This is an ode bidding #thegoodplace very happy returns!! I knew my cinnamon rolls would be spared the trip to the #firstseason chopping block. That out of nowhere clever #seasonfinaletwist cemented its renewal because everyone wants to know how things will flow now that we were made aware that "the good place" is actually "the bad place" and that the mischievously malevolent Michael played by the talented (#teddanson) has wiped everyones memory of that revelation forcing them to repeat history all over again with changes & tweaks.

The questions loom heavily as to whether #jasonandjanet played stelarlly by the talented comedic duo of (#manyjacinto & #darcycarden)
Will still find a way back to being the hilariously dimwitted love birds we knew in #thegoodplaceseason1 or will the slate having been wiped clean spell the end for them.
Yet, the ever greater question which I seek resolution to will be the ever burning dilemma of whether #tahanialjamil played to bouji hilarity by the lovely and talented ( #jameelajamil ) or the kindhearted neurotic #chidianagonye played by the equally talented (#williamjacksonharper ) will remember their respective connections to the potty mouthed sweetheart #eleanorshellstrop played to sarcastic perfection by the talented actress & #comedianne (#kristenbell ) .giving us the answer to the still unanswered questions of who in reality is Eleanor's #soulmate.

Mind you , this show is awesome for its diverse cast, it's intelligent humor ,and innovative story. I am in no way trying to reduce such a great show to #shipping
But I can't help that I'm a die hard #tahanorshipper😓 .I think chidi is great too and I respect the #chidanorshippers but I can't help but to root for my #underdoglesships as usual or in this case the #underdogbiship.
So as always, catch y'all next post and be sure to watch #thegoodplaceseason2 on @nbc on #september20th .
On a side note: I hope season 2 gives me #thegoodplacebloopers season 1 didn't

#loveislove #bisexual #polyamory #lgbt

This is a special ode to adressing the elephant in the room nobody seems to want to acknowledge😒

So we're not gonna acknowledge my #marise ship from
#felizesparasempre (a.k.a #happilyeverafter )
Is in #aforçadoquerer 😒
Bruhhh!! This is some bullshit!!! I straight up have to accept that @paollaoliveirareal & @mariafernandacandido are in the same freaking narrative only one or 2 characters distance from sharing screentime. Yet even if they were in the very same room this is unfortunately not my marise redux and both of these talented ladies are romantically paired off heterosexually to their male love interests . I could hate but its kinda hard when the talented sweet cinnamon roll @marcopigossi plays Paola's love interest #zeca (don't get me wrong because zeca is a sexist pain in the ass ) but.. Marco pigossi will always have my respect for not playing his #gaymalecharacter of #cassio in #carasebocas as a caricature as #redeblobo was known for doing . As for the talented @danstulbach as maria fernandas kind hearted yet cheating ass husband #eugenio what can I say though he's a redeemable character but I cannot help but to wish #jeizaandjoyce could be an official ship because I know its gonna be another 10 thousand years before these two ladies get the ship treatment again😭

Props to @gloriafperez for the awesome ass narrative that is setting precedents galore narratively for the #lgbtcommunity specifically the #transgendercommunity which I will talk about in my next post but for now enjoy the #elliegoulding & #taurusriley instajam called #powerful because thats what the epicness of the #joiza/#jeyce pair up would be 😊
Props are due to you #redeglobo for attempting to evolve let's just hope y'all don't fuck this one up ( still got trust issues)

To the a força do querer's directors #rogeriogomes & #pedrovasconcellos
All I can say is nice job but... Why y'all had to play me like that ? Damn ,that was cold blooded😔

#braziliansoapopera #lgbtnarrative #underdoglesships #loveislove

This is an ode to mixed feelings .
Though I love #humans and the #humansseason2 narrative possibilities I cannot help my disappointment at the narrative avenue that was decided to be taken for Mia (#gemmachan) and laura (#katherineparkinson ) by the shows creators. It has the possibility to be rectified but the damage is done.

Do not get me wrong #niska (#emilyberrington ) is an acting beast on top of her interpretive game but she was not the the one that should have carried that lesbian storyline.
Not only was it not impactful but it perpetuated the idea that only someone in Niska's line of work would ever be open to other expressions of sexuality. #lauraandmia had the most plausible development to take that step yet now I am forced to contend with seeing a now out of her shell and badass laura work on this non existent marriage she's had since season 1 while attempting to overlook the contrived male love interest they found for Mia.

How beautiful would it have been to see my #miaura babies separated in season 1 reunited in season 2 as more complex individuals but still sharing that same respect and admiration they had for one another in season 1.

Alas, I am not the creator of this series nor do I like to infringe on other peoples body of work but I can't help to be saddened by seeing a perfect opportunity to touch on a narrative point rarely (if ever) touched upon and seeing it done correctly just slipping away into a cookie cutter plot to play it safe within the status quo.

I know this show is better than that and I truly hope they prove me wrong .til then I will hope and wait for a turnaround I still believe in but am no longer sure about.

As always catch y'all next post and if you miaura ship let me know below because I know some of y'all jumped ship already
( even though I don't blame y'all)
#lgbtrepresentation #loveislove❀ #underdoglesships #lesbianscifi #lgbt

Did you think that just because my ships are on hiatus I wouldn't take time out to keep them in your radar?
Shame on you for thinking that would even happen.
#lanita & #maxeanor May be the most #underdoglesships on deck at this point with little or no chance of making it to #lescanonship status but I still ship it with optimistic hope. Hoping that the creative minds behind these characters can see their respective chemistry and further develop their narratives into #mainstreamstatus .
I love that these narratives are NOT rooted in the present nor the constricting confines of the status quo #lgbtnarrative which can at times be repetitive and depressingly set in a religiously permeated reality.
Please do NOT take this as an insult to #lgbtrepresentation but as a call for more #lgbtfantasy &#lgbtscifi narratives. I hate to see my lgbt peeps losing their imagination and losing the ability to believe that they can have their own #happilyeverafter .
Hence my reason for working towards my own #lgbtnetwork .
Till then please tweet or post something in honor of these 2 #underdogparings even if just to give them a fighting chance.
So props to the awesome #maxandeleanor ship comprised by the talented #hannahnew & #jessicaparkerkennedy from the #starz epic pirate series #blacksails also to my faves #noncanon ship with beautiful potential #lanita comprised by the equally talented #gemmachan & #katherineparkinson from the awesomely intelligent #scifiseries #humans on #amc and #channel4
Till then give the previous seasons of these 2 shows a watch to get up to date then get ready for the new seasons on their respective networks.enjoy the instajam which is #contigoaprendi from #alejandrofernandez because the title translates to (WITH YOU I LEARNED) which relates to how in these #lespairings in each ship both parties learned from one another how to love unconditionally. Google translate the lyrics to this beautiful song.Catch y'all next post #bisexuality #loveislove #loveconquersall

as of this post i am on a respirator because


I have been silently over here reppin for #lanita (with like 4 other people)
Just #lesshipping
Quietly over here to myself NEVER truly thinking that my peeps at #humans would take that narrative route but now that the season finale of the series is but a stones throw away the ante has been elevated to epic levels!

One of those ante pushings seems to be #lauraandanita ☝☝☝☝ Do you freakin see that beautiful majestic hope inducing gif up there because I sure as fuck hope you do (without passin out)

that embrace screamed this ship just set sail!

Last time I checked I didn't hug my friend longingly( but I'll leave it to your interpretation)
My only hope is that more #lanita shippers will (😏come out) and admit to
@channel4 or (@humansC4) that they ship it as hardcore as I do and want to see it come to fruition in season 2 because,let's be serious. ain't no freakin way they wouldn't renew the show for a second season !

My props go out as always to my boo boo @gemma_chan who plays #Anita /#mia and #katherineparkinson who plays #laura because these ladies are not only talented and #badass in their character interpretation & craft but also in their effortless creation of an #unintendedlessubtext permeated but nonetheless #unintendedlesship
so until my ship sets legitimate sail I shall enjoy the rest of this epic season hoping wishfully that my peeps in the #UK give my #lanitababies the green light for #humansseason2

Till then catch y'all next post and this instajam is throwing shade at Joe by covering (#allthethingsyourmanwontdo
By the artist #Joe himself ) a song that screams lanita loud and clear to the disbelievers!

On a side note: check out the laura and (Anita/mia ) tag on
Cos they got some rockin fan fiction to fill the void meanwhile
#lgbt #bisexuality#underdoglesships
#lesbian #badasswomen #womenofscifi #picplaypost

this is my ode to good ol #Joe played by #tomgoodmanhill on #amc #humans
Keep in mind that this one goes out to Joe THE CHARACTER NOT TOM THE ACTOR
Even though Mr hill has done an awesome job of making Joe the man we all love to hate right now!Joe use to be so quaint and a good guy than all of a sudden he showed his true colors and became the most scuzzy and snitchiest of assholes one could ever have the displeasure of coming across .
I thought the tip of the iceberg for Joe was having sex with anita but his scuzziness just reached epic levels when he almost let his son take the fall for it !! But the true icing on his fuckery cake was trying to use the fact that #Anita (#emmachan)is a #synth as the scapegoat (he literally says that sex with her didn't count because shes a giant sex toy) then this bitch wonders why he got kicked out of his house
đŸ˜”đŸ˜”He had nonconsentual sex with a synth then had his son #Toby (#theostevenson)almost used as the patsy, when that doesn't work he uses Anita( the party that was wronged) as the scapegoat to deflect his responsibility in the matter only then to want to get rid of her to cover his tracks!So in this narrative if you think I dislike Joe cos he's a man than I'm sorry to destroy that conspiracy theory for ya but I can't stand Joe because of the above mentioned qualms but most of all because he just went from 0 to 100 on the asshole scale due to his fuckery and that snitching (disguised as trying to get his family back the way he wants it)
Hence the reason he now has my #lanita hopes high ! I'd love to see him get his comeupin's if that ship became a reality. Picture the irony of the synth he fucked over and his wife #laura (#katherineparkinson) that he fucked over falling for one another!!
Yet I can bet you a million that if it did he'd use the fact that he was the one that bought Anita and is the Primary User to #synthblock!
pardon the rant (I get passionate about narratives I love ) so what can I say other than the usual.Catch y'all next post and this instajam is #idontfuckwithyou by #bigsean cos ain't nobody fuckin with Joe right about now😉#lgbt #bisexuality #underdoglesships #lesshipping
#lgbtrepresentation #lesbian

I had previously relayed my hope that( @kyliebunbury) who played #suhad and (@jesuissibylla) a.k.a. #sibylladeen who played #ankhe in the epically lavished production of #tut
On #spiketv Would put their astounding on screen chemistry to work in a sapphicly epic #lesperiodpiece of the same tutlike budget level

Yet I never thought there was a story out there for it ,that is until I came across the story of:

BERENICE & MESOPOTAMIA lamblicus composed his novel Babyloniaca in
the second century CE, of which only a fragment has been preserved in a
tenth-century epitome by Photius. Yet even this fragment is revealing
since Berenice, queen of Egypt, is described as having married her female
lover, Mesopotamia (Biblioteca 94; cf. Brooten 1985b: 69)

According to one
section,the Egyptian princess Berenice had a passionate love affair with another woman called Mesopotamia. A few sections
later Mesopotamia is taken with her brother Euphrates by Saka to Garmos who wants her as his.the eunuch Zobaras falls in love with Mesopotamia having drunk from the spring of love and
takes her to Egypt, where Berenice, now queen of Egypt, marries
her- and a war breaks out between Bernice and garmos on Mesopotamia's account at any rate on Brooten's translation. But here too inter-
pretation turns on a question of Greek usage. "Berenice is the only person in the story (other than her servant)
erotically interested in Mesopotamia and his interest only comes into play because he drank from the river of love not from a real and tangible feeling of love." Regardless of its real life or mere ancient novel status would you not want to see this as a movie or series???
Catch y'all next post and this instajam is #refuge by #johnlegend because it encapsulates the (as of now fictional) #bertamia ship
#lgbtrepresentation #lgbt #ancientlgbtstories #loveislove #lesbian#bisexuality
#badasswomen #womeninfilm #Egyptian #egyptianlesships #lesshipping #underdoglesships

The rumor mill is churning and this post is an assessment of it!

As of late the word has been spread with the #gmwfandom that at some future season (s3 from what I've heard)

The show might change it's base of operations from #disney to #abcfamily !

Though just a rumor at this point one can only hope for that change of venue because that would be the only feasible way for the show and #gmwwriters to have the freedom to FINALLY grace us with #rilaya!

As much as I'd love to see #disneychannel step out of the #conservativedarkage they're in the possibility of that coming to fruition is almost null.

Abc family has more than proved it's got the guts to give the #lgbtcommunity it's much needed representation with the show (#thefosters) without wavering under conservative pressure .

It's also genuinely covering preteen romance from an lgbt perspective for one and that in itself is commendable as a first time effort!

So don't quote me on the rumor mills nicely churned out news but I'll keep my fingers crossed in the hopes that it is because it would be awesome to have girl meets world and the fosters side by side expanding their fan base & making history!! So till next this instajam is (#ifyourenottheone by #danielbedingfield)
A rilaya reminiscent ditty !
Catch y'all next post ya hear!
#lgbt#bisexuality#lesbian#lgbtrepresentation #lgbtrelationship#loveislove
#itsabouttime #underdoglesships

You knew eventually this day would come!!
Did you really believe that I wouldn't cover the best ship on the #lword ? (I mean second to #danaandalice )
#jennyandmarina were the most riveting fuckin relatable storyline on the show
#jennyschecter (played by Actress: #miakirshner), is a recent university graduate from Chicago and budding writer, she was very excited to relocate to the world where fantasies are constantly being created, Hollywood, to make a new life with her sports director boyfriend, Tim. Jenny had been open to all possibilities, but had she really been prepared for the experience of Marina?  a strikingly attractive woman & owner of the local eatery and Lesbian hangout/nightclub, #theplanet. Marina had been immediately attracted to Jenny, but also found that she wanted to sample that beautiful body even more.  Throwing caution to the wind, Marina dove right in feeling there would be nothing to a harmless fling.  Except fate had other plans and it threw Marina something she hadn't bargained for, love. this astute business woman who seemed so very much in control of life and emotions fell in love... with a woman who had never been with a woman before, with a woman who was living with and betrothed to a man. I almost felt bad for #Tim played my #ericmabius.That is until....Timmy boy catches Jenny & marina together then forces Jenny to go see marina to cut ties with her. then he sticks around to talk shit! asking marina if he should even be worried about their tryst because did it even count as REAL SEX (TRANSLATION: HETERONORMATIVE SEX)
That's when she gave him the burn of a lifetime by asking him : by the way she was moaning ,YOU TELL ME HOW HOW MUCH IT COUNTED! this SHIP NEVER became a #lescanonship because of shotty development decisions on the show but it will never lose it's best #lesship that never set sail status
So go give it a rewatch for the this epic pairing
Catch y'all next post and the instajam is #eresmia by #romeosantos which aptly embodies marinas perspective of the Jenny,marina & Tim triangle!
(Tim was really just mad that HIS GIRL got marina and NOT HIM)😉
#Lgbt #bisexuality #underdoglesships #opp #leslovetriangle #picplaypost

Here we are again in the midst of yet another awesomely platonic #rilaya post!

Seriously,this is just surpassing regions of denial I thought were unreachable to the #rilayadetracters
Let me start by saying that though the very last picture post at the bottom is a manipulated pic from tumblr the rest of the blocks
all the blocks above the last one at the bottom are actual giffed scenes
Say what you will about their dialogue but the main seller of the #rilayaship is #rileyandmaya and their less then FRIENDLY eye contact .
I'm SO sorry but I can't quite recall the last time I longingly stared at one of my friends like Riley and maya constantly do.

Yet what gets my goat is NOT the denial among the most avid of #rilayahaters it's the latest and greatest excuse so far given by these lovely people as to why Riley and Maya should NOT be able to be together in a relationship!

GET Ready for this one cos it's a doozy!

IT was said that Maya and Riley should NOT be allowed to develop an amorous relationship because it would tarnish the #girlmeetsworld franchise and with it the #Disney name
I was like, are we watching the same show? Hello?? Riley and Maya basically already have a relationship ! All it needs is the affirmation and proper girlfriend title to make it legit.
Second of all: if showing two intelligent ,caring and family oriented girls care for,love and respect each other while helping one another grow as people is tarnishing the show that I thought embodied that ideal then,hell I must have been watching the wrong Damn show all these years!! The #gmwwriters have history in the making in their hands but I hope the voice of the haters doesn't hinder the change and hope that the power of that pen can bring!
I think I see hints they're throwing but one can only hope for the follow through but only time will tell .
(see y'all next post and this instajam is #chances by #fiveforfighting) so enjoy and support #rilaya to make this #lescanonship a reality

#lesbian #bisexuality #lgbtentertainment #lgbt #disneychannel #diversityinfilm #underdoglesships #picplaypost

Here I am to bring you the newest of our LES ships from abroad! Brought to my attention by @ann_legendtina

courtesy of the #phillipines and the #gmanetwork
This ships name is called #jathea (sometimes #rastro cos' the actresses are real life offscreen shipped too)
the SOAP Opera called #therichmansdaughter directed by #dominiczapata and released on May 11th 2015 is Comprised by #rhianramos as #jadetanchingco (@whianwamos) and #glaizadecastro as #altheaguevarra (@glaizaredux)
Jade comes from a wealthy family dedicated to their traditions and she's ready to marry the handsome David (#luisalandy). But everything changes in her life when she meets the attractive lesbian and wedding coordinator, Althea. A strong bond between the two women emerges, that will test Jade's commitment to her conservative family and their values.
I would love to commend these very talented actresses on giving this story their all. despite the restrictions placed upon them by varying factors such as location,cultural traditions and homophobic religious conservatism in the media .

As jade and althea these ladies shine at making their chemistry deeply palpable and heartfelt despite the fact in that narrative they are NOT allowed to engage in anything physically intimate (NOT EVEN A KISS)

which like I said in an earlier post is what happens when there is no separation between church and state and its grip reaches into narratives!! On a side NOTE : mad props to ms. Ramos for her awesome sarcastic abilities which are second to none! As are ms. Castro's abilities at instigating said sarcasm!
So give this one a watch on #dailymotion because of its awesomeness despite the setbacks and the great acting that goes into this visually stunning #lesromance !
Instajam is #spendmylifewithyou by #ericbenet and #tamia

#lgbt #lesendgame #lesbian #underdoglesships #loveislove
#loveconquersall #bisexuality

Paraisos artificiais is a brazilian movie released on May 4, 2012

The movie was directed by #marcosprado and ALSO written by him and #pablopadilla & #cristianogualda

It stars
#nathaliadill as (#erika)
#liviadebueno as (#lara)

The story is split into three time periods of the character's lives, switching back and forth throughout the movie. As the viewer, you begin to piece together the story and relationships, and make sense of earlier scenes until you have a full picture at the end, which will stick with you for days.

This is not at all the shallow movie I was expecting. Instead, it was a gripping story about love and drugs - how they shape relationships - and a deeper look into artificial paradises. Solid acting, multi-dimensional characters and great cinematography all add to the viewing experience.
What hurt my heart to the fullest was that Lara & Erika had the most palpable chemistry but Their narrative got pushed to the side to make room for the male love interest (#nando) played by (#lucabianchi) regardless of how the ending turns out you see the narrative shift towards hetoronormativaty

I love this movie for the Lara and Erika pairing plus the lush visuals but it will always loose me at what it could have been but never was!

Another great attempt by a brazilian director (I just wish they'd go further out the box than just sex ,drugs, and raves)

Catcha next post!! this instajam is also brazilian it's (#depoisdameianoite) by (#capitalinicial)

#lesbian #bisexuality #lgbt #brazilianlespairing #underdoglesships #wastedlespairing #picplaypost

seriously though with "girl meets rules" and "girl meets hurricane"
The #gmwwriters went above and beyond the call of making me utter #rilaya shipping trash!! Between the mention of their #galpal status rings and the lovey dovey doe eyed stares through the classroom door there was enough ammo to give the haters ample hateration material!

#Disney needs to assess the chemistry and let rilaya set sail FOR CRYIN OUT LOUD!! I'm starting to believe the network is aware of what they're doing and it's slowly coming across as #queerbaiting !

I hope that doesn't turn out to be the case because that was the very reason behind me not watching #rizzoliandisles anymore.

I'll be damned if I cater to any show that dabbles in baiting!

I love the #rileyandmaya pairing but NOT enough to invest in the bait and switch tactics of the #disneychannel
I've got my eye on the way this pairing development continues but until further notice I will watch with cautious apprehension.

Catch y'all next post and enjoy the instajam which is #photograph by #edsheeran which fits the non sailing ship perfectly!! #lgbt #lesendgame #lesbian #bisexuality #babygay #lessubtext #lesshipping #disneyunintendedship #underdoglesships #lescanonship #picplaypost

#blacksails is a mix of Treasure Island prequel and true life historical pirate drama which is extremely compelling (NOT TO MENTION I ADORE PERIOD PIECES) the work that goes into creating this pirate world is astoundingly applause worthy . Between the wardrobe,the sights and their attempts at creating historical accuracy whenever possible should be commended . This is a TV genre that has never been explored in such a brutally honest fashion before. With that being said be aware that there is violence,Gore,rape and other acts of piracy that are reflective of that period in time but may NOT be everybody's cup of tea.so be aware.ALSO, I love seeing women in powerful roles such as #eleanor (#hannahnew) , #max (#jessicaparkerkennedy) and also #annebonny (#clarapaget) because I think it creates even more diversity in female portrayals
I know the various creators and writers of the show did Not intend the show to be a showcase for romance nor a cheesy ass harlequin novel but I could NOT help but get caught up in the (#maxanor) SHIP .The creators played it smart (I'll give em that) #maxandeleanor were introduced in season 1 their storyline was focused on heavily in that season so that the creators could get it and the brouhaha out of the way so they could then continue to focus on moving the series along. Hence the reason season 2 was maxanor lite.season 3 is in the works and my hopes are that despite the show not being about the max and Eleanor pairing that they get a chance to iron out the misunderstandings and blatant fuck ups (mostly brought on by Eleanors frustrating decision making skills).I know the story may not go that route but I would love to see max and Eleanor grow together in the narrative as opposed to the distrustful mess they had goin for them in season 2 ! As for anne, I got nuthin but love for her and her high seas baddassery but she needs to give them 50ft and STOP blockin!Please support the show & this pairing cos' max is a national treasure that needs to be protected and I miss my maxanor
(The instajam is #plainwhitets #thegivingtree)#lgbt #lescanonships #bisexuality #underdoglesships
#badasswomen #womeninfilm #femalepirates

Here's a little lesson about double standards.
These 4 beautiful women inspired me and a story came to mind. So I began jotting down my story in script form. Midway through I wanted to get a feel for what some peeps thought about it and THAT IS WHEN THE BULLSHIT BEGAN!!
untitled movie (as of yet)

cast (as of yet)
alia Starr(saima benton)
lorena garcia ( Elena gomez)
Lily Carter( Helena Finley)
lizz tayler (Victoria Aldridge)

Lizz(@lizztayler) as a bounty hunter.
Lily (@lilcarterxx) as a ranch owner .
Alia as Lizz's boss .
LORENA as a rival ranch owner that wants lilys ranch at all costs because she blames lilys father for her mother's suicide.Lilys dad built the ranch with money he skimmed from lorenas mom
That's what drove her to suicide.
Lilys father is a con man and after abandoning Lily and HER mom .he gets involved with a nefarious group That use a clothes manufacturing plant as a front for a sex slavery ring.He skimms money off the top and amasses a small fortune at their expense for a while he continues his plans with indifferent disregard towards the people whose lives are being destroyed for the sake of his amassed fortune. that is until the day he finds that his days are numbered and now he has only a short time to set things right with Lily. I wrote this out (WITHOUT) the ladies real names. I used their characters names . When I did that people were into it. As soon as I said their actual names that's when I was asked why them? Why not come up with mainstream actresses? To which I replied: Well because these are beautiful and talented young women who inspired the story in the first place. Secondly their day jobs should not define them as people nor limit them in other pursuits!! my 2cents in the matter
On a side note: Lily & Lizz may wanna kick my ass for wanting to pair them together but they got chemistry and it ain't my fault it's obvious
#lesactionmovie #bisexuality #lgbt #lesbian #aliastarr #lorenagarcia #lizztayler #lilycarter #doublestandardsinfilm #underdoglesships #loveislove #loveconquersall #badasswomen

I'm here yet again to school my LES shipping dears.

What follows is a gem from the repertoire of Director (#grahamtravis) of Evil Angel directing infamy. This was his second feature after Portrait of a Call Girl.

Though permeated with sexuality Wasteland is anything but a PORNO it is an ADULT Production that rivals any mainstream production.

This story was a testament to the lengths we go through to hold on to those we should let go of!! With impeccable cinematography by #alexladd (awesome usage of dark and light to tell the story) and a badass soundtrack with such beautiful and powerful songs
Like #hearmeout by #erlishatamplin .This movie sits in a class of its own.a project that comes close to bridging that gap between adult & mainstream.

Two young women are best friends
in high school in Tucson, Arizona but haven't seen each other in 5 years.later they reunite when Anna(#lilycarter) visits Jacky( #lilylabeau). After Anna arrives the friendship is renewed. Anna is shy, awkward, and withdrawn while Jacky is outgoing, hedonistic, but unsettled. They both formed an unlikely friendship because they both felt different, but it was this feeling that drove them apart as Jacky moved to Los Angeles.

If you're (OVER 18) and your sensibilities are not easily hurt by an adult production ,then give this one a watch because it Will challenge your preconceived notions and Will surprise you!

Props to both Lily Carter & Lily Labeau for such a powerfully passionate performance filled with authentic chemistry.

On a side note: I hope a second part happens. I would love to see Jacky be the one to go back to their home town to try to work her shit out and try to win Anna back (but that's just me and I'm a romantic perv at heart. But I wouldn't hold my breath )

By the way Anna wasn't waiting for superman she was waiting for (her superwoman Jacky) LOL!! The instajam is #daughtry (#waitingforsuperman)

#wasteland #grahamtravis #lilylabeau #lilycarter #lilycarterxxx #alexladd #jackyandanna #annaandjacky #erlishatamplin #evilangel #lgbt #lesendgame #lescanonships #underdoglesships #adultproduction #lesbianlove #loveislove #picplaypost
#lesbian #bisexuality

Who in the hell thought I wouldn't mention #palex ?

You should be ashamed of yourself for ever thinking that

Also, Canada don't play games when it comes to LES ships and I'm one LES Ship away from moving there (alas,I would not survive the cold as fuck weather) Yet,with this pairing they really dropped the ball.

originally broadcast on #canadianterrestrialtelevisionnetwork and consequently on #thennetwork ,#degrassithenextgeneration showcased The relationship between Paige Michalchuk (played by Actress: Lauren Collins)  and Alex Nuñez played by Actress: Deanna Casaluce known as Palex (Paige/Alex). They met in thefourth season of Degrassi: The Next Generation and originally disliked each other. This dislike eventually turned into friendship, which turned into a romance
This pairing had so much potential & chemistry but it was cut short and in my opinion completely underutilized/wasted.

I would love to one day see a stand alone movie where paige and alex cross paths again in their adult life and work that shit out and get back together but that's about as an impossible dream as me winning the powerball (Instajam on this occasion is we belong together by Mariah carey)

So revisit the @oitnb piper& Alex (ship name originator) and enjoy the neurotics of Paige and the badassery of Alex!!
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I'm taking time out of my regularly scheduled LES shipping to air out my grievances because they are the pet peeves that gave me the motivation to persue creating my own network a network that I will name (The EQ Network). This is My proactive response to a situation that doesn't seem to change in these longstanding networks such as #univision #telemundo #televisa and the biggest culprit of all #hallmarkchannel

People may say I'm nitpicking and giving them a hard time for no reason but do me a favor.
Google these search topics:
Black Latino actor/ actresses on "_________" (insert a network)

Black Latino actor/actresses in novelas(soaps) on"_____" (insert network)
Then go ahead and Google search lgbt characters on "_____" (insert network)
lgbt characters in novellas(soaps) on "_____" (insert network)

Go on.. take your time...I'll be here waiting !
Then comeback and let me know what you find and most importantly TELL ME I'M WRONG

All these networks have the common denominator of exclusion and subtle homophobic tactics.
I grew up watching these networks thrive and grow financially while excluding certain demographics from their programming. Eventually I just became tired of it and I realized I needed to become proactive instead of just angrily complaining while simultaneously doing nothing about it.

My dream may seem impossible but (even if just to me )its worth pursuing because I long for equanimity ! Narratives that showcase not only PEOPLE OF COLOR BUT THE LGBT COMMUNITY (ALSO multicultural programming) it would be lovely if these networks attempted to include P.O.C. & the lgbt community in a NON stereotypical derogatory fashion (that would be awesome)
{We deserve better representation and narratives}

Sorry about the long rant but NOW back to the regularly scheduled LES shipping program!! #lgbt #poc
#peopleofcolor #representation #exclusionary #exclusionarytactics #lgbttelevision #lgbttelevisionnetwork #proactive #lesbian #lesshipping #change #loveconquersall #loveislove #underdoglesships #multicultural #multilingual #picplaypost

Never in the history of my meager existence did I ever think I would be about to use the words #Disney and #lesshipping in the same sentence but here we are!! For those of you that have seen #girlmeetsworld the spin-off of the highly successful series #boymeetsworld ,you will be acquainted with Disney's most subtextually & chemistry ridden yet unintended (LES/BI) ship
Called by many names but the 3 most utilized are #raya #rilaya #riaya

This ship, if one can call it that is comprised of Maya Hart(Sabrina carpenter) and Riley Matthews (Rowan blanchard) Now don't go gettin your panties in a bunch because I'm not hoping they throw down like grown ups because their characters are middle schoolers but one cannot negate the chemistry especially when their characters banter like their dating or they hold hands

Needless to say I highly doubt #disneychannel would grow a pair and make this a shiptastic possibility because they about that paper and not pissing off the religious conservatives that help them make it ! Most importantly is if these actresses would still be onboard if the narrative took that route?

YET,I'm HERE to tell ya that Maya and Riley have a NON canon ship with fan fiction and everything (SO CHECK IT AND THE SHOW OUT)
ON ASIDE NOTE: THESE 2 ARE THE @mtv_fakingit #karmy doppelgangers and as always the instajam is #Iwontgiveup by #jasonmraz #picplaypost #lesshipping #lgbt #loveconquersall #loveislove #underdoglesships #disneyunintendedship #sabrinacarpenter #rowanblanchard #disneydiversity #bisexuality

Come on! You knew I would eventually mention this docked ship that #abc #onceuponatimewriters just will NOT let set sail .

recently we had the season 4 finale episode of #onceuponatime and let me start by saying that,that final scene reminded me of #xenaseason6 because just like that season this scene was blatant as fuck with the subtext. We were just a mere step away from having to use our obamacare coverage to counter the massive coronary affect of the borderline maintext.
Which now poses the epic question (WILL THEY OR WON'T THEY) I mean the writers and the network not Regina(Lana Parrilla) & Emma (Jennifer Morrison) because they've more than made it clear that they'd be on board with #SwanQueen if the powers that be greenlight it.

So all that remains is to see where season 5 will stand.far be it from me to infringe or obstruct someone elses creative project but it's hard NOT to chime in because (speaking for myself) For 36yrs I've been waiting for this (though others may deem this as yet another inconsequential narrative) I see this as a once in a lifetime opportunity to see narrative history being made!

For the first time in my life I would finally see a fairy tale tailor made for me!! a fairy tale where 2 courageous maidens traverse insurmountable odds to find a Happy ending in/with each other and Their son.
All day everyday for 365 and 24/7 I'm bombarded and forcefed heteronormativaty and heterosexuality JUST THIS ONCE I'd love to see us get a fairy tale happy ending ! All that remains is to see if they will follow through because within the show itself it has been said time and time again that EVERYONE DESERVES A HAPPY ENDING!

It's only a heart beat away but the only thing that could hinder this epic moment would be #abc NIXING that idea or religious meddling through threats and boycotting(religious conservatives would have an anurism) if swan queen became a #lescanonship!

All that remains is to see where season5 will go till then don't count them out!
(This instajam is LOVE CALLS by KEM)

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