✅cardio flow😤😤😤
✅35 mins of pure sweat!
We went from 8 rounds to 10 rounds in this beast of a workout! I know I can do hard things and so can you.

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True Women invites you into an authentic community where YOUR story has meaning and significance. Make a new friend at one of our neighborhood bistros, enjoy live music, refreshments and engage in the wisdom of scripture around living TRUE. .
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It’s Fr-inally Friday! Let this weekend be a great one, and let’s end this week with a bang!

Aquí nos encontramos con una de la preguntas que más nos hacen en la comunidad, debido a que la Endometriosis afecta la fertilidad femenina 🤔 Estudios han demostrado que aproximadamente un 30-40% de las pacientes con Endometriosis podrían enfrentar dificultades para quedar embarazadas. Sin embargo, estas mujeres pueden recurrir a tratamientos de reproducción asistida y crear un plan con especialistas para poder procrear ya sea de forma natural o con soporte médico-científico. Debido a que cada organismo es diferente, y hay diferentes etapas de Endometriosis, no se puede afirmar que todas las mujeres van a tener problemas para embarazarse 💛 Muchas de las mujeres con Endometriosis son fértiles, y tienen sus hijos de forma natural, y muchas, luego de tratar la enfermedad, tienen hijos sin problemas. Sin embargo, la probabilidad de infertilidad aumenta en pacientes con Endometriosis en todas las etapas, y en su mayoría cuando no es tratada a tiempo 👀 ¿Qué te ha pasado a ti? 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 Cuéntanos debajo 🙌🏼 #endord

Students everywhere are taking charge and letting their voices be heard. At 10am students will walk out of their classrooms and stand for 47 seconds of silence -- one second for every person under the age of 20 who is shot each day in the U.S. Let that sink in for a minute. What are YOU going to do to make sure our schools, communities and homes are safe?

Throw back to my interview with @faye.raincock ❤️, head of communications at global media agency Havas UK, shares compelling research on an important and confronting topic: harassment of women online 

Get some fresh air. Seek out inspiration. Be a kind human. ✨

Did you know at any one time each of us has 150 items on our to do list? This is what mental load looks like and it is an issue that disproportionately impacts working mothers. 
A new study found that 86 percent of women are still handling all primary childcare and household responsibilities. This impacts productivity and limits long term career advancement. 
Read this interview with Maribeth Nash Bearfield to find out what we can do about it. Click the link in bio❤️
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What do you think❓

Share your thoughts below.

#IAmWoman because I am ambitious. I embrace the outdoors as my space of empowerment, where I can continuously set goals, put myself in uncomfortable situations, challenge myself, and grow.

“Out here, I learned to enjoy the journey, value the process, and respect myself for what I’m capable of doing.” - @lucia_christiana

The stories of women span far beyond what we see on our television screens or the various channels of the social media world. Women’s stories are complex, filled with struggle and triumph and are sometimes difficult to reveal. But if we’ve learned anything from the shifting tides of our current culture, these are the stories that need to be told. Through our #IAmWoman series, we explore the lives of diverse women from every background and corner of the globe to share what being a woman means to them in their own words. Let’s get to know each other a little better.

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Interviewed with Megyn Kelly today, host of  NBC News, @megyntoday who is now on a mission to use her platform to amplify women’s voices. She shares why Me Too and Times Up are just the start of achieving gender equality in the workplace and how each of us can join the revolution. 👉Link in bio❤️#jointherevolution#metoo#timesup #sheinnovates

Super excited for YoDance today!!!
Cannot wait to see all our amazing ladies later!
Live, Love, Dance with
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Ora Thompson

Chef/ Owner of Culinary Aspects
Meet our Panelist Ora Thompson, chef, and owner of Culinary Aspects. Ora Thompson is our SELF- Resilient Panelist. She had dreams of opening up a restaurant with her husband, unfortunately the marriage did not last. Within a year of being divorced, laid off from her job and being a parent to four boys, she decided to step out on faith and establish her business, Culinary Aspects. To hear more of her story purchase your ticket today!!! @culinaryaspectsinc @heygurlhey787 #survivor #MakingThingsHappen #OneDishAtATime #womeninbusiness #womenempowerment #chicago #unitedwomen #womenempoweringwomen

Hey Gurl Hey... Presents Tareca and Latisha.We are young women working in Corporate America & Higher Education starting up our own businesses while being Single Moms and making it happen despite the obstacles. SELF-ish is our lifestyle and you can join us on June 2nd by purchasing your ticket. Link in bio. We do not own the rights to this song. #womeninbusiness #womenempowerment #chicago #unitedwomen #womenempoweringwomen

Legs blowing in the wind... #solentsixteen #female #unitedwomen #femaleform

Aujourd'hui, c'est la journée de la #femmedigitale, l'occasion de célébrer toutes les femmes qui osent se lancer, y croire et entreprendre, un sujet qui me "sur-passionne" 🙃

L'occasion aussi de prendre mon courage à deux mains et de me lancer à mon tour 😊

Une graine de projet pousse dans ma tête depuis quelques mois, une envie de rendre hommage, une ambition de rassembler, un désir de revendiquer, une fierté un tantinet féministe...
Une gigantesque envie de faire prendre conscience aux femmes à quel point elles sont fortes, toutes, à leur niveau...
Alors je commence tout petit, à mon niveau aussi, et prépare avec coeur des petites choses 💛

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