Introducing our Diploma Level 5 Ayurvedic Nutrition and Body Theapies Course's teachers.
Dr. Mahesh Mathpati, BAMS, MSc-Public Health, is an Ayurveda physician and has been practicing Ayurveda for more than 13 years in India. Since early days of his Ayurveda education he has been involved with research and education in the field of Ayurveda, local health traditions and other India Systems of Medicine. This initial involvement, help him to crate in-depth understanding of plants, fundamental principles and practice of Ayurveda.
As a physician he has been working with eminent physicians and scientist in India and abroad. After his Ayurveda training along with his research work Dr. Mahesh also worked with Ayurveda clinics and hospitals in South India. Last decade he has been working with indigenous communities to create integrated modes of health care combining traditional medicine and western bio-medicine to bring self- reliance in the communities using integrated approaches.

He also works with various Non-Government organisations (NGO’s) in India and UK in the area of health, nutrition, biodiversity conservation and farming. His diverse interests involved him with various plants, animal and environmental conservation program. Since completing Masters in public health he has been working on health systems and policies governing integration of traditional, complementary and alternative medicine in public health systems. He currently works as a Research Associate at Trans-Disciplinary University, Bangalore and Visiting Research Scientist at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London, UK.

21 day challenge “My Influences and inspirations”
Day 2
Experience - Hitchhiking across canada.
In my early 20’s I decided to quit my job and go traveling through Canada. I followed the trans Canada highway from east to west, it took me almost 6 months and 86 different rides but I made it. That experience taught me so much about myself, life, independence and trusting my gut instincts. I was a very naive country boy who had to learn quickly how to make his way in the world. My degree in the university of life had some tough lessons but they taught me so much.
#21daychallenge #2of21daychallenge #influencesandinspirations
#❤️Canada #🇨🇦 #hitchhiking #transcanadahighway #highwaynumber1 #86rides #lifelessons
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12 Aug 2018 ~ Thanks for ilmunya mb Aria (Nutrisionst Hlf) kadang berasa kembali kuliah cuma kali ini beda prodi 🤓🤓 dan mesti lebih giat lg belajarnya 💪💪 “Barang siapa yg keluar mencari ilmu maka ia berada dijalan Allah hingga ia pulang” (HR.Turmudzi) #universityoflife

⚡️watching Dave Grohl’s ‘Play’ documentary for the second time. Go get it. What a fucking inspiring human 🤘#EveryoneShouldPlay #davegrohlplay #awesomeness #universityoflife #DaveGrohl

Class of ‘18 🎓 #UniversityofLife

Every life is like a book that has an unknown amount pages. It is your job to give that book an introduction, a body and a conclusion you are proud of. #Life is a book and there are a thousand pages I have not yet read 🤗🦋 #universityoflife 👩🏽‍🎓 #livemore#enjoyyourjourney ☝🏽 #teamlove ❤️

Don't stop learning, this is something that really resonated with me today when I was listening to the PTCOFFEECAST podcast from @themvmtpts with @taylor.eckel and @strengthcoachtherapy.⠀
As I am approaching my final clinical placement I found this piece of advice from Teddy so relevant. Throughout my clinical placements I haven't been in the kind of environment that I would like to work in when I finish but that doesn't mean that the placements haven't been useful. From each placement I have tried to learn something from my clinical educator about the way they approach Physiotherapy.⠀
In these experiences there are both positives to take forward into my own practice as well as learning experiences from which I can learn to approach the same situation differently next time. Physiotherapy school teaches by the book but applying those theories in practice is very difficult and your educators are the best way to pick up ways to implement them, good and bad.⠀
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•«—— D A Y D R E A M E R ——»•
All through school, I was in trouble for daydreaming. For doodling. For being “away with the faries.”
So much so that I began to believe it was truly a bad thing.
That I should focus more, be more like... “everyone else.”
It’s only recently that I’ve began to truly accept and appreciate what a gift my dreaming is.
Anyone who knows me well will have seen my eyes glaze over and widen, while staring into apparent nothing-ness.
In reality, that is where my ideas are born, where source communicates with me, where I learn more than I ever did in a schoolbook.
Daydreaming isn’t lack of respect, appreciation or seriousness...
It’s a creative process, a gateway, a blessing.
And it’s one of my superpowers.
What are yours?
Are you a daydreamer?
—————————————————————»• #unlearning #daydreamer #doodles #sketchbook #quoteoftheday #universityoflife #spiritspeaks #superpower #selflove #acceptance #appreciation

life right now is like, having 10, 15, 20 more long distance laps when I became really tired on lap 3

“…at its best, the documentary film reflects a fascination with, and a profound respect for, actuality. It is the very opposite of escapist entertainment, being committed to the richness and ambiguity of life as it really it. …because most films are made collaboratively, this sensibility usually does not arise out of the director alone but from several like-minded individuals. In turn, the film is often appreciated by another collective - the audience. In every way, the film is truly a social art form…

From Michael Rabiger’s Directing the Documentary recommended during the recent Documentary Foundation course at @Raindancefilmfestival school.
#UniversityofLife #doc #docfilmmaking #documentary #documentaryfilmmaking #docfilmmaker #storyteller #raindance

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