‘ ❀ Today was not a good day 😒😧😣πŸ˜₯😞😭 #mood

Blurred Vision #Unolali

#Unolali πŸ‘‘ ❀ #wcw #mama
Dear God
Thank you for the opportunities to re-establish my power, love & strength after every transition with a renewed perspective. I see you at work & I am forever grateful.

#Unolali ❀ πŸ˜›πŸ˜›#crownπŸ‘‘ #choosehappiness
#Inches of the Xhosa part of the National Anthem

#Unolali πŸ‘‘ ❀

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