• We just wanted to shine a bit of a light on some lovely 'live' design project work ongoing at this mo' by our students.
• It's been a lovely project to work on and our clients have been great and really giving with their time too.
• Here's yr 2 student Kelly Smith's ongoing work (the project is about 2/3 completed at this date) - showing wayfinding, mapping and signage concept work for Wyre Forest District Council's new Family Cycle Scheme.. #universityofworcester #worcestergraphicdesign #designstudents #designcourses

When you graduate, is it your dream to become an entrepreneur? (📸 @heicristian). We’ve got an amazing opportunity for you! Tonight at the Riverside Building, we’ll be joining @worcenterprise for their Business Start-Up event. The event is an opportunity for our students to meet local enterprises and learn from Worcester’s business community. Plus, there will be free pizza! 🍕 To find out more out the event and to book your free tickets, click our link in bio 👉👉 @worcester_bright_futures

Confirmed my choice for university 👩🏼‍🎓😬. Eeek! I’m going to be a Midwife! #universityofworcester #midwifery #studentlife 📚 👩🏼‍⚕️

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Assessment Week, we’re ready for you! (📸 + ✍️ by @dadolinodadalin). “It’s time to get back to work, because the end of semester 2 is nearly here! 🗓#Assessments can sometimes give us a really hard time, so I’ve decided to share with you 3 #tips that work best for me 📚
Let’s say I have to write an essay with a length of 1000 words. I’ll buy myself 5 of my favourite treats (I usually go for the more expensive ones that I don’t have that often), place them all next to my laptop so I can clearly see them, and reward myself with one treat for every 200 words. You have to give this a try, because trust me, it really works!
Obviously this depends on what kind of assignment you’re currently working on, but I would NEVER write my essays alone. The thing is that if you work with a group of friends, you can give each other #feedback. You can also keep each other #motivated, so I personally get way more work done when I’m with someone rather than if I am by myself. This is honestly the most effective process of work for me.
3. BREATHE 💆‍♀️
This one sounds pretty obvious, right? Take breaks during your study session, stay hydrated, eat well, #BREATHE. Writing assignments can be really stressful, but don’t let it affect your mental health. If you feel like you can’t write anymore, don’t push yourself to. Obviously if you’re working on it the night before, you have to push yourself, but either way, you have to take short breaks. Remember that diamonds are made under pressure! If you have time, go for a short walk, watch an episode of your favourite show on #Netflix, or just relax and breathe for a few seconds. You will get way better results this way rather than just pushing yourself to hit the word count.”
Click our link in bio for more assignment tips 👉👉

#1 diena. University of Worcester. Tarptautinė Universiteto atstovų konferencija. Daugiau nei 40 dalyvių iš Europos, Azijos ir Afrikos.
#worcester #worcesteruni #universityofworcester #studyabroad #studijosuzsienyje #eduplius #rstudijos #karjera #career #youth #siauliai #lithuania

KALBA viesojas University of Worcester! Seko mūsu gaitām un iepazīsti universitāti! ‘

#kalbaontour #universityofworcester #studiesabroad

Mūsų dvi studės Janina ir Santa šiandien svečiuojasi @worcester_uni 🎓🏫🙌 linkėjimai!!!
#KALBA #studžiai #studijosuzsienyje #universityofworcester

Huge congratulations to our student @jcgibsonx for winning gold at the Commonwealth Games! 🏅 Jodie and the England Netball team played amazingly throughout and this incredible achievement was well deserved. Click our link in bio to watch our recent interview with Jodie 👉👉
#GC2018 @gc2018 @officialteamengland

• Client Clive Prince overlooks ongoing student work at today's 'prototypes' deadline.
• Our Graphic Information Design students are currently creating concept designs for Wyre Forest District Council for a new family cycle system they wish to develop across the district.
• It's so important for students to undertake design work such as this with 'live' clients - and as close as we can make it to those 'real world' project experiences they'll have once graduated.

#universityofworcester #worcestergraphicdesign #designstudents #designcourses

Worcester not only has it’s own marvellous heritage, it is close to a wide range of other outstanding sites and monuments. Like this early medieval font, tucked away in a church in a quiet part of the Welsh borders. It is HUGE!

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