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We all know that toddlers have tantrums. It’s hard not to lose your cool during times like these, but as we know, this never helps the situation. Remember that when young children have tantrums, they are trying to communicate with us but their brains are still developing; they don’t have the language or coping skills to deal with their frustration and may not be able to articulate why they're so upset. I’ve found it helpful to briefly acknowledge my children’s feelings or point of view (validate), tell them the expectation (set a limit), and remove them from the difficult situation. I allow my children to feel their feelings, and once it has passed, we move on. I have found that yelling, telling them to calm down or to stop screaming or stop crying, NEVER works. 📷: @mtierneyphotography

As you can tell I am out of new pictures and we haven’t gone outdoors properly in about 2 months now! Thanks to mother nature for showering us with abundance of snow and rain this winter, literally 🙄 I prefer not to take pictures indoors because I don’t get proper sunlight in the house; again thanks to the small windows and weird setting of the windows my house 🙄🙄

When we went to see the allergist she decided Lydia was too young (5 months) for a skin prick test on her back to we just did blood labs. We went in for a follow up a week later and her labs came back completely negative 😱 She had no allergens and they tested for over 50 foods. She said I could eat anything I wanted and it wouldn’t hurt her. She warned that dairy is rough so I should probably avoid that until she’s one, but I could reintroduce other foods. That simply wasn’t true and if I had taken that advice, Lydia would be in rough shape. She had very strong reactions to certain foods: beef, garlic, chocolate, chicken, eggs, seafood, and grains of any kind. I did some research of my own about allergies and there are two kinds: IgE and IgG. IgE allergies are the regular ones you hear about:dairy, eggs, peanuts, sometimes require epic pens. Those are very dangerous and can be life threatening. Lydia doesn’t have those kinds of allergies. Hers are all IgG allergies (not to say they’re less threatening, but in a different way.) They only affect the gut and there is no test for them. The only way to “test” what foods cause an allergic reaction is a TED. (Why the allergist didn’t tell me all of this, I don’t know? A simple google search was all it took me..😒) Lydia turns one year old tomorrow (yay! 😍) and I have been on this diet for 9 months. We have only been able to successfully add in one food: bok choy. We lost several other safes though. We started with cucumbers and I was soooo sick of them so I took a break from eating them for a month. When I tried to add them back in, they failed. So we lost a safe and I regret stopping them. 😥 that happened with sunflower seed butter as well. Right now our safes are lamb, grapes, bok choy, boulder canyon potato chips (cooked in 100% olive oil), olive oil, and pink Himalayan salt. Sadly she has no safe foods to eat directly yet so as she gets bigger and I’m her only nutrition source (and she will not take bottles) i feel a great urge to try and find suitable foods for her but each trial take 10 days to fully determine if it’s a pass or fail. Digestive tract symptoms move very slow and as the proteins build up 👇👇

If I had a cute storefront boutique, I would warmly invite you in to experience my shop. 💞 Instead, I am welcoming you to visit my pride and joy which is my online business. You've probably seen me post about it. The majority of my time spent running my business is at home with my son. For almost three years now, we've been loving the results of these products and truly thankful for how they make us feel. We've had digestive issues clear up, sleep issues clear up, skin issues clear up, soda addictions clear up, hormonal imbalances clear up, headaches clear up, inflammation issues clear up, sugar addictions clear up, and anxiety issues clear up just to list a few of the benefits that we've experienced. But that is just our personal list. Over the years, hundreds of individuals who have shopped at my business have also had their lives changed once they started consistently taking these products. I have made it my personal goal to get to know each person that I work with on an individual basis and to stay with them on their personal journey for the long haul, to celebrate their victories, and to encourage them. Many of these people have become close friends of mine, some have even become like family and have gotten to experience the charm and the love of my son. Together we linked arms with a bigger community to voyage on this journey together. 💞

Will stop for pretty steps. Obvs.

Tried to not cut off her whale-tail ponytail 🐳🐳🐳

If you had a conversation with me these days it would mostly consist of me mesmerized and showing you photos of mi bebé 🍼 . I would go over the stages of her development and every single moment that has taken my breath away during this pregnancy. If you asked me about myself, about the shop, about life... it would all circle back to her. Opening this shop and never giving up on all my dreams has always been to make my family, myself and most importantly, my child (children) proud. If I can do that with a kind heart and without stepping over anybody to get there, I’m happy!

One more day and then a weekend full of laughs, cuddles, snotty noses, and endless laundry. And I can't wait! #swmichiganmom #littlepiecesofchildhood

11.02.18: Day 3 and last day without the parents. Thank you 姑姑 @lovane for taking such good care of us! ♥️
#SophiexSage #siblings #siblingslove #siblinglove #siblinghoodlove

Estoy feliz por el taller de Ukelele que voy a tomar en la @bibliotecaobregon ademas mi niña se queda feliz viendo libros en el área para niños que está justo a lado del salón donde tomo el taller (literal la puedo estar viendo) Ya conoces los talleres que ofrece la biblioteca? Dibujo, escritura, guitarra, etc para adultos y niños!
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Anyone else practice #minimalism ? We’ve just started really culling and clearing out, originally it was daunting but I must admit I love how it makes me feel! My home is tidy and organised, the space looks and feels bigger and I feel very relaxed and at peace! If you haven’t looked into it I suggest you do! 🙏🏼 💕


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Her response after I asked her to sing twinkle twinkle little star for me 😂😂 love her so much. #notababyanymore #goshmom

Keeping warm over here ❄️

not one more.
Join students as they march for gun control on Saturday, March 24th.

I don't do this often, but I felt it was time to share some results! If you swipe over you will see one of my before and after photos from my current program. In the first 4 weeks I lost 4.5lbs (that's A LOT for me) and 9 inches. Of those 9 inches, I lost 2.5 off my waist! That is why I chose this picture so you could see that stubborn back fat has made an exit! 🙆‍♀️
So if you're wondering if timed nutrition (not starvation) and these workouts actually work... THEY DO! The ladies in my group have been getting great results too.😍 My coach heart is SO happy!! NEWSFLASH: I would not have gotten these results if I hadn't been willing to give it a try!! .
Now it's YOUR turn. You can give my current program a go or choose something totally different! One thing you MUST do is visit my bio and find the Better Together Bootcamp info. I am so excited and passionate about helping others feel healthier and stronger, and I promise to give you all the love, help and support I have to give!!
P.S. You can save $10 if you sign up soon AND win a Panera Bread gift card!

Throw back Thursday is my favorite because I just love looking back for the right picture. I usually don’t end up posting one because by the time I’m done reminiscing it’s Friday! But tonight I found the perfect one! How sweet was my family to surprise us with these balloons? I kept them up until they laid limp over the couch. And how teeny tiny was baby girl?? I sure do miss her being so small, but I don’t miss the wake up call every two hours! New mommies... you feel me? #throwbackthursday

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