Update on the EM-200- It's alive, but not right. Previous owner or their guy, worked on it, and lost a lock washer. Said washer ended up under flywheel, which provided just enough friction for belt to slip, and subsequently stretch= No spin, no record, no playback, no echo. Working on new belt, but for now, rubber band on flywheel takes up some slack and adds traction.

Also swapped in a 5.25" floppy for the grooved original. Different from original, but better(?)- thicker but at least 2x. OEM is 2 sheets, I left back/non-recording piece and just scraped original off top ring, stuck floppy on, poked screw holes and reassembled.

So, running, records and plays back, but noisy. Definitely in the echo section, with mix on dry only no noise. Also seems to be happy to osscilate, or may be feedback? My experience with delay's is zero, so my terms may be off.

Fun effect though, played through my "Leslie" was some fun tone!

#univox #EM-200 #univoxem-200 #melosem-200 #discecho #tapeecho

New (old) guitar... A Univox Matsumoku Dove c. 1970 Sunburst - lawsuit era #univox
#matsumoku #lawsuitguitar #guitar #guitaraddict #gibsoncopy #thanksdad

Just in for #thumpinthursday this is a 1970s Univox Hi-flyer bass in a rare ink blue finish! It’s super cool and sounds and plays awesome. #vintage #bass #univox #70s #blue


"O filósofo é o homem de amanha, aquele que recusa o ideal do dia, aquele que cultiva a utopia" (Friedrich Nietzsche). 16 de Agosto- Dia do Filósofo

#univox #conectandovocê

A delightful old Univox 1221 stops by for new caps and de-noising. This one was VERY cool...and VERY loud. #guitaramp #guitaramps #ampporn #amplifier #amptech #amprepair #workbench #backlinetech #tubeamp #tubeamplifier #guitaramplifier #guitartone #univox #univox1221 #vintageamp #vintageamps

1966 - 1968 Guyatone (Jedson) Japan Vintage Hi-Flier Mark I LG-50T Aged Vintage White w/case. The price is $450 + shipping depending on your location.

For your consideration, a rare and nice Japanese gem, which is used to be truly loved by grunge and noise-rock fans all over the world for now: Jedson Hi-Flier LG-50T produced by one of the earliest Japanese manufacturers on famous Hoshino Gakki. These guitars are well-known known all over the world: one of the Guyatone guitars was belonging to Rory Gallagher, and David Gilmour of Pink Floyd was playing a Jedson lapsteel during early Pink Floyd years.

The body with beautiful german carve is made of laminated mahogany with two thin layers of laminated maple on both top and back sides. Guitar has two metal covered pickups in style of P-90 and two way switches for each pickup selection. Neck is made of mahogany (one piece) topped with rosewood fingerboard.

Guitar is in all-original, except for one pickup switch (black one, I guess), in very good overall condition for its age, having some paint and lacquer cracks on the edges which are just adiing a cool grunge look (check the photos, please, and do not hesitate to ask for more). Neck of the guitar is very clean for its age (as well as the rest working part), ultra thin frets are still alive. All in all, it's the great player's guitar, which is soundng and playing well.

Guitar comes with bizzare hand-made hardcase with rug-coloured inner part and weird handmade strap which are also represented on photo.

Features: • Laminated mahogany body • Mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard
• German carving
• 20 frets
• 24,75-inch scale
• P-90 style pickups
• Handmade hardcase

Don't miss out! WE DO SHIP INTERNATIONALLY! Please, review the photos closely for condition, and feel free to ask any questions BEFORE you make an offer or buy it. This guitar is about 50 years old and sells as-is. You may need to do slight further setup on the guitar to get it to match your preferences, but now it's set up perfectly for me. Thank you for watching. Have a good luck and rock on!

Old wood, new design, here is the T.P.Customs Baionetta, on its way, contact me if you want make it yours

I haven’t known what to make my first post, so I’ve just decided to get this going with this. I’m gonna do a riff of the day type thing where I post a famous riff and people name the song below. just learned this song today because I totally forgot about it being a great song and riff and all.

solo from smells like teen spirit last night (the first solo I ever learned hahaha). check out the full video on our Facebook or YouTube @majortheband

you can’t see me, but that was some improvised soloing to close out an acoustic version of Pearl Jam’s “alive”. recorded on my GoPro at @majortheband performance on July 7

my band will be playing a show at North St. John’s Swim and Tennis Club from 6-8 on August 31. there’s a guest fee for non members. I’d love for you guys to come out and support. again, you can’t see me here, but here’s @mikey_peter84 and I playing jumper by third eye blind. for more details hit @majortheband

happy birthday to the God of downpicking and thrash metal, the man himself, @papa_het_ . I wanted to post a video of me playing something from Ride the Lightning for its birthday the other day but never got around to it.

put together a tiny thing of songs that make me feel good, since I’m at the beach. these are the kind of songs that make you feel good any time, though. songs: what I got- sublime, I’m yours- jason mraz, santeria- sublime, el scorcho- weezer. I really like this camera angle too haha

I’m posting two other videos today. since it was the birthday of ride the lightning like a week ago, I just thought of a mash up I could do. maybe I’ll redo this on an electric when I get home, but for now... I’ll post a different video in a second for james hetfield’s birthday (bc that one might get deleted) songs: fade to black, creeping death, for whom the bell tolls, ride the lightning (all off the album ride the lightning by Metallica)

happy birthday to leo fender, creator of my favorite guitar brand and some of the greatest guitars on the planet. a huge influence on music everywhere

this is such a pretty acoustic part that I just had to post it. song: stay- post malone

one year ago today the guitar that I spent all summer saving up for was waiting for me upon my return from vacation. we’ve played plenty of shows together and I couldn’t possibly love it more. thank you @fender for making such a beautiful instrument, thanks @robby.betlejewski for the reminder, and please excuse my high voice and strange reaction we I opened the guitar hahah

my take on the solo from No Rain by Blind Melon. still on vacation, and honestly my acoustic’s strings are so worn out and painful that I’m surprised they don’t break with every bend in this solo. also makes it pretty tough to do some stuff I normally could on it. going to change strings as soon as possible though

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