People of color, guns will NEVER be banned in this country. Leave that useless rhetoric to white liberals who live in a privileged fantasy world. Arm yourselves legally.

C H A M P I O N** 🇫🇷🏆

This week was AMAZING! I have been volunteering at #grcb since the first year in 2010 before I had the courage to sing for a band. It literally changed my life! After I moved away I had planned on coming back for the weeks each summer and volunteering, but I wasn't able to. I shed a lot of tears those weeks while I stayed at a place that didn't feel like home trying to heal my back injury. I never felt like I belonged in S. Oregon, I made a few friends who are amazing and I value them greatly. They helped me get through two really hard years @missdarbydoll your support means more than I can ever express! Right now tired and sore from pushing myself to the edge of my mental and physical capacity, I feel complete and finally like I belong again! Tonight I get the honor of bringing a new friend I made this week to #unitedcolors they want to do burlesque and I cannot wait for her to join the #bostonburlesque crew and meet all the amazing performers tonight at the sold out show!!! Thank you Boston and GRCB you are my home!! I am so happy to be back, I cried so many happy tears this week it felt so good!

Ladies and Gentlemen: The highest restaurant-offered burger in the world with black angus bio beef! 🍔😋 #summer #golfinho #sunglasses #travelaroundworld #despacito #unitedcolors #burger #biggest #food #foodporn #berlin #dgaz #thisislife #lifestyle #sunday

Filipe Rebelo está no Porto a acompanhar a representação da FTA no Oporto Open, prova com $25.000 em prémios. Um grupo multicultural constituído pelos atletas Victor Poncelet (Belgica), Annabel Schoen (Suiça), Eduardo Morais (Angola), Amrita Yadav (India) e Joao Lucas Gaioli (Brasil). Victor Poncelet, Annabel Schoen, Eduardo Morais e Joao Lucas Gaioli venceram a primeira ronda do Qualifying e entram hoje novamente em acção.
O nosso atleta Frederico Silva era o CS número 1 do Quadro Principal mas foi obrigado a retirar-se e a adiar o seu regresso à competição.
@felneracademy @lap0nce @amriyadav @annabelschon @eduardo_erikson_morais @joao_lucas_gaioli #bestgroup #unitedcolors #tennis #portoopen #tenisportugal

So on this day of reflection I say again, thank you for going on this journey with me. I'll see you in Sydney.
#Farewell #Gratitude #Journey #Thankful #Friendship #HongKong #TheSquad #SeeYouSoon #UntilWeMeetAgain #InGoodCompany #MrMrsKeech #ExpatLife #UnitedColors

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