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Chris & I had a blast on vacation. We went to Universal Studios in Florida for a few nights & rode roller coasters all day and danced all night. We also went to a couple terrifying haunted houses where I think I might have hurt Chris’s hand from how tightly I was holding it. 😆 & even slept in until 10 am each day #PARADISE. Lately, it’s been so hard to get time for just the two of us. By the time we put the boys to bed, we are exhausted. With the help of my amazing Momma bear (aka MiMi, who Kai & Rowan are obsessed with) watching the boys at home, we were able to act like kids ourselves for a weekend. We were able to focus 100% on each-other and be the two best friends that fell madly in love 7 years ago. That all being said, the perfect ending to our trip was having these two little munchkins run into my arms the moment I came home. 🤗

Feeling like a refreshed Mama! 💓 ::spongebob voice:: “I’m ready! I’m ready!!” #mommyanddaddyneedtimetoo

THE BIGGEST DONUT IV EVER SEEN !! #lardlads #simpsons #universalstudios

Einfach mal direkt auf die Straße setzen - kein Ding hier 🇺🇸😏😂 Heute wird die University of Florida angeschaut ☝🏻Ich glaube so groß wie das ganze ist, kann man sich bei uns in Deutschland gar nicht vorstellen 🙆🏼 Auch das Uni-Gym ist größer als die meisten Studios in Stuttgart. Ich glaube ich bleibe hier ❤️🏋🏻‍♀️ #USAtrip

FUN day YESTERDAY shooting for @iamsteveharveytv #SteveHarveyShow in my old stomping grounds at #universalstudios 😊 AND I got to run into a buddy of mine and @extratv producer @lovefoun! LOVE him and love you #SteveHarvey! #alrightnow #528hz ✌🏽❤️

Quien no me falla en mis viajes sin duda @simstore.ec siempre conectada 😉
#viajerosconectados #volcanobay

Aaahhh! @jaygoldz put a ring on it and in front of the Harry Potter castle! (I'm obsessed with #HarryPotter if ya didn't know) 🙌🏾😁

Good morning🍂


Diagon Alley is even cooler at night.

#universalstudios #harrypotter

The face you make when he’s over 6 feet tall 💀

Repost @therock Hangin.
Put in some good hard work, but a pleasure shooting what will become multiple posters around the world for #SkyscraperMovie.
THANK YOU to everyone involved making this shoot “fit in” with my already incomprehensible aka nutty schedule.
Grateful to have such a team of talented rockstars making it all happen.
#UNIVERSALStudios #LegendaryStudios #SevenBucksProds #SkyscraperMovie @tmac24fleet 📸

Time for some good ol fashioned scares.

#universalstudios #horror #horrornights2017

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