"Hay que pasar por el vacio y llenarnos de nada para encontrarnos con partes de nosotros que habíamos perdido. No siempre podemos tener una sonrisa gigante, no siempre tenemos que lucir el traje de alegría. Algunas noches nuestra alma tiene que drenar, tiene frenar en seco la sonrisa, tiene que desdoblarse, tiene que llorar para luego entre lagrimas conseguir la verdadera felicidad" -Nacarid Portal
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Dental tips episode 4:
I will talk about some tips before you initiate the root canal treatment:

1) Only start the root canal treatment when the tooth is completely clean from caries and old failing restorations. This is to assess restorability before starting an endodontic treatment on a potentially unrestorable tooth.
2) You should also clean the caries prior to RCT to limit contamination of the pulp from the yet to be removed cavity.
3) Do not go back to using the burs to drill after you remove the pulp from the root canals. This is to prevent blockage of the (now empty) canals from the dental debris.
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Source: Endodontics : principles and practice
الحلقة الرابعة من توصيات في طب الأسنان:
هذه المرة سوف أتكلم عن توصيات يجب أن تقوم بها قبل البدء بعلاج العصب:
1. لا تبدأ بعلاج العصب (أو ما يسمّى بالعامية سحب العصب) إلا بعد تنظيف السن تمامًا من التسوس أو الحشوات القديمة الفاشلة. وذلك لكي تتمكن من تقييم وضع السن، تجنبًا للبدء بعلاج عصب لسن لا يمكن ترميمه أصلًا.
2. يتم أيضًا تنظيف كامل التسوس قبل البدء بعلاج العصب للحد من إنتقال البكتيريا من التسوّس إلى قنوات العصب.
3. لا تقم بالعودة إلى حفر السن بعد البدء بسحب العصب من أقنيته وذلك لتجنّب سد أقنية العصب (التي أصبحت فارغة بعد أن قمنا بتفريغ العصب منها) وملئها بفُتات المادة السنية مما يصعّب مهمة الوصول لنهاية الجذر.

إذا وجدت هذه المعلومات مفيدة لا تنسى مشاركتها مع من قد يستفيد منها أيضًا ❤️ مصدر المعلومات من كتاب Endodontics : principles and practice

My chapter of academic exchange in Korea has come to an end. Yesterday I came back home to Belarus with a lot of great memories. Throughout my time in Seoul I’ve built amazing friendships, ate good food, saw interesting places and learned loads of things about Korean culture. This experience was wonderful and priceless. If you have an opportunity to go on academic exchange (wherever it may be), I would definitely recommend taking it. Unlike normal, daily life at home, nearly every day in Korea was filled with events and emotions. I’ve met many people who shared their life stories with me, discovered cultural differences with them and with Korean people and got to study at a Korean university. I cannot thank my friends enough for the time we’ve spent together and all the fun we’ve had in Seoul. I doubt I’ll ever be able to forget all the life lessons I’ve learned in these four months and can easily say I’ve come out a new, more culturally and socially educated person. My gratitude goes to my family, friends and UoM for giving me this opportunity, I am very happy I chose to work hard and take it and will treasure these memories forever.
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Have a magical Sunday guys! ✨🎀🦄 We are open until 2pm for your newspapers, cards, party and more!
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🎉 Happy birthday to British WW2 code breaker Alan Turing 🎉
Had he not decided to end his life in 1954 he'd have been 106 years old today 😮 Actually, no, he'd probably still be dead but anyway...
This is me finally fulfilling my promise to @saul.parry ✔️ so I'm now open to new requests!! 👌
👇 Comment below any ideas for faces you'd like to see and I'll do em for ya! 👇
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