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Grab your favorite neutral Unicorn Lipsticks on limecrime.com #limecrime #unicornlipstick 🦄💄 Swatches: @seductivecucumber

I am so thankful @limecrimemakeup 😭 I appreciate these amazing goodies you have sent me ! These colors just scream 90'S to me 😍🌈🦄💕 I am super impressed with the formula of these babies. They are like butter , very pigmented , wear comfortably , beautiful undertones , and are long wearing ! I will do my best to try and swatch all of these babies for you ✨ // #limecrime #unicorn #unicornlipstick #limecrimelipstick

Cês acharam que eu não ia passar um batom de unicórnio hoje, né? 🌈🦄 #unicornlipstick

my big order from the @limecrimemakeup sale came in 😇 (top to bottom) hoodie, penny, Lana, happi, blondie, red hot, eclipse, & pumpkin. 💕💘💜🖤 #velvetines #perlees #unicornlipstick

Плюсы того, что ты лох-можно сменить фотку на паспорте на более симпатичную (или менее, скоро узнаем)! 😎 #naked2 #unicornlipstick #blondehair

Some of my old @limecrimemakeup faves 💄 airborne unicorn, retrofuturist, geradium, great pink planet, eraser, no she didn't, and styletto #limecrime #unicornlipstick 👁lashes: iconic mini by @houseoflashes


Lime crime lipstick in bomber. #limecrime #unicornlipstick

Lime crime unicorn lipstick in lace up. #limecrime #unicornlipstick

Spending the day photo shooting for my new brochures 📸What do ya think ?

Hi 💕

@limecrimemakeup #unicornlipstick in "hoodie" liquid eyeliner in "quill" and #unicornhair in "salad"

Artsy decoration piece 💕

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