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More Stone Mountain Park calisthenics.

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Oh man. I'll try not to get too sappy, but this is my greatest accomplishment in business!! 😭

I shared with many of you that I was working towards a trip to Cabo, but I did not share that it was a 2 part trip with MANY requirements.😮 Normally I would let those many requirements intimidate me. I'm guilty of telling myself I don't care about whatever that way if I don't do it, I didn't let myself down. 🙄
Not this time.
This time I used the requirements as a checklist instead of a hurdle. I'm not afraid of hard work, Especially when the work is FUN!! So, I put my blinders on and hit the ground running right out of the gate. (Last year when I earned the cruise to the Bahamas someone told me I should check my numbers half way through the contest period. THEN I started working towards it.) My thoughts and words were intentional while I worked to earn this trip. It's amazing what you can accomplish when you actually tell yourself you can do it. This is only the beginning for me. I've unlocked my super powers! 😊

My team has grown to 29 amazing women and counting... Our group sales are OVER $65,000!! We work together. We encourage each other. And when I needed them, they came through for me. In a very big way!!!👭 I burst into tears when I checked my incentive tracker this morning. I've never accomplished anything this BIG as long as I've been in business. I am proud of myself. (Damn, It feels good to say that.) 👩‍💼 .
The requirements. .
$24k in personal retail sales.✔
12 activations. ✔
$1,500 Euforia retail.✔
20 parties logged.✔
Future Leader's trip.✔
1st quarter incentive trip.✔ .
I'm incredibly grateful for my support system at home, my customers, my team, and this company. I really do love my job. ❤
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Got some work done for Unlocked Potential! -
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I’ve been shocked in the last couple of days to hear for myself people talking about not employing women due to a potential ‘cost burden’ of maternity leave. Why can’t we support and encourage the women and mothers of our country and accept that they shouldn’t have to choose between a serious career and motherhood? Why can’t we accept the ‘cost burden’ as an investment in women’s potential to achieve? #maternitydiscrimination #unlockedpotential #supportourmothers

Goodby India it was a learning experience that crushed the comfort zone for any first time international traveler. Thank you Erv and Brian for making the trip possible. It was an eye opener to say the least. Thank you Anuroop and Casi for being wonderful guides and life coaches, going to miss the family. Duces!!! And hello London. It’s never to late to travel. Part II. #livingthedream #sabbatical #worldtraveler #igetit #thegate #unlockedpotential

Good morning...... They said sky was the limit... But I'm reaching for stars!!! #blessed #bestisyettocome #unlockedpotential #FeedtheSavages

Boss-ladies wanted! I am looking for ladies who are ready to get paid to help others and themselves live a healthy lifestyle. •
You do not need to a fitness expert, or at your peak fitness level. All you need is a drive to do passionate work, a vision and determination to achieve your own personal goals. Self motivated, driven, positive, encouraging ladies are encouraged to apply! •
What does it look like to work with me?! I’ll pour my heart into you & your goals. I’ll walk along side you step by step, we’ll celebrate together and even travel on epic beach vacations you can earn! .
All training will be included! The opportunity and potential to earn part time and or full time income, free vacations and other incentives are available {all based off your efforts}. 18+ years old to apply. U.S., Canada and U.K. Only. .
YES, you. Yeah, you. I'm talking to you
That lady who has always had that fire in her belly for helping people, the lady who wants to change the world. I want you on our team! .
Elevation Nation is looking for those go getter ladies you know -the ones that already have a million things going on in their lives but are always looking for more. The ladies who stay up late to finish things because you have a dream, the ones that don't mind hard work because the reward is so much greater. And girlfriend it IS SO WORTH IT -
Does this sound like you? If it does, fill out the link in my bio and shoot me a message!
I'd love to chat with you about this opportunity that changed EVERY aspect of my life. -
Trust me, I didn't think I had time to do it, but I am so glad i prioritized the time and I can help you do it too! Let’s do this! .
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I drew a little comic of me going full power! ENJOY! .
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can only be learned
by looking backwards;
and lived
by going forwards.
Let yourself grow.
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Now Available: Piano Lessons

The power and knowledge that youths in our community possess is something truly astonishing! This is Samuel, who taught himself how to play the piano using YouTube videos. Now, with bright young minds like Samuel, adults can learn new music skills too! .
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I wanted the best of both worlds.
Being able to stay at home and raise my boys in a warm climate while earning an income. Health and Fitness is my passion. .
What i didn’t realize was how big the possibilities were with this business!
What started as enough money to buy groceries turned to enough to provide our family with endless opportunities.
I am a college grad, who worked the 9-5 grind -thinking i would climb the corporate ladder, living paycheck to paycheck- while struggling with debt and a 2 Hour daily commute. You know how it goes girl. .
I Thank the lord daily that i found this opportunity because it’s transformed my entire life from weight loss to thousands of dollars of debt paid off and here I’m sitting out by the pool i designed during the middle of the day looking to pay this forward to you girl!
You in? I’ll teach you everything i have done to build a 6 figure annual business while losing weight, traveling, paying off debt & creating an incredible life. Check out the link in my bio to apply for one of 5 openings left this month 😘
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👏🏽👏🏻👏🏼 Here, here! 👏🏽👏🏻👏🏼 Very often our biggest hurdle is that created within our own MINDS.
As in other aspects of life, we can prevent ourselves from reaching our full PHYSICAL potential by limiting ourselves to our current sphere of knowledge. We create our own safety bubble; a comfort zone of exercise (or lack thereof). We do this either by thinking that we are incapable of reaching our potential, by not knowing HOW to get there or even by thinking we already have, UNAWARE that we even have a NEED for improvement or additional learning.
Many clients have come to us, athletes and dancers, thinking they already have all the answers, only to learn there are major pieces to the puzzle they’ve been missing! ~WHAT UNTAPPED POTENTIAL DOES YOUR BODY HOLD?~ #getoutofyourcomfortzone #UPworks4you #2018 #betterbody #betteryou #betterbody2018 #fullpotential #fullpotentialathlete #fullpotentialfitness #improve #learningneverstops #keepgrowing #neverstoplearning #roomforimprovement #growth #potential #learning #unlockedpotential #untappedpotential #alwayslearning #neverstop

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