It is child abuse. It is damaging. Indigenous descendants. #cruel #fuckice #unitedsnakesofamerica #indigenous

This is why both man and women are working full time to survive.
#freethoughtproject #wakeupsheeple #trumptrain #unitedsnakesofamerica

Oligarchy x Gematria 🔥🔥 Coming soon!

Slavery is not a thing of the past. This is a prisoner from the so-called "conservation camps" in #mendocino county. A partnership between Cal Fire and the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation saves the state millions of dollars by using essentially free prison labor to maintain relative fire-safety for ecocidal industrial capitalism. These enslaved workers, mostly indigenous and black folx, are paid less than two dollars per day to work in the blazing heat.
This crew showed up to remove long grass from a public park that sits on a damn managed by the Army Corps of Engineers. When the non-FD overseer (not pictured) decided we weren't keeping enough space from inmates who were working in a public space, he asked us to move along. After we returned to our properly parked car and did not drive away, park rangers appeared within minutes and informed us that a practice burn was coming up and gave us a map to the other side of the lake. We thanked them but remained in the parking space for five more minutes, because other park goers were arriving and progressing through the work area un-interrupted. The rangers then asked us to leave again and revealed that the slave overseer wanted us to leave, and that sheriffs would be called if we remained. The only thing we did differently from the locals was to not pretend like these state slaves weren't real human people standing on the earth right next to us. Even this is an affront to the essence and rationale of the white supremacist, slave-based death cult we call western civilization and industrial development. #prisonindustrialcomplex #slavery #unitedsnakesofamerica #prisonabolition #amerikkka #whitesupremacy #ecocide #freethesnake

Spread the word my people.
We are free to speak how we please!! Regrann from @indigenous1492 - man i swear ima start speaking spanish everywhere i go currently practicing my nahuatl BUT YEAH FUCK THE LAW #fuck12 #fuckthesystem #DECOLONIZE #ALLisONE #BREAKBORDERS #breakfreefromthematrix #indigenous #indigenousmovement #indigenouspeople #indigenous1492 #usa #ameriKKKa #unitedSLAVESofAmerica #unitedSNAKESofAmerica #resist

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