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Feeling happy. We are a third of the way to $80,000 with #UndertheSuit Help fund our seasons!

If you haven't heard about this by now, then you might have had your head in a hole... Or maybe you were just stranded on a desert island with no cell service or had the urge to turn off your cell phone and leave the digital world for a few weeks... I can't say for sure, because I'm not you! So, for those of you who don't know, or just haven't gotten one yet, GO GET ONE OF THE NATIONAL SKI TEAM'S BODY CALENDAR!! You won't regret it :) More info at http://www.alpine-aspirations.com/

PS I totally have no idea who made this random song with clips of me talking in it that pertain perfectly to the calendar, but they must be super cool and talented hahahahahahaha


Even when we don't see each other for a while, we still got each other's backs! #sommlife #underthesuit #babygotback #puns #mischief @live_love_travel_pray 📸:@paul_duran

April fools! As in check out this fool who is the April photo in the #underthesuit calendar. Thanks to everyone who has supported us so far! If you're interested in seeing more skin, follow the link in my bio and order your calendar.
#shinbang #thealpinebodycalendar #sunsouttounguesout

We are a quarter of the way to our goal of raising 80,000 dollars for unfunded ski team athletes like myself! Please check out our website and buy a calendar or just donate to our team fees! Thank you to those who already bought some and please spread the word! #underthesuit #shinbang #skintowin

If you haven't heard... the best American ski racers took it all off and made a calendar.
The Under The Suit project is meant to off set some of the expenses that come along with training and racing at an international level, AND give you, our friends and fans a totally different and new perspective of what we do and how we use our body's. .
Link in profile- They can now be sent to Europe!!! #underthesuit #thealpinebodycalendar #skintowin

Still scrambling to get those xmas 🎁?The #underthesuit calendar with @usskiteam members naked is the perfect present. All proceeds go to funding our up and comers. www.alpine-aspirations.com

What could be a better holiday gift than a body calendar? Check out what the U.S. Ski Team athletes have put together to raise money for unfunded athletes and see what they look like #underthesuit Also 10 copies signed by Ted Ligety are now available so get one before they run out!

Under The Suit: Bodies Of The Ski Team:

This summer as a team we created a fun unique way to fundraise money for unfunded athletes. Our idea was to establish a calendar showcasing our strong bodies in motion and the gorgeous places our sport takes us. Please check out the website and support our season! All calendars and donations are tax deductible and includes the full World Cup schedule. Please help spread the word. Thanks! www.alpine-aspirations.com
Link in Bio:)
#underthesuit #skintowin #thealpinebodycalendar #nakedisthenewstrong


Shine Bright Top
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
Price: $19.99 (Retail $25.00)
Colour(S): Black and White Stars
Brand: ONLY
Fit: Sleeveless. Round neck. Back button keyhole detail. Boxy fit. TTS, non stretch material. Kendra wears a size Small.
Complete the look: Luxury Leggings.
#tanktop #polkadot #underthesuit

Even when we don't see each other for a while, we still got each other's backs! #sommlife #underthesuit #babygotback #puns #mischief @live_love_travel_pray 📸:@paul_duran

@shazkava that face 🙈🙈🙈 I thought you was bad . . . It's a wonder anyone approaches me at all 😂😂😂😂 Very rarely do I go to the gym in my suit! In fact NEVER . . . as I always train morning's. . But today I did and worked arms . . Abs and shoulders HARD. . . I'm absolutely exhausted now!
#shecandoboth #underthesuit #workingmothers #weights #weighttraining #girlsthatsquat #goals #fitnotskinny #strongnotskinny #fitness #fitfam #gymlife #eatingclean #eatclean #leanbodies #inthegym #workedarmstoday

At the end of the day #shapeshifter👯

Have a look at this beautiful naked calendar "Under the Suit" made by @usskiteam racers to raise money in order to live their passion: the ski racing.
Each month, discover one picture that highlight, the unique places that the team visit, the unique lifestyles and personalities that they each have, and the unique bodies that go along with them.
This nice shot of @jankylilj Jacqueline Wiles is the cover of this calendar, buy it to enjoy the others pics on:
#alpinebodycalendar #underthesuit #rossignolracing

Forgot a gift for someone? Redeem yourself by giving double and getting the #underthesuit calendar just in time for the new year AND support US Ski Team athletes to achieve their dream by doing what they do best in their suit! Go to alpine-aspirations.com to show your support! #shinbang

See the path cut by the moon
For you to walk on
See the waves on distant shores
Awaiting your arrival

#PearlJam #Unthought Known #ambition #homewoodsuites #Hilton #workout #bodygoals #bodygoals💪 #hotelgym #underthesuit

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