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Whoa! Posted this in my stories as I was falling asleep and woke up to so much amazing feedback already, thanks mamas!! ❤️ Iya is breaking my heart by growing up too fast and has started solids 😩 I posted all of our favorite things during this transition on the blog (link in bio!) 👶🏼🍴 but we still need to decide on a highchair!! Any recommendations? 🙇🏽‍♀️
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Thank you Thailand.
Thank you for the month we spent together.
For the sea, the temples, the pad thai and the tuk tuks.
Thank you, it was a real experience. From our family to you. Love.
📸 : “Sorry, can I take a picture of you? You are too cute together” And voilà, apparently we seem to be too cute 😉 Thanks to the sweet girl who took this picture 😘
Grazie Thailandia.
Grazie per gli splendidi momenti trascorsi insieme. Grazie per il mare, i templi, i pad thai, e i tuc tuc.
30 giorni insieme.
L’arrivo a Phuket, le 6 ore infinite di viaggio per raggiungere la nostra isola, la barca, i monsoni sulla sabbia e le colazioni vista mare. Le scimmie sul terrazzo, il tuc tuc la notte, i tramonti da perdere il fiato. E poi Chiang Mai, la sua bellezza infinita, che ci ha fatto sentire a casa. I ventilatori sul soffitto. Le pareti di legno. Le lanterne colorate e i Buddha dorati. Fino alla capitale, la vista sui grattacieli dalla nostra camera. La folla di macchine. Il fumo che esce dalle pentole per la strada. Sawadee-ka. Il fiume. Il mercato dei fiori la notte. I balconi con le ventole, gli abiti stesi.
Grazie, che esperienza.
The best is yet to come.
📸 : “Sorry, can I take a picture of you? You are too cute together” E voilà, a quanto pare siamo too cute 😉
With a Lot of Love 💛 - #likemiljian
Buona giornata da Hanoi a tutti! Noi siamo a casa. 💛🍜

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Tonight we went and saw our baby's beautiful face on a 3D/4D scan. It's the first time they have seen baby since our dating scan and it was so special, levels of excitement here are indescribable. We also had a sneak peak of Quinn's baby (see stories) which melted me to my core, especially because she insisted on doing the same at 18months old when we saw Theo at his scan. One thing is for sure, we cannot wait to meet this precious soul ❤️

Just over here, teaching Leo everyday an important lesson about goodbyes, if you are not hanging upside down, kissed to giggle-pee a little, it is not a proper goodbye, also technically, if there is no drool involved, it doesn’t count. Happy short week peeps!}}

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I'm literally in survival mode. No, it's not the twins, yet. It's my satanic toddler. I don't know if it's teething or one of those mysterious toddler stages when your kid is beating you because you look in different direction, but I have to wait for my husband to come home to take a breakfast at 7 pm. Good news is that we'll make a lot of savings this Christmas because Santa doesn't like naughty kids. But it's not like they care 🙄.

🇫🇷 Je suis littéralement en Mode de survie. Non, ce n'est pas encore les jumeaux ! C'est mon bambin satanique. Je ne sais pas si c’est ces dents ou une de ces étapes mystérieuses où votre enfant vous bat parce que vous le regardez de travers. Mais, je dois attendre que mon mari rentre à la maison pour prendre un petit-déjeuner à 19 heures. La bonne nouvelle est que nous allons faire beaucoup d'économies à Noël parce que le Père Noël n'aime pas les vilains enfants.

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just giving y’all some baby fever 😩 #newborndays

It was a lazy Monday today, but busy Tuesday is waiting ahead 🚘Tomorrow is a big day, my Invisilign treatment is getting closer to the end and I’m seeing my orthodontist to discuss any further options.. My smile is not perfect yet, but definitely getting there 💃 Anybody else is wearing @invisalign braces here?

Сегодня еду на важный приём к своему ортодонту, поэтому пост назрел именно на эту тему! В Канаде 🇨🇦, как и в США, люди уделяют огромное значение своим зубам!! Мне сразу бросилось в глаза повальное увлечение отбеливанием и нереально ровные зубы 😬 Брекеты для исправления зубов не носит разве что ленивый, причём как дети, так и бабушки в 60 лет 👌🏻💃
Я долго размышляла и ждала подходящего момента, ведь удовольствие это ДОРОГОЕ! Но наконец-то пока в декретах занялась исправлением своих зубов 😬Была на консультации у троих ортодонтов, но выбрала в итоге того, кто решил исправлять мне зубы не вырывая ни одного здорового 👌🏻❤️
Традиционные металлические брекеты в Канаде стоят в среднем от 3.500$-5.000$. Но мне посоветовали невидимые прозрачные @Invisalign, как более подходящие для взрослых. Стоят они в среднем 5.000-8.000$. Честно говоря я не могу сказать, что я в восторге от своего врача, но он сохранил мне все зубы и рот понемногу выравнивается! Но не нравится то, что он постоянно хочет завершить лечение, хотя до идеальной улыбки ещё далеко, а так хочется к ней приблизиться 💃😀
Носит/носил ли кто-то из вас брекеты? Сколько по времени заняло все исправить? Делитесь своим опытом ❤️
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Oh those weekend vibes 🌾. Big sunnies, ocean air & cocowhip - destined for success this one. Certainly beats today's epic moving effort 💪🏼. Thank you so much everyone for the lovely words. It's been quite the few days but we are feeling grateful and so busy with the move [in true Adam style he was straight back in the office today nursing his wounds] you just learn to get on with it 💪🏼. My new found fitness routine of packing and moving boxes today will see me with muscles in no time [6 pack however no where to be seen 😬]. Looking forward to plenty of weekends like this one with lots of family time by the ocean 💦🍦. #howsyouricecreammariah


Sandy hobbits feets and string cheese on this Tuesday morning. Back to the grind after a busy weekend. (Grind = wash and dry laundry, toss it on the tech space counter where it will stay for about a month).

This morning the baby dude man and I did some holiday baking- pumpkin cheesecake swirl cookie bars. The house smelled so amazing and I may or may not have licked the spoon clean when I was done😜If you guys still need ideas for a dish to bring to your Thanksgiving gathering these are super easy to make and I'm sharing the recipe on the blog. Now who wants to come clean my kitchen?


How amazing is this custom sweatshirt from @dribblekidz 😍
Definitely sums up life in our house at the moment 😂

#Thankful 🙏🏼

So sweet! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful memory ✨
Photo: @nicolekristinphoto Mod: @kayayon
keep tagging all your photos old or new #treasuringlittlememories ⭐️
for more features!!! We really appreciate all your support!
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After dozens of "You've got your hands full!" comments while running Thanksgiving errands, going to dinner afterwards reiterated...that. 😂 My life would be so boring if these two didn't keep me busy! ❤️ (Also, I get a lot of crap from friends for loving the mushroom burger @shakeshack but it's THE BEST YOU FOOLS.)

Figgy Pudding, the latest style in our Holiday Collection ❄️ (which will probably get a rename in the new year 😆)

Planning to take a nap with this 👆🏻 girl today. Anyone else already feeling tired? 🤪😴🥧🥓 #holidayseason

Keeping the kiddos busy while we are off for Thanksgiving break can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be! I made a list of some fun (and free 😆) activities that I use when it seems like my kids are about to jump out of their skin. Check it out! #ontheblog

Next family vaca is booked! Gonna be doin a whole lotta beachin' with my babes. Thankful for the means and opportunities to travel, relax, experience and LIVE this beautiful life. ☀️ #SilasGrayLawson

He spent his morning on his sister's bunk playing quietly. There's no stopping him now that he's learned how to climb to the top.

I feel like the guys in our lives are the hardest to shop for sometimes! If you don't know much about the specific tools or equipment their hobbies involve, it can be hard to buy exactly what they like. To be honest, Wes usually has an idea of what I'm getting him because he sends me links to the tools or hunting gear he wants. ;) I try to get him a little something that is a surprise as well. ;)
Click link in bio for gift ideas for him!

My first @raedunn purchase! I can see what all the fuss is about. These mugs are so cute and my lips fit perfectly in the grooves 😂 Time to sip my tea, feed the baby and catch up on some Hulu! #ohheymama #afdemfarmhouse #raedunn

Purchased the sweetest little mouse chair from @nofred for Olivia’s bedroom.
Also, did you know that you can mix and match the wing and body colors of our Pegasus moccasins? Tap for pricing 💓

Family cuddles ❤️

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