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WOW! Universe of Energy is finally getting destroyed! This is sad to see and it’s insane how much work is going into the future GOTG attraction. What are your thoughts? -

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To me, having my own business is about ⠀
Helping myself, it’s about healing myself and helping others do the same.⠀
It’s about sharing what I have learned and what I live by. It’s about sharing my experiences and showing others options in their journey.⠀
For those of you asking for one hour sessions, through my website you will be able to book that with me, also I will be doing sessions through email and FB chat!⠀
**find me on youtube link in bio⠀
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We are not a body with a soul we are a soul with a body. We are so, so much bigger than we sometimes realize. This quote brings so much peace, doesn’t it? Happy Sunday everyone! 🌈⭐️💖

Happy #SpaceshipEarthSunday 🌐✨💓

This made it so real! I do miss the #universeofenergy and the amazing break from Florida heat it gave. But! I’m beyond excited for the new #guardiansofthegalaxy ride that’s going in its place! Thanks for the knowledge on energy Ellen and Bill!

I am Groot. #GuardiansWall

Being present. Setting intentions. Slowing down. Getting back to simple. Let’s just say my life has been noisy. I know, you know EXACTLY what one talking about. A few too many commitments, a few yeses that should have been no’s. Just a few too many things to juggle between running the business and family. I am CHOOSING simplicity. I am CHOOSING to be present. I am committed to filling my soul. I believe I can work less and earn more. I believe I can show up as the best damn version of myself each and every day. I started this biz because I wanted to have more choices in life around how I spent my time. I want more freedom. The ability to make limitless amounts of money. And give myself and my family the very best life and the most incredible experiences they could imagine. I got a little off track but lesson learned. And I know you’ve probably been there too. It’s challenging. There can be so much pressure and noise but for me I know I have to slow down, prioritize me, my family and showing up as the best damn version of myself. I want you to know you are capable of this too but the choice is yours.

I’ll take the daring adventure please!

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