portrait of Terentius Neo from #pompeii now in #napoli brilliant museum #underthevolcano

We also visit mountain caves .... find out more at www.katlatrack.is #wheniniceland #mountaincave #defender #landrover #onelife #katla #underthevolcano #blackbeach #katlatrack

I read Under the Volcano by Malcolm Lowry, mostly, but not completely, so I feel like it’s unfair to give it a complete review. There were things I liked about it such as: reading it with my #realreadersbookclub, putting a ✔️ mark next to the title in my various “books you should read before you die” lists, and the cover. Things I did not necessarily enjoy about this book were: the length, the language, the characters, the arrogance of the author’s voice....
If you are planning on reading this anytime soon, only do so if you have adequate time for some digging, otherwise it cannot be fully appreciated. Also, DM Jen @thewoodenword_ofbooks, she has some excellent research she can share with you that will really make a difference in your reading experience....
One more thing-Jen always brings me art postcard treasures and notes she finds in books, like this art postcard here. The message on the card is a birthday wish from 9/13/67, and the note says: “Dear Claudia- This is to wish you a very happy & healthy birthday. I hope you enjoy the candy and that your birthday is a very pleasant one. Love, Richard”
A little generic, but still sweet. Thanks @thewoodenword_ofbooks I love the cards you give me ❤️
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No trip is complete without finding a local book shop to browse. Alma Libre is a treasure.
If you could see through the shadowed window, you would see the delightful Luis sitting in his comfy chair waiting to chat with customers. He greeted me immediately, and as soon as he found out I live in Utah he wanted to discuss Westerns. We also talked about one of his favorite movies, Gone with the Wind. I told him that anyone who loved the movie as much as he did had to read the book. Luis is Cuban and saw Hemingway as a child. He has read everyone of his books and loves to talk about them. I regret not asking Luis for a photo. I look forward to another chat if I’m ever lucky enough to visit his book shop again.
My #realreadersbookclub friends will notice Under the Volcano front and center on the first shelf you see when entering the shop.
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“.. ma pensa a tutte quelle terribili altre, dove la gente impazzisce all’idea che calino la saracinesche, perché nemmeno le porte del cielo, spalancandosi a ricevermi, potrebbero colmarmi d’una così celestiale gioia, complessa e disperata come quel crivello di ferro che si arrotola all’insù con uno schianto, come quelle porte battenti, non affrancate a da chiavistelli di sorta, che sospinte danno accesso a chi ha l’anima che trema insieme con il liquore che si porta con mano malferma alle labbra. Ogni mistero, ogni speranza, ogni delusione, sì, ogni disastro, è qui, oltre quelle porte battenti. E, a proposito, vedi quella vecchia di Tarasco seduta in un angolo, non la vedevi prima, ma l vedi ora?- le domandarono gli occhi di lui, guardando intorno con la lucentezza stupefatta e sfocata di quelli di un amante, le chiese, l’amor suo,- come puoi, a meno che tu non beva come me, sperare di capire la bellezza di una vecchia di Tarasco che viene qui a giocare a domino dalle sette del mattino?-.”
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#MalcolmLowry wrote two books then died from alcoholism. #underthevolcano #dayofthedead

«Пророчество, политическое предупреждение, криптограмма» — переиздание знаменитого психологического романа Малькольма Лаури.

Эрнест Хемингуэй прочел «У подножия вулкана» шесть раз, последний — за два дня до самоубийства. Он неизменно рекомендовал друзьям «почистить душу» этой книгой в периоды похмелья.

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Jak jeszcze mogłam chodzić #rozbitek #gapa #karma #mtagung #volcano #leżeiwspominam #goodwalk #awesomeness #underthevolcano #enjoythememories #kiedyjeszczemoglamchodzic (nic mi nie jest, raczej tylko noga potłuczona, nie martwcie się ✨🚑🏥⛑️)

Fun with my 🌋 peeps.😊✌🏽 #hh #happyhour #peeps #underthevolcano

To miało być pożegnalne zdjęcie Wezuwiusza o świcie, w drodze taksówką na lotnisko, ale trochę nie wyszło 😀
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Has anybody read? I’ve heard great things and am about to begin. Will post afterwards 👋 #malcolmlowry #underthevolcano

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