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Hoy conocí una chica linda de la Guajira @irimarfuentes ❤️❤️🇨🇴 Quien quiere platicar conmigo en mi próximo LIVE?? Me encanta conocerlos!! 😍 •• Today I met such a beautiful girl from La Guajira @irimarfuentes ❤️❤️🇨🇴 Who wants to chat with me on my next LIVE?? I want to meet you all! 😍 #pillowtalk #happy420 #TGIF

NO MAS DICTURA! NICARAGUA LIBRE!! I CANT FCKING DEAL... First the fire in Indio Maiz Reserve near the Caribbean coast and now... 😥💔😟 I see the way our people have lived and continue to "live" in the nation and realize more and more the severe impacts of colonization and how it has shaped us today. How it has left us in such deficit that we cannot even COMMUNICATE without being targeted and having EVEN OUR ELDERLY being subjects because they are standing up for WHAT IS RIGHT- for not just those who have financial wealth, but for EVERYONE.
The police have shoot at and KILLED protesters who are against the social security law reform- not only those who are in policy and government have been raising their voices- even those working in business and YOUNGER GENERATIONS believe this will be another downfall for the people of Nicaragua!
The youth ARE MTHFCKN WOKE and are being targeted for standing beside their mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts... These are people who voted to have FAIR AND EQUITABLE RIGHTS regardless of your social/economical status... the YOUNG, BRILLIANT minds of the coming generations know this shit isnt going to help those who need it most! My heart abd thoughts are with those who have lost a loved one because of all that is happening... This isn't right. Why are they trying to deny the people their BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS??!! #DanielMamaCuloOrtega and his fucking #Chayo are full of fuxking #MIERDA ! How are you gonna say these are "tiny groups" that are protesting, and ILLEGALLY AND ARBITRARILY have the news/media outlets shut out from being on air to share wtf is happening in our country ??! How are you going to say it so nonchalantly when there are PEOPLE BEING INJURED WITH TEAR GAS, PELLET GUNS, REAL FCKING GUNS AND BEING BEATEN TO DEATH??! PEOPLE DYING (5 so far) FOR THE CAUSE??! Back to my mierda comment... Pero es un SACO no solo un pedazo! #LETSDOBETTER #SOLIDARITY #JUSTICE #NOMOREDICTATORSHIP #SPEAKYOURTRUTH #PROTESTING #PEACEFULPROTESTING #UNIVISION #NOTICIASMUNDIAL #WORLDNEWS #ALAVERGACHAYOYELMAMONDEDANIELORTEGA #QUESEHAGAJUSTICIA #PRAYFORNICARAGUA #MiNicaraguita ❤😖😢 LIKE... Wtf is happening..????! 💔💔💔

Por Dios!!! No mi Leon querido 💔😢😢. No mas violencia #nicaragua #nicaragualibre #sosnicaragua #cnn #univision #telemundo #abcnews #youtube

Repost please! We need help. This is what is happening in Nicaragua right now. Heartbreaking 😢💔💔 #sosnicaragua #nicaragua #leon #nomas #nicaragualibre #fueradanielortega #paz #cnn #abcnews #univision

LA night vibes ❤️🌴

Todo esta violencia por parte de la policía nacional de Nicaragua!! Agrediendo a un pueblo q solo reclama su derecho a la libre expresión, con protestas pacíficas que se a vuelto una guerra por culpa de la policía y la juventud sandinista!
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No son 4 muertos!!! Se reportan a lo privado más de 10 muertos hasta el momento, por favor BASTA con esto,no más muertes
There are 4 dead! Are reported to the private more than 10 dead so far, please ENOUGH with this, no more deaths


Tal ves no sea una figura pública con tantos seguidores,pero si hago esto es porque solo con las redes sociales podemos pedir ayuda a todos!! Por favor soy una joven nicaragüense que clama AYUDA, ayuda nacional e internacional,estos jóvenes están atrapados en la Universidad Nacional de ingeniería y en la Cátedral Metropolitana de Managua, LOS VAN A MATAR!!! hay francotiradores esperando que salgan con órdenes del gobienro de disparar a matar, y hay otros grupos que estan incendiando sus refugios, TODOS SON UNIVERSITARIOS DE TODAS CARRERAS, MUCHOS MÉDICOS QUE LLEGAN A SALVAGUARDAR LA VIDA
Por favor difundan esto en medios internacionales!!

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Asi es como las latinas lo hacen! Bailando with the gorgeous @damarisdiaztv. It was such a beautiful night. Just finished the premiere of #geniuspicasso with @antoniobanderasoficial at @tribeca and I can’t wait to watch the next episode!
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