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College is fun • #universityofsandiego #blacksbeach

Lt. Al Galafate graduated Friday from the Law Enforcement Command College California POST in San Diego. At the ceremony from the Tulare County Sheriff's Office were Cpt. John Gonzalez and Lt. Chris Galvez.

Sheriff Mike Boudreaux said he is very proud of Lt. Galafate.

He requires members of his command staff to complete advanced training courses so they can become better leaders in the department with an eye to the future.

Lt. Galafate agrees. "In order to establish a mindset for the future, one must have the tools and knowledge to foresee past the horizon to make the decisions which will impact the future of the organization," he said.
The Law Enforcement Command College is an 18-month (1000 HOURS) program designed to prepare law enforcement leaders of today for the challenges of the future. The program focuses on: • Leadership principles needed to influence the future direction of the organization • Strategies to identify emerging issues and provide a proactive response • Skills and knowledge necessary to anticipate and prepare for the future • Methods and benefits of sharing information • Use of stakeholders in problem solving
This master course through the University of San Diego required a 5-chapter thesis to graduate. Lt. Galafate did his thesis on automated policing.
Lt. Galafate already has two master's degrees, a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and a Master of Science in Business Administration. He is planning to use the credit from command college towards a PhD in Education with an emphasis on Organizational Leadership.

Let's join Sheriff Boudreaux in congratulating Lt. Galafate for achieving this goal. #tcso #tularecounty #tularecountysheriff #lawenforcementeducation #universityofsandiego

We don't want to leave tomorrow! 😭 We ❤️ Jostens YB Camp! #jostens #sdyb17 #drhsyb #universityofsandiego

Missing my baby but so happy for her and her new life. (I deleted the last post accidentally). I could not be more proud of you. I love you madly and can't wait to visit you soon,REALLY soon. #usd2021 #limblengthening #drorpaley #universityofsandiego

CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 2017🎉🎓 You did it! We hope you enjoy this special weekend and soak in every moment 💙

#SceneAtUSD #universityofsandiego #sandiego 📷: @jaydenroseb

Another cloudy day with some coffee.
#universityofsandiego #aromascafe

University of San Diego, 9/22/17. #usd #universityofsandiego. #sandiego

So grateful for spending quality time in San Diego celebrating with my fam, and even more so for the perpetual encouragement, faith, and trust in me to follow my dreams and pursue my passions. Excited for the new adventures that lie ahead #graduation #universityofsandiego


A Baked bear to celebrate the end of a chapter... ❤️🎓

Sunday morning shenanigans in a new place - tecelote canyon. First we were freezing, then we went up that huge hill. Then there was a steep down with a really huge hill - passed on that! Bridge crossing on jiggly bridge and a view of USD 😍

#shenanigans #trails #trailrunning #universityofsandiego #usd #toreros #lasthorserunners #jointheherd

The best part of going to Law School in San Diego was meeting these amazing people. My LLM team!!!!! Class 2016. 😅
#universityofsandiego #germany #mexico #venezuela #classmates #lawschoolreunion #sandiego #moonshine #friendsforever #after1year

College is fun • #universityofsandiego #blacksbeach

为您回国升学、就业创造美好前景!咨询微信:909865536 #北京

University of San Diego, 9/22/17. #usd #universityofsandiego. #sandiego

Happy Fall from the most beautiful University in the U.S. Loving life!!! 🍂🍁#universityofsandiego #sceneatusd #usdtennis #sandiego #welcomefall #waitin418

#eazy_info #eazy_info ADD @eazy_info FOLLOW @eazy_info HOW MUCH WISDOM DO YPU GUYS HAVE?????
#wisdomtest #universityofsandiego #psychiatricresearch
The test, called a San Diego Wisdom Scale (SD-Wise), was created by researchers at the University of San Diego's School of Medicine.
It aims to reveal your level of wisdom by looking at both neurobiological and psycho-social factors based on the six different qualities.
Each of these qualities is linked to a particular region of the brain.
According to Dilip Jeste, a neuroscientist at the University of California, San Diego, this raises the possibility that it may be possible to enhance wisdom levels in people with a deficiency.
To take the test, read each of the statements, and on scale of one to five, with five being 'I strongly agree', rate how much you agree with them.
Statements include, 'I enjoy being exposed to diverse viewpoints' and 'I have a difficult time keeping friendships.'
To tests its effectiveness, researchers asked 524 middle-aged people to take the quiz.
The researchers found that SD-Wise successfully measured five of the six targeted domains, and made effective distinctions between individuals' differing degrees of wisdom.
Those who got higher scores on the questionnaire also did better on two wisdom scales.
These measured resilience, happiness and satisfaction with their lives.
Dr Jeste said: 'There is evidence to suggest that the level of wisdom is dictated to a large degree by neurobiology,
'Distinct regions and systems in the brain govern the identified components of wisdom.
'There are measures now that assess a person's level of wisdom, but they do not incorporate these emerging neurobiological models of the trait. 'SD-Wise reflects the latest thinking.
'We believe it may be a useful tool in clinical practice, in addition to its value in bio-psycho-social research, especially investigations into the neurobiology of wisdom and possible interventions to enhance it.' The full findings of the study were published the Journal of Psychiatric Research

9 days until Veg Fest takes San Diego!! Join some fellow veggie lovers at the San Diego Central Library on October 1st from 12 pm-10 am. Featuring speakers, live performances and great food! Visit their website for more info! (Photo from San Diego Veg Fest)

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