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The legendary Super Saiyan 3 debut when Goku decided to whip out that form in front of Majin Buu (Fat)

I’m glad Vegeta’s SSG will finally be canon. This is exciting time to be a dragon Ball fan!

How hype are you for this movie? I think this movie will do so well that the network will decide to bring back Dragon Ball Super on tv. What do you guys think?

Who is hype for this movie?! Shit I wonder how strong this new broly going to be!

This was one of my favorite scene in the Cell Saga! What your favorite scene?! Gohan was a beast before he was nerf!

This was my favorite scene when Goku unleashed the kamehameha wave against kid buu. One of the most electrifying battles in DBZ!

Another reason why this chapter was my favorite! Vegeta was done trying to achieve the same thing as Goku!!! Pretty dope to watch Vegeta ascend to the next level. Little differences between the manga and the anime!

Just finished reading DBS Chapter 40 Manga! I have to say this chapter was much better than the other chapters as of late! Man Jiren looks like a beast as usual! Really pumped to see the next issue!

This transformation was legendary imo! I still believe this form should be a one and done transformation in Super! Hopefully they don’t bring it back in the upcoming movie!

Really excited for this moving to come out!!

I’m not going to lie, universe 11’s Angel is highkey a waifu!💋

Man dope ass pic from this artist aitze-akusei19 deviantart! I love this form but I hope it doesn’t come back. It way to OP.

Yo I’m looking forward for the English dub to premiere in Jan!

SSJ3 Family! Dope pic!!!

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