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Here is a very old Batman photoshop I made ages ago.
Model PhelanDavion
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So after taking forever to see Justice League I can officially say I’ve watched it. I’m not even mad I waited so long to watch it. It was a “C” at best. Don’t get me wrong, the movie has its moments; but overall it was horribly edited, it had a Michael Bay vibe, and the BIG moments were VERY anticlimactic.
I enjoyed The Flash. Batman was subpar. Wonder Woman was phenomenal. Superman had great scenes. Then there was Cyborg...to me, Cyborg was the “star” in it for me. I’m likely to be headed deep into a rabbit hole about his character. It was perfect. So there’s that awesome take away. Anyways, the movie was meh. Im not closed off to other flicks but I’m definitely not excited about the films that follow.
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Got my cyborg big figs ! Happy to add this badboy to the league #borglife #justiceleague #i❤sz #cyborg #dccomics #bigfigs #unitedtheleague #toyhunter #toycollection #toycollector

Sua arte é linda!

Você tem o dom de desenhar.

Your art is beautiful! You have the gift of drawing. @jennyfrisonart ♥️🍀 @gal_gadot


Boa noite! 💜

Diana and Steve | Gal and Chris \(^o^)/

@liammccormacksharp It's a mix of a few moments. Liam drew some of those moments. I love your job. I hope you grow more and more professionally. ♥️ @reallyndacarter

Steve opened the door and Diana entered the room. A fire flickered on the grill. He followed her, then took the doorknob to leave. Stopped.  She was watching him closely. Hopefully. She invited him.  He closed the door behind him and stared at her. The light of the fire touched her face, the curls of her hair, her eyes. So beautiful.  She reached out with both hands to run her fingers through his damp hair. She pulled him to her, mouth to mouth, in the most perfect and gentle kiss. Princess Amazon, soldier. Champions. It was not about that. This was about love and kindness. They would not wait for this perverse war to end. This was his moment.  Their covenant was made. 💜

Beautiful cosplays. I love my couple.

Eu amo esse casal ♥️ @imcarriemarie @dihannahofthemyscira 💚

Boa noite, gente! Como vocês estão? Estão gostando do instagram? Vocês estão bem? Espero que estejam bem. Qualquer critica ao meu instagram, vocês podem me dizer.
Good night people! How are you? Are you liking instagram? Are you all right? I hope you're well. Any criticism of my instagram, you can tell me.



Gal Gadot no Producers Guild Awards. ♥️ @gal_gadot

I believe in luck, in destiny and in karma, that the energy that you put in the world comes back to find it. - Chris pine 💜

I am immensely happy that Gal gadot is increasingly recognized. She deserves it! A strong, empowered, feminist woman knows exactly what she wants and fights for what she wants. And represents the greatest heroine, the greatest feminist icon of DC Comics. I think she's very lucky to play Diana, and we're lucky to have such a wonderful person in the movies.

Gal Gadot receives the Spotlight Award at the NRB Awards .

From the bottom of my heart, I wish all the happiness of the world to Gal gadot. The prize she received had significant significance in her life and in the life of the women she represented. Let her win more and more jobs in hollywood. That it is recognized, it deserves all the success of the world. Long live the women! Long live wonder woman! Viva Gal gadot! .

Congratulations to Patty Jenkins, Congratulations to Gal Gadot, Chris Pine for Best Action Movie Award at Critics Choice Awards ♥️


Beautiful! 💜

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