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Double tap if you are agree that they are adorable 🦄❤️
We just love this picture by the cutest unicorn puppies ever @kobe_kiara ❤️️

@paulnicklen Narwhals jockey for position and gently cross tusks as they push for a breath of air. They are diving under the sea ice in an attempt to access the thick schools of polar/Arctic cod. Soon after taking this image, I slipped into the water and was caught in the middle of two courting male narwhal. One narwhal never realized that I was there and started to rub my neoprene clad head with its tusk. @sea_legacy #unicorns #unicornsofthesea #narwhals #climatechange
By @PaulNicklen

These guys 🦄🍦 Inspired by one of my favs @littlearrowshop 💕

Backflips and bubble kisses for my 15k followers! 😘 Each of you being here helps me keep doing what I love! Thank you for following, @mermaid_jules ❤️

Today's card for Thursday, August 17th is Omega! Give yourself a big hug and know that you are doing just great today, and have fun. Your energy is expanding and spirit is taking you to new journeys! Do not get too caught up in the astrological changes this month. Get into your joy today. You have so much strength and power in your spirit, and you can withstand any pressure. Affirm "I can conquer any fear." Don't let past circumstances bring you down, part of stepping forward is willing to get things done! Please trust in divine timing and let go and let God. seize opportunities when they come! Angels are supporting you. - Xo Alex #unicorns


🎉Hoy les doy los buenos días contándoles que tengo disponible un diseño mío de 🦄UNICORNIOS 🦄
con flores 🌺
para que decoren la mesa de dulces 🍭 en sus fiestas! 📞0987302921📞
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New magical light and sound unicorn 🦄 🦄🦄 just rub her back to activate her lights and sounds. #unicorns #magical #fun #toys #shoplocal #landrum #lovelandrum #tryon #828isgreat #yeahthatgreenville

"A long time ago, when the earth was still green,
There were more kinds of animals than you've ever seen;
They'd run around free while the earth was being born,
The loveliest of all was the Unicorn."
~The Irish Rovers
#marmaladeskiesconfectionaries #sugarcookies #unicorns #bakingismysuperpower

Both of these items are now listed in the shop! #etsyseller #roxyscreativecorner #etsy #handmade #unicorns #unicorn #unicornparty

Remember the sad moment when u got to hear that unicorns actually didn't exist? Well, then STOP EVERYTHING!!! Unicorns are, well were, real. For 29 000 yers ago they lived in Kazakstan. They were 4,5 metres long and 3,5 metric tons😱😱 Not really my dream image of a unicorn😭😭 #unicorn #unicorns #horriblenews #newsflash #interestingfeeed

Free walls;)
#unicorns #pink #cutie 🦄


This card popped out while shuffling-can't deny that gesture, so here is the card of the day taken from my deck Oracle of the Unicorns:

If something feels like it is not happening, don't force it. Everything has its time. Everything has its place. This situation will naturally come to fruition when the time is right, whether it is a business project, a relationship, a journey, a contract or an opportunity.
This Unicorn has come into your reading to remind you that we are connected with Mother Earth through the natural rhythm of cycles-the ebb and flow of the tides, the waxing and waning of the moon, and for women, the circle of ovulation and menstruation. Look at where you have fallen out of sync with these cycles and to start working with the moons magic to bring more flow into your life.
Instead of always trying to push through life full steam ahead, allow yourself to REST, retreat and acknowledge your body's calls for gentleness. Respect and honor your body and you will FLOW with life instead of pushing through and building resistance. Tune in and let the inner knowing guide you to what's best for you in every moment. You know what you need to do....quiet the mind and listen... ♥️
#oracleoftheunicorns #cycles #ascension #oracle #love #unicorns #readings #consciousness #higherperspective

This is soo cool holo Unicorn 🦄 #holographicunicorn #love #unicorns #so #much 🦄🦄

Unicorn Status 🦄🌈 #filters #unicorns #rainbows

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